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Hey there Moga tamers!

Nova here, and I wanted to let you all know some awesome news! We've tallied all the votes for the recent "Make Your Own Moga Contest" and we have the winners!

Before we announce them, however, we want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who entered this contest. Your designs were AMAZING - we were totally floored by the quality and creativity that went into each and every entry. We are awed and inspired by you, and thrilled to have such a brilliant and imaginative community.

As well, a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to vote in this contest. You'll all be interested to know that we had over 5000 votes cast for this contest - that is one of the highest numbers of voting in a contest ever. Well done!.

Now, without further ado, here are the winners as determined by your voting....*cues drum roll*..

The First Place Winner with the most number of votes is...Nostradamus by Abstract Randomness

The Second Place Winner with the second most overall number of votes is... Nexodeus by Enlus

The Third Place Winner with the third most number of votes is... Dauthus by Xyrulena


And since I'm giving out good news, here is one more bit of information you might be interested in knowing: The fabulous Moga Team has been working to translate these winning designs into the Mogas already, and they may be available to get in game as soon as next week! Of course, as all good Moga tamers know, Mogas can be wily and elusive at times, so it might take a bit longer than that for them to show up. Either way, they'll be coming soon!

Take care and have a Mogariffic week!
- Nova
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Valve. Timelines.

Hmmmph...About time.. *rolls eyes but is Happy to see her top 3 favorites win*

Congrats to the Winners; you definitely deserved it... <3

Thank you for such a fun contest!(x
Thank you so much for holding such a fun contest! I'm very honored to have made second place. Thanks to everyone who voted for me as well~ ;u;

I hope we'll get to see another contest like this in the future, though I think I'll just be a spectator for the next one. ^^
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why does the minster galaxy is not moving the load
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When will they be released into the wild?
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When will they be released into the wild?

Well, if you noticed, they said quite blatantly after listing off the winners that they're SUPPOSE to be ready and converted into the game by next week, but I wouldn't hold my breath; especially when it goes on to try and tell us that if we don't see them by then, it's just because "Moga's are SOOO Wily and Elusive"-WooOOoo! *Sarcastically waves arms like a ninny* so the Probability of us finding them is 'Rigged' so to speak so they can drag their A**es on for as long as they want and use excuses like that when this is was suppose to be an Official Contest...wow, Moga..How Professional... stare

At the end, their solid answer turns into a more inaccurate guesstimate than when they first started and their answer instead turns into the Classic Valve answer: "They'll be coming SOON..."

*Headesk* How original...
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Dauthus will be by far the best rare moga in the game mrgreen
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Any chance you can post number of votes for all the finalists, or top 5 at least, so that we have some idea how close it was ?
Congrats to the winners! you deserve it your designs were amazing!
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User Image
Congrats to the winners heart

Happy Hunting! emotion_bigheart
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Congrats to the winners and all the contestants. Personally, I'd love to see more cute, simple, creative mogas though. I don't like how its going towards cliche dragons and such, but still I loved these three entries so congrats.
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YAY! I won third prize, and my other two top favorites won 1st and 2nd in that order! My day has been made heart heart heart
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Congratulations to the winners!

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