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Hey everyone. Just so you know we are wrapping up our priority internal projects and should have most of the headache pvp bugs fixed within the next 1-3 weeks, pending on how hard they are to track down and fix.

We are listening! In the meantime, tame responsibly.
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YEEEEAAAA!!!! I can finally use my galactic against others
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I can finally use Gravedigger to kick some butts, Yeah!
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sooooooo strong! Gravedigger Rules!!! twisted
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i want grave but no luck sad got 2 cheburis and one stupid basilisk
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it's very very nice. FIGHTTT!!!!!!!!!!
Not quite important but how strong is a galactic compared to a Legendary? And What's the rarity of Scenewolf's evolution? If i's legendary, I'm gonna have 2 legendaries then smile Btw what's special about gravedigger?
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It's keep searching and searching......and searching for ages now
Hows it going? I have a few ideas for the pvp arena and duel on Monster Galaxy. When you first enter the battle, there should be a coin toss or a roll of the dice to decide who goes first. I know that it is random right now, but it would be more interactive to the player. First of all, I believe that the weakness and strength info should be unavailable during pvp battles. I believe a player should learn the zodiac weaknesses and strengths while in the actual game. This is why, I battled against this other tamer and he kept changing out his mogas for ones that were super effective versus mine. I did that same and this went on until I just finally gave in and fought a super effective moga with a 2 x less moga. That info should not be available in pvp battle or arena. By putting this in effect, it would encourage learning about zodiac weaknesses and strengths. I noticed someone on the forum posted something about running from a battle. I think that is a great option you should incorporate into pvp battle. Instead of waiting for the time to run out, you can simply run and the match will end. Running from battle does not grant your opponent xp if no damage was dealt. Should the tamer decide to run during the middle or end of the match, they can run, but their opponent will be rewarded with xp. Also.. 60 seconds is way to much time to wait during turns. It is a waste of time during battle. It can be bothersome when another player waits until the timer counts down to 2 seconds and attacks. It should be around or about 15-30 secs when it is an opponents turn to react. Maybe you can incorporate an alert sound when the timer counts down to 10 seconds remaining. A word about items in battle, let's talk about coffees. The maximum is two right now. That is nice. However.. it is one to many coffees. If anything, you should do away with or limit the count to one on the coffees used in pvp. It isn't always fun fighting a total of five mogas in battle. Which brings me to my next recommendation, if you defeat more than the maximum three mogas, there should be like an xp bonus. Atleast allow the player to be rewarded with more xp if they manage to conquer five mogas with three. This is my final idea. Let's just say you win right. The winner is rewarded with fully restored mogas after battle. The loser has to put his to sleep. I understand you want to encourage the use of other mogas. However.. you don't always win in pvp. Win until you lose sounds pretty sweet.

Realizing there are glitches, I'd like to point one out to you. For example, in one of my many battles on pvp, I defeated two out of three of this tamer's mogas. He did not bring out the third one and of course, the time counted down. That match ended, but here is the catch. I received no xp for the battle. Yes, Glitch.

This concludes my ideas and thoughts on the pvp portion of Monster Galaxy for now. I hope you take my ideas and thoughts into consideration. This took awhile for me to type and post. lol..
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nice suggestioons.. i guess i'm the one who posted the run option and limiting the number of times player can switch mogas mrgreen and what did you mentioned abt the 5 mogas? that must be a hack or something burning_eyes a run option will discourage hackers with 5 mogas or annoyance teams like 3 level 50 alejandro's stressed

i got lambo , tweety, boomer
yea i got em

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