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Hey there Moga tamers!

We've seen a lot of really good Moga Fan Art over the years so we've decided we're probably long overdue for a proper Fan Art Contest. And since we're also super excited about Moga coming to Gaia, what better time than now to have this contest?!? So brush up on your Moga drawing skills, and if you are a winner, you could snag a cool prize that helps you both in your Monster Galaxy game as well as with your Gaia account!

Contest details and rules below in thread, so keep reading!
Moga on Gaia Fan Art Contest: Draw your
favorite Moga(s) and you could win!


How long does this contest run?:
From Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 until Tuesday, June 12, 2012. you'll be able to submit your Moga on Gaia Fan Art contest entries in this thread! Entries posted after 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 will not be eligible, so make sure to get your submissions in on time!

So what is the Moga on Gaia Fan Art Contest about?:
This is a contest to celebrate Monster Galaxy coming to Gaia! As many of you know, some people don't have Facebook accounts, so they haven't been able to experience the fabulousness that is Monster Galaxy. And Monster Galaxy and Gaia are both worth celebrating!

Why a Fan Art contest?:
Why not?! Besides, we've seen how amazing the community is at drawing renditions of their favorite Mogas, or even creating new Mogas - you imagination and talent is brilliant, and we want to see more!

This sounds great! What are the prizes???:
It IS great - great fun! And speaking of great, check out the prizes! There will be three prizes awarded to a first, second, and third place winners. The prizes that will be given out for these spots are as follows:
First Prize: A Moga of your Choice (Any Moga currently in the game) and 500,000 Gaia gold!

Second Prize: A Moga of your Choice (Legendary and Below) and 250,000 Gaia gold!

Third Prize: A Moga of your Choice (Epic and Below) and 100,000 Gaia gold!

Pretty sweet prizes hey? Better enter if you want to try and win one of them!


I really want to enter - HOW DO I ENTER?!?!:
Great question! Entering the contest is really simple. You just have to draw/create fan art of your favorite Moga or Mogas and post your entries in this thread! Your entry must include the following information:
a) Username
b) Entry Number (Entry #1 or Entry #2)
b) Fan art image you have created for the contest
c) Brief description of the image: Who's in it, what are they doing, what do you like most about the Moga(s) you have drawn.

* Your entry may be hand drawn, painted, sketched, etc. You may also use a computer graphics program to design an entry if that is more your creative style!

Can I enter the contest more than once?:
You sure can - everyone is allowed to enter the contest twice! That's two chances to win a prize - yay! Please make sure to post your entries in separate posts in the thread to qualify and make sure to state whether it is Entry #1 or Entry #2.

Can I enter on multiple accounts?:
Nope, but nice try! You may only enter each contest once on one account. No entering on secondary (aka mule) accounts too. Entering a contest on multiple accounts will result in disqualification.

I am not from the USA - can I still enter the contest?:
Sure you can, as long as your country allows you to enter contests like this!

How will the winners be chosen?:
Winners will be chosen at random! Once the contest is over, Gaia staff will review the submissions and pick the winners. As we all know, deciding which pieces of art will win the contest is a subjective process - a piece might move us emotionally or make us laugh; we may like the style of one drawing, or the use of color in another. Please remember that regardless of which submissions win, this does not mean the others are not good. In fact, given the high level of quality we've seen before with Moga contest entries, picking winners will be a very tough decision!

How will the winners be notified?:
If you are a winner, Siskataya (one of the Gaia staff) or Zero Omega (another member of Gaia staff) will send you a private message on Gaia and your username will be posted in this thread in the winners' list!

Can I win more than one of the prizes?:
No, unfortunately, you can only win one prize. This makes it more fair for all entrants and allows more people to win!

Any other important rules I should know about before I start?:
Yes, there are a few final rules we want to make sure are clear to everyone:

  • The contest is open to all members of the Monster Galaxy community, but you'll need a Gaia account to enter.

  • All images must be your own creations that you draw/create yourself. Any pictures that violate copyright laws will be disqualified and may result in a warning for Terms of Service violations.

  • All images must be appropriate for Gaia Online - no inappropriate pictures will be allowed. Any images of this sort will be removed and you will be warned for Terms of Service violations. Keep it clean and fun people!

  • Do not share any specific, personally identifying information in your picture. No street addresses, license plates, house numbers, phone numbers, real names, etc. We want you to be safe on Gaia, and online, so keep your private information private!

Heya Tamers!

Wow, we're sorry it has taken a while to pick a winner! There have been so many AMAZING entries it has just taken us longer than normal to narrow the prizes down. That said, we have selected three winning entries that we feel are beautiful, creative, and compelling.

Before we announce the winners, however, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who entered this contest. We've learned to expect great things from you tamers and we weren't disappointed. We want you all to know that we loved every entry, and never cease to be amazed and inspired by your creativity and talent. Thanks, all of you, for being so awesome!

Now, without further ado, it is time to announce the winning entries of this contest! *makes drum roll noise*

First Prize Winner:
a.) Abstract Randomness
b.) Entry #2
c.) Bladewing! Soaring oh-so-fiercely through the sky~ Bladewing was one of the first mogas I really was happy to have caught, and I absolutely loved the design as well as the color palette that was used in creating the moga!
Full size image: http://Doveyyyy.deviantart.com/art/Valiant-243881656

Congrats! You've won a Moga of your Choice (Any Moga currently in the game) and 500,000 Gaia gold!

Second Prize Winner:
~ My-Beloved-Tragedy
~ Entry Number One
~ This is the journal entry of the very first tamer to ever encounter a Syrene. Beautiful and deadly the Syrene must be handled with extreme caution. Syrene is by far my favorite moga, her character design is absolutely gorgeous and the tragedy of her fate is very intriguing. I had originally planned on doing a full color piece with vibrant colors. I had most of it complete but for some reason when I started up my computer this morning only three of the eighteen layers were there! Today is the last day I will be able to work on my submission so I came up with the idea of a journal entry much like an explorer would create. I hope you all enjoy the piece and good luck to everyone else that entered!


Congrats! You've won a Moga of your Choice (Legendary and Below) and 250,000 Gaia gold!

Third Prize Winner:
Username: xXFallen_NitexX
My avatar, Yugure, Meka, and Korozinu. My avatar is right about to call on one of his Moga's into battle. "Step aside, we've gotta' tamer!" Just finished it today. I like how clean cut it turned out.
HeavensDawn on DeviantArt Link

Congrats! You've won a Moga of your Choice (Epic and Below) and 100,000 Gaia gold!
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