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I've been playing monster galaxy for a few weeks now on Facebook but today it wouldn't load properly. It kept on having a black screen with the words "Monster Galaxy Beta" in large letters and "Charging Zodiac" in small letters, I do normally see that but only for a second. Today no matter how long I waited or how many times I reloaded the page or restarted my laptop it would still show only that. I don't have that much stuff clogging my memory and I have only 22 mogas, so the game shouldn't be freezing on me due to memory or anything. What can I do and is this happening to anyone else?
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Been having the same problem all day. Can't load game. It worked fine yesterday. Glad it isn't just me!
Might be having an update O.o?..
Ditto. worked just fine last night and this morning. Nothing but a loading screen tonight. Please address this issue. I LOVE this game and almost always play it on FB. question ?
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Then maybe the game not loading is on purpose!
I thought I was the unluckiest girl in the world because I thought this was only happening to me!
Another strange thing is that when I try to play Monster Galaxy on Gaia, it works fine!
But it is like the game on Gaia did not update like my game on Facebook because a few monsters I have caught for the past couple days were not there, like I never caught them!
And this is the same with my quests!
I finish them on Facebook, but on Gaia it's like I NEVER did them!
same here..... worked fine last night @3am when i logged off FB.... and BLACK screen all day.... WTF.....
Same thing here! My account and kids account too. I think if I am mistaken by reading other post in this forum, look like the game is ending. I am not sure that is the reason why or not but I conacted Gaia and will wait and see.
I have the same thing.The last night was working fine and today it just says charging the zodiac...please fix this!!! what am i going to do now? crying scream gonk burning_eyes HELP!!!!
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I'm having that problem too. I gonna lose my day streak on there. I've played it 41 days in a row and I'm gonna lose that if I can't play today.
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I'm also stuck charging the zodiac. They had this problem once before in the summer...and I think it took them like nearly a week to get it fixed. sweatdrop

Same thing here! My account and kids account too. I think if I am mistaken by reading other post in this forum, look like the game is ending. I am not sure that is the reason why or not but I conacted Gaia and will wait and see.
I believe Gaia did all they wanted to, so they're not really adding more to the game. I believe they're working on another big game. As far as I know, Gaia is still supporting the game and will continue to host it for the forseeable future and will fix bugs and things.
Oh look, I get to have this glitch, AGAIN.

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This time it appears to have started up for no real reason at all. All I was doing was some light grinding at Sandsink, I went home to let my Mogas rest, the next day I log in to play, and now it's broken.
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Hopefully it does not ruin my consecutive item daily chance thing. emo
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I'm having that same problem. I was working fine yesterday and then today? Nothing. Just kept saying "Charging the Zodiac"
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yep. problems.
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So it isn't just me? o_o On gaia, the entire day, it's been saying 'Charging the zodiac'. I've even shut down my computer and restarted it just now, and it's still not working! I play Monster Galaxy on Gaia mainly (not fb much). I'll be so sad if they get rid of the game/ruin my consecutive chance thing T___T

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