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ARGH! This happens to me a lot, but just now I lost 2 chances at a rare moga in a row, each time I was just doing one more hit to get its HP as low as possible and it went OMG CRIT DEATH! I really want to NOT crit things when I'm trying to carefully hit them stressed Its hard enough to catch rare stuff as it is!! scream This was my first time having the chuchlla and that black rainbow bird appear after playing a while.

There I vented. Back to hoping those moga reappear.
certain atks crit less than others, punch crits the most bodyslam crits the least (it says in the atk description)
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Most the time the zodiac attacks do too much damage, I have to do a physical one because they're usually smaller damage neutral I don't know when I'm going to come across stuff so its hard to be prepared.
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Ahaha, I know what you mean, it seems the only time I crit is when I don't want it to, and whenever I could use a crit I never get one.
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Don't I know it! I always seems to crit when I am trying to do a capture, or when the stupid Moga is already down to like 3 points and I'm just trying to finish it off, but never when I need it. I feel your pain. pirate
S heart ee chuchilla isn't that hard to catch , all you have to do is to take it's health down to 5-10 by using either a 3x less or 2x less moga which is higher level such as 5-7. Well Rainburn has wasted a lot of my starseeds , say , 10 starseeds and is still not mine you can try to googlesearch a hack for this game which is really fantastic and if you are able to download it working then pls mail it to me. wahmbulance
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that always happens to me too...

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