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surf is sometimes very dangeres cuse a lot of people have died on waves that are 15 feat tall smile
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it is dangerous but you can prevent accidents. i only surf when its just 5 ft waves. you also should have good control of your board before you go out to far. you should be able to hold your breath underwater for atleast 30 seconds if you wanna surf. you should be a good swimmer especially under water.
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I... confused
This hurts my brain.
and how is surf have to do with moga any way. question
and how is surf have to do with moga any way. question

*cough*Rip*cough* >>;
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He/she just wants to have more gold
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Yes, surfing can definitely be bad for your health, esp if you are surfing on a 15 ft tall screen, you could get whiplash or at least a really sore neck... oh, wait. cool

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