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Hi there,

Yes, that's right! We have been listening to the community and come up with a great way for you to get some Moga Cash. Through the end of the month of March, *EVERY* regular battle you fight, there is a chance that 1 Moga Cash will drop at the conclusion of the battle! Currently the only cap is how often you battle, so make sure to get your Moga teams in fighting shape to collect not only Moga, but Moga Cash as well!!!

Please note that this applies only to regular battles, not in PvP battles.

I've done 6 regular battles and only got 1 moga cash for it.
ya thats why i hate this the odds need to be better
the odds on the super spin needs to be better as well
how to get a free moga cash from earn moga cash tab?
Popping in to say thanks to the Devs, the Moga cash offer is a very nice touch!! You should come up with offers like this more often to give tamers an incentive to play and stay with the game!!! biggrin

Shame this is only available til the end of the month, but it is better than nothing and I'm glad to have it. Thanks again!!! mrgreen
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Just wanted to let you know how awesome I think this is!
I started playing this again because I saw that they were doing this moga cash thing and I've collected so much. With it I bought a treasure box and got one of those North Kittenstars and a Manda.
So thanks!
I actually doubt I'll keep playing when this is over but like always, I will be coming back to events every time I notice they are having one.
wats it like playing the game
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I really like this addition, I admit :3 I think it's great that you guys are giving people who don't want to pay actual real world money an option to earn some moga cash, especially due to the rate at which new monsters are being fed into the chance wheel.

Though, are you not going to continue this after March? I think it's been a great addition & something I think that should keep continuing. I have to admit, I am not a fan of the offers for moga cash. I know it's been said that they should be safe & whatnot, but...as an older member of the community, I have been around long enough to know some of them are not without a catch. If they are worth more moga cash sometimes they deal with spending some kind of real world money (such as a trial for netflix or what have you, as a random example that may or may not even be existent XD), so I think this option is great for those that don't want to have to deal with offers.

Plus, if you're only giving out one moga cash per so many battles, or randomly, then I don't see the harm in continuing it. Unless it's all about getting people to do the offers...which in that case makes me a bit sad. I think the feature has been great & especially so for a vast majority of people (not to mention the younger generations that shouldn't even be doing some of the offers XD That could get them into something that their parents may not be entirely happy with).
Just thought I would offer a suggestion to keep this around :] I honestly don't see the harm. I want to believe people would be kind enough to do so instead of making everything about money around here (which, sadly, since I have joined I have seen the cash items in regards to everything around the site take priority). I know you guys need to make a living, I understand, I just think this is a happy medium that has been well appreciated by everyone :]
Free Moga Cash.. until the end of this month ?
yepey free moga cash now i can buy some seed biggrin biggrin biggrin
i got 69 moga cash . but the offer is limited time period i guess the offer ends on 16 april. i also tryed super spin twice but never got galactic moga
moga prettys cool
Cool!! Too bad it's only in March confused

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