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is it possible to update mg from fb account to gaia again? i played mg on fb and i checked mg on gaia and quests that i did on fb didn't update on gaia. i don't want to redo the quests all over again
Now gaia version is seperate from Facebook one

but you can still play on Facebook with gaia connect

So when is this re-migrate thing going to be available, I still have tons of level one moga who used to be much stronger ... some were even level 50 and now only level 1. Please fix this and next time you try to "fix" something, try not to break a bunch of other things in the process biggrin
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My Moga Cash did not transfer over. I have never used Facebook credits to get the Moga Cash - only ever bought Gaia Cash and transferred it into the game cash. I would really rather play on Gaia than Facebook, but not if my 300 cash is wasted on that account!
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Latest Update on playing MoGaia Viximo
- Node Mastery now transfers when players Migrate. We're still working on a way to let players re-transfer if they had any issues the first time around.
- Players can now earn Gaia Gold for using whistles in MoGaia Viximo.
- Gaia Cash to Moga Cash exchange rates now match those on MoGaia FBConnect
- MoGaia Viximo now has a proper support form for players experiencing any issues:

We're still working hard to resolve any issues with inviting and gifting, more on this next week.

Its wonderful to see progress on Viximo. I, for one.. cannot wait to play on Viximo once the re-transfer is up. Still on FB for now. biggrin

Kudos to Devs. for taking the time and effort to make MG a well rounded online game on Viximo.

p.s (I r getting tired of wasting my whistles on Nova twisted )
well...looks like i'm playing mg on fb since i can't recopy.(man my winjas on fb)
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Thank you for the hard work.
It would be nice if you guys made a way to have automatic sync from Facebook to MoGaia-Viximo account. Tho I'm liking the re-transfer idea better ...at least we can re-transfer more then once.
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thank you for hearing us out.
now monster galaxy is really on gaia.

more power and thanks, gaia staff!
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It's nice to see the creators of a a highly popular website listen to the players' ideas.
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I'm really excited to play! Thanks for porting it over to Gaia!
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I'll check it out! c:
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I'll play now. emotion_awesome
The Facebook account and the Viximo account will contain identical information at the moment of transfer but after that they are two completely separate accounts, each with their own Moga Cash, Mogas, Quests, etc.

To my knowledge there is no time limit on when you can execute the transfer. We will make an announcement if option is to be removed.

We still need to discuss the old link so I can't say whether or not we will remove it. We probably won't remove it at least until we know for certain that there's no major issues with the new Viximo games or the transfer from Facebook.
crying dislike!!!! I would wan't it to go as it goes on my facebook but it won't ;___; *crying*
I will not play this game. There is a problem you have not fixed that occurs with all the Viximo games - my locked inbox is overwhelmed by game notices, which totally ignore the lock. And my Friends' Feeds are totally overwhelmed by game feeds. Oh, yes, I can dial that down - but then I do not get glow notices for Booty Grab. No thank you.

I did not join Gaia looking for a game portal. I like the simulated world. I fell in love with my aquarium on arrival and love zOMG. Seems to me you are trying to reduce both of them to shadows or shades of their former selves. Well, you will just lose more members of Gaia.

If you weren't going to fix those two moronic points mentioned above, why bring more games in with the same features unless you really intend to switch to being a game portal? Nty.

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