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It's simple really, if you don't like it. Then don't play it. I stopped playing it once I realized it was all bullshit. Honestly I rather play Pokemon. MG is a good pass time though would I play it otherwise, no. smile
am just new here, can you be my neighbor? smile
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Annabeth Sokoloff
Let me first say, I love Monster Galaxy. It's the best thing since Pokemon. However, and this more of a rant than anything but I feel the need to say it, I feel cheated.

1) Why spend $500 on a chance thing? It's ridiculous. And I say $500 because a little adds up QUICK. Especially for those who are trying desperately to get them all rather than progress through the story line. Kinda like how people will skip taxes/bills just to play Farmville. I understand that companies are trying to make money. And that's fine, but there's other ways--more subtle ones anyway--in going about it. Heck, you could sell monsters for 5,000 gold coins you can get in-game or something.

2) Why in the world does it take 20 monsters of the same kind to evolve AND require Evolution Potions? (e.g. Dihno. It takes 3 Dihno + 2 Potions to evolve) Personally, I think you should only evolve them via levels (like every 10-20 or something) because why else hack and slash for days to level them up? The potions should be for those who refuse to wait or eliminated altogether.

3) Why in the world is the capture rate 5% when the monster HP is 1? I could blow the computer screen and they'll die. Shouldn't it be at least 75%? It's bad enough it takes 50 Starseeds just to capture the thing while trying to stay alive and not kill the bugger at the same time.

There's probably more but this is what aggrivates me the most. Other than that, I like it. I will continue to play. Perhaps not as often as I would like. But hey....Anyway, love me, hate me. I've said my peace and feel a little better now.

Correction: It's a KNOCKOFF of Pokemon.

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