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I played last year but I stopped because of browser issues.

Anyway. I'm stuck on a few things.

1: I put my Paul in storage accidentally and I took him out but I don't see him hopping around. Is that a bug?
2: What would be the best way to level up a level one monster? I'm trying to level my Icevia and it keeps getting killed in the beginner areas.
1. Have you tried to go onto the teams tab and put Paul in your team. If that doesn't work than it's a bug.

2.For your Icevia, I recommend probably to capture another one, Icevia can be found in Pueblonia in the Green mile, Rude Dunes and in Cortex Shell.

Why capture another one? I find it best to stick with the team you use to level up so you wouldnt waste time leveling up a Moga that could be found at a higher level with less time. Besides the amount of exp you gain isnt really fair to how much you need to level up, without using items your Mogas and depending on the level of a wild Moga. You could probably only gain exp from 3 wild Moga before it faints, and rest uses more time.

However if you want to stick to your Icevia, I recommend to use the double XP latte and fight Mogas that have a disadvantage to your Icevia, In this case its the fire type Mogas (Aries, Leo, Etc.)

So try to avoid the Mogas with the advantages and Tanks, and when your Icevia is strong enough, go to the Heavenly Green Gates and spam your attacks on Vuvus. Another way is that you could fight against a stronger Moga, switch it out and use a stronger Moga on your team to kill it, but it splits the xp in half but its kinda worth it, but dont fight the Mogas that could kill Icevia in one hit.
Thanks! At the time I think Icevia was really rare so that's why I was wondering if I could level it. Since I can catch another one I'll do that. Thanks again smile

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