Hey Moga Tamers!

Wow, thanks for all the awesome entries in the "Make Your Own Moga" contest. This was most definitely one of the most difficult tasks we've had with contests - trying to narrow the entries down to a few finalists. We want you all to know that we love all the entries, and are amazed and proud to have such creative, imaginative, and artistic Moga Tamers!

Now, to the voting! You can vote for your favorite finalist by going to our poll: Go to the poll to vote for winners of the 'Make Your Own Moga" contest!

Voting for this contest will be open until Feb. 20, 2011 so you have until then to cast your vote for the winner.

Finally, if you want to see images of all the finalists in one place, the fabulous Moga Tamer Minichi01 has made a post with all their pictures - thank you Minichi01! Check out her post here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/monster-galaxy/make-your-own-moga-contest-guidelines-and-discussion/t.77628913_665/#665

Thanks again to everyone who entered this contest, and best of luck to all finalists!