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Gave up monster galaxy? will not introduce updates, versions for the game? The game will be in beta forever?

It's sad to see a fun game to be abandoned.
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they've done the same with zomg. bait and run basically get people hooked, get them to spend real money on it then abandon it.
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The game is barely working on facebook,well at least it works...
I missed MG, wish they bring it back on Gaiaonline. Idk why they have to get rid of it.... It's fun game, even more interesting when it's on Gaiaonline. Hopefully they bring it back! question ? question ?
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true. seems like all of gaia's larger scale games are always half-baked and forever stuck in beta. sad
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I miss my pets, and I miss zomg too. They're giving me attachment disorder here xp
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I don't think I ever actually bothered to play Monster Galaxy... They were advertising it right around the time I was really sick of Facebook games. And now no one really plays Facebook games except for people like my mom. >_> No surprise they abandoned it. It stopped generating money for them. They abandon everything that doesn't meet their monetary expectations.
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I got to the end of both versions of the game I wish they would update it or have another installment.

However someone did mentions bait and run.... >.>
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meh only the beast leave in gaia... like zOMG
You Cant Escape Fate
The game is barely working on facebook,well at least it works...

I still play it on Facebook too!

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