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Okay, so I had sent several requests through facebook a month or so after the big game crash, and had not gotten a response. I had just discovered how to do the tickets here on gaia, so i'm assuming my requests to have my account fixed had not gone through; also the ticket solution said I should check up with the forums.
What had happened to my account during the crash was two of the quests I had finished had reappeared on my quest list (Incriminating Photos and Capture Scud) and I had lost my lvl 10 Bladewing. Not only was the Bladewing bloody rare (I was lucky to capture it at 9% capture rate), but I had caught a moga after the Bladewing and this moga is still on my account. If both mogas were missing, I would have partially dismissed it as the game being saved up to a certain point and anything after that was lost data, but that is not the case.
I know this is more than a year after the fact, but please assist. I had gotten frustrated the first time and had given up but seeing as my request may not have gotten through then, I'm futilely trying again to fix the issue.

Thank you.