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When I click the game, nothing comes up except the link to the forums.
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Will Monster Galaxy ever be fixed? crying
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klipper pink
Will Monster Galaxy ever be fixed? crying

My guess? Not a chance in- Okay, maybe not that bad. stare

But seeing that all (Or most) of our pleas seem to be ignored completely (I'll glady eat my nonexistent hat if someone got a relatively important person to answer them about this.), I have not much hope.

I think Gaia will doesn't fix this game, because we have Heralds of Chaos. So... Gbay Monster Galaxy emotion_8c emotion_0A0

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I've been wanting to play this game so much that i started playing both of the monster galaxy android games but it's just NOT the same! Please fix this game soon Gaia!!!!! crying It's one of the very few reasons I still play on GaiaOnline.
Any hints on when is it going to be up again?
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Tell everyone when its ready OK but will it take a long time? Since I am getting bored not paling the game. question question question stare stare stare crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
On me it only says
Please join us in our forums to talk about this game, swap tips, and get friends!

when I go play Monster Galaxy :C
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i have been waiting for month to play it! now i need to restart to play it on facebook now it is so boring please let monster galaxy work again! xd
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Well this is taking forever to fix.. please give us an indication. gaia_crown
i would love to play it
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Hello! When is the game going to work again? I haven't played it yet and I'm very excited. please update. thank you! biggrin
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pleasee ARRANGE ASAP gonk
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thats a bummer.... its the only game i have not played yet and was looking forward to it.

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