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With a new year we figured we would restart this bug list with everything cleared our so we don't miss anything for the upcoming year. We appreciate your help in making Monster Galaxy one of the best games on Facebook! As with all games that are constantly improving, we occasionally have issues with certain features or updates. We're always trying to resolve them as fast as we can and we want to keep all of you informed on the game's updates and progress. So this place is where we'll post many of our bug fixes and "heads ups."

There are lots of updates being made to Monster Galaxy every couple of days, but here are some of the more notable ones. They're listed chronologically with the most recent ones on top.

Recommendation: If you want to get a Notice from us (under My Gaia menu) whenever there's a new update to this thread, subscribe to it. This is done by clicking the Subscribe button at the top of this page. EDIT: to avoid notification spam, this thread is being locked so that the only notifications subscribers get, are ones informing them of relevant bug updates. Thanks for your understanding.

We're also aware of these issues (thanks for letting us know!):

    Updated 2/17/12 - Some players are unable to send/receive gifts. - We are aware that this issue is affecting more users and are working on resolving the issue A.S.A.P.
    2/27/12 - Some users will still have an issue with collecting whistles

    5/30/12 - Some players are unable to enter Monster Galaxy on Gaia or send gifts. This is a known bug that our Developers are hard at work at squashing. As soon as they have a fix we will make sure to update this thread.

(Date format is MM/DD/YY)

    1/23/2012 - Gifting issue has been fixed. Players can now receive gifts again.
    1/30/12 - Old expired quests (such as ones only active during special events or holidays) will now automatically be removed from your quest logs.
    02/07/12 - Bug with players not able to collect whistles from gifts has been fixed. Issues with sending and receiving gifts should be fixed now as well
    2/27/12 - Gifting and neighbor requests should be fixed! Yay!
    2/28/12 - Whistles should now be fixed for users
    3/15/2012 - There were some minor issues with the conversations in the Make Your Own Moga Contest quests. These are now fixed. If you already completed the quests but did not see the correct files, contact customer service and they can reset the quests for you. Thank you for your patience tamers!
    3/26/12 Dexter and Claus should now be fixed
    4/17/12 Claiming Starseeds has been fixed.
    5/7/2012 - A bug that was causing old event encounters like "Corgito's Photo Shoot" has been fixed.
    6/1/2012 - The New Chance Item Mogas have been fixed and should no longer crash the game when selected in the dex.
    6/4/2012 - Issues with the quest "Incriminating Photos" have been resolved. Players can now fight Woolf for the photos at Daydusk.
    6/4/2012 - The issues with free gifts on Facebook have been resolved. New gifts can be accepted, old gifts will not grant gifts but can be removed from the message center by accepting or ignoring them.
    6/14/2012 - Endlessly Loading Zodiac fixed.
    6/15/2012 - The broken Valkyrie Mogas have been fixed.
Hi there,

Good news folks! Remember that pesky issue where quests which had expired (Such as those for events or holidays) would clog up your quest logs? Well, we have introduced a fix which will remove those quests making your quest log nice and clean, only showing quests you can finish.
Hi there,

We are aware that some players are still experiencing the send/receive gift bug. We are looking into it.
Hi there,

The bug which prevented users from collecting whistles sent from friends who had used their Moga as Bonus Attacks has been fixed.
Hi there,

We believe that the issues with giving and receiving gifts should be fixed now.
Hi there,

We are aware that there are continuing issues with users being unable to send or receive gifts. Unfortunately the resolution to the issue is not readily apparent and may take some time to figure out. We ask that you be patient in the interim as fixing this is a priority for our team.
Hi there,

Some players are unable to add neighbors to their list or accept neighbor requests. We are aware of the issue and are hard at work on the fix for the issue.
Hi there,

As of 5pm PST 2/27/12 the issue with gifts (giving and receiving) and not being able to invite neighbors/accept neighbor requests should be fixed.

Unfortunately this ONLY affects gifts/neighbor requests sent after 5pm today. Please clear out any old requests (both gift and neighbor) as none of these will be able to be acted upon.
Hi there,

The bug preventing users from getting Whistles should be fixed as of 2pm PST 02/29/12.
Hi there,

The issues with Dexter and Claus should now be fixed.
Hi there,

Some players are unable to enter Monster Galaxy on Gaia or send gifts. This is a known bug that our Developers are hard at work at squashing. As soon as they have a fix we will make sure to update this thread.

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