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Welcome to the Make Your Own Moga Contest! For almost as long as there has been a Monster Galaxy you, our dedicated fans, have been asking who comes up with the fantastic designs for the Mogas. An more importantly, wondering if it was possible that YOU could send in a design of your own to be included in the game.

Up until now, all design for Monster Galaxy were done completely in-house here at Gaia but starting today, and for the next week and a half we will be accepting *your* designs for THREE brand new Mogas which will be included in the game! We are excited to be able to help all you Moga Tamers out there have a chance to give back to the game you love!

So get those thinking caps on and let’s see the best designs you have!

But, before you start, of course, there have to be rules for you to follow! Please make sure to follow all the below rules or you risk being disqualified, and we wouldn’t want that!


One submission per player! Multiple submissions can get you disqualified.
All submissions MUST be original designs! No derivative entries or previously copyrighted content please! (So, in essence, no tracing, no using art someone else created! Your design has to be 100% from your own brain!)
No explicit designs.

The final day for submissions is Sunday 2/12/12.
Send your submission to mogacontest@gaiaonline.com
An in-house panel will review all submissions and post the best ones for users to vote on.
Voting will commence on Friday February 17th on the Gaia forums and close on Monday February 20th. Since Gaia users will be voting for best ones, feel free to post your submission and discuss below to generate hype for your Moga!

What to need to send:

Your Identifying information –

Your Name (Real names please)
Your Facebook User ID# (which can be found to the right of the My Activity tab at the bottom of Monster Galaxy)(If you don't have a Facebook Account you may omit this requirement)
Your Gaia account name or E-mail address associated with your Monster Galaxy account.

Your submission –

A 300x300 pixel picture of your Moga as a .png file with a transparent background,
Your Moga's Name
Your Moga's Zodiac
Whether it's a Striker/Balanced/Tank.

The following are optional, but feel free to include them if you want!
The names of its two names for its Zodiac Attacks.
100 character description for the Moga Dex

Now, after all that, I bet you would love to know what you could win in this contest. Well, here are the prizes, and, if we do say so ourselves, they are some pretty AWESOME prizes indeed!


1st Place gets:

An Epic version of your Moga in the game!*
A Level 50 copy of your Moga!
A Level 30 Moga of your choice! (ANY Moga so you can choose a Galactic)
150 Moga Cash!

2nd Place gets:

A Super-Rare version of your Moga in the game!*
Level 30 copy of your Moga
Level 15 Moga of your choice (Legendary or below)
50 Moga Cash

3rd Place gets:

An Rare version of your Moga in the game!*
Level 25 copy of your Moga
Level 15 Moga of your choice (Epic or below)
30 Moga Cash

Honorable Mentions (others who are selected for voting but don't win):

Level 20 Epic Moga (or below) of your choice
15 Moga Cash

So get your thinking caps on, those creative juices flowing and design your dream Moga! Because who knows, you just may end up fighting with it on your team soon!

*Restrictions apply see the Terms of Service in the post below.
Where can we vote ?
where am i supposed to enter the mogas!
how am i supposed to vote
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oh damn more rules come on y more rules gaia has tons of rules already No Fair question crying crying emo wahmbulance burning_eyes talk2hand
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I wish the creating a Moga part was open to all Gaians, it would be a really neat experience. Maybe in the future. wink
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i do not have a facebook
Where do we enter the mogas? ._.
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lol so cute, every one plz tip me or doanate gold so i can get my dream avi's!:
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User Image
User Image
heres one that a friend did so tip me to send to him too:
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User Image User Image User Image User Image User ImageUser Image User Image
User Image
tipz plz
fu ck u all
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Hm, I might enter this.
omfg your sig is so true!!!

Regular old SAI painter.
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A cobra xd this is be a snake moga rare cobra have fun hope i win ninja
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Omfg why are so many people who post on this page so dumb? They either don't understand common english, don't read the first post or are just depressingly fail, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I entered. Lots of David Bowie reference, why not more? And throw in puns while we're at it.
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ninja gaia_kittenstar gaia_gaiagold i cant post i dont know how sorry

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