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yeah no offense but i dont think its just that ive been trying to get on to play monster galaxy and to accept gifts and it wont let me do either of those all that comes up is that none of my friends have played recently and to get more friends to team up, dont know what that means but when i first started the game it didnt matter if i needed friends or not. i would really like it if i could get on to play and/or get more friends please
hi devs, please fix the damn gifting problem. Ty smile regards , concerned gamer.
My gifting issue isn't fixed. sad On top of that, I am unable to access the ticket to update my problem status. Erm, it's getting rather irritating.
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It seems like the receiving bug is back for me...not very fun...
pls fix the gift sending and reciving problem and i cant see my half friend list either my half friends cant see my name on their gifting or nieghbour list how we can get starseed if we dont get gifts
They fixed some issues, but when someone sends you a thank you for the whistle item. There is a processing error with all of those "thank you" items. That needs to be fixed. It's like they just said "it's fixed now" and have just walked away from this subject. There are still issues they need to fix.
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Hi there,I will make sure to update this thread when we have more information.

hello! i just wanna ask on when will you fix the problem on Grimmace? when we click Grimmace we got stuck and we have to refresh just to play the game again sad we hope you fix this bug to Grimmace? thanks in advance smile
still unable to send or recive gifts scream scream scream
still can't receive all gifts
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twisted Its become a joke with all the problems this game has, just lost 57 whistles and now i see were use say that they wont be replaced,, come on now monster galaxy if use want people to play the game start fixing up the game, and why cant we win moga cash? start to make the game fair for all and not just those who have money to spend buying moga cash as some of the monsters are only if you have money to buy................ Not happy jan........... crying
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evil twisted Well i r ealy belive that this game is just a frawed so as use can rip off players,
4% chance of getting a legendery 9&#xep;ic... what a load of bullcrap.... just used a leveal27 legendery with 3times more to try and capture a leveal23 epic and it kills me??? think its time this game gets reported and removed from facebook so as not to rip off more people... Your only trying to make dollars and dont give a rats butt about problems as long as the money keeps comming in from those silly enough to pay to play a game that has continuess problems.... So many flaws in this game and use you do nothing about it because if only 1 in 20 that play the game pay real money your well in front and dont care about those who play the game for fun...
If you would like me to make a list of some of the flaws this game has just send me a responce and i will list about 30 that will make the game a far better game and maybe more people will
stay playing and not give it up .... rolleyes
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Hi there,

As many of you know there is a bug with the sending/giving of gifts. Currently some of the gifts you receive will just produce an error and you will not get whatever that gift is. The same kind of thing can happen when you try to send a gift.

The Developers are aware of this bug and are hard at work trying to pin down exactly what is going on, why, and most importantly, how to fix it. They thought they had it fixed a few days ago, but further testing showed the bug still existed.

Since they are still working on it there is no firm timeline on when this will be fixed, but we ask you to be patient and know that it is a priority and is being worked on.

I will make sure to update this thread when we have more information.

Update 1/23: As of 1:30pm PST the gifting bug should be fixed for everyone. Any new gifts sent out should be able to be received!
I still get errors crying
rolleyes crying it seems the bug is back

well at least there's a sticky thread now
It's still not fixed... Accepted the gifts in gift logs but not in inventory, can't sent back whistles after using one, and there are more bugs emerging: knightaur's zodiac attack will freeze the screen, jag is invisible in the wild while attacks are made, you need to refresh it to see... will post more when there's new bug coming out... hope Jackie and the devs will read through this...

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