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As shown here at a recent Ask the Admin, Gaia is doing what it can to get Viximo to come out with a fix for the neighbor issue.
I think it may also help if the users effected by this problem also urge Viximo to help us out.

If you would like, they can be contacted at: support@viximo.com

Let me make it clear that this is NOT a call to mass e-mail Viximo or harass them in any way, that is not my intent.
This is just a way for GaiaOnline users to express to Viximo our problem so that maybe they will fix it more promptly.

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yeah im salty
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I was wondering about this~ My neighbours have just vanished o.o
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I also want to have some neighbours again... :'( I'm just collecting the whistles, and I can't use them. I really wish that they fix that soon. I was trying so many times to send my sisters the invite to be neighbours, but this doesn't even work to my sister. Please fix it soon!
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130 whistle fruits TuT
training mogas without assistance is a pain :L
not to mention i am out of healing items
so they just die after like 3 battles.... >.>;
ADD me for nieghbors razz
same problem here -_- like 72 whistles useless a** hells
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And you're telling me. At the moment I have just over 1200 whistles.
I'm not even joking.

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I would really like to play the game as it was meant to be played.
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My heart is hidden some place safe,
Some place dark, on Hallowed grounds...

i can use the whistles, but i can't add anyone, and i have two neighbor invitations i've been trying to accept. it never loads.


Somewhere I know in my mind,
My heart will never be found.
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mine started working again after they started the Halloween event....then it stopped again...now its working the next day i played it

and no their still not trying to fix it...the bug is either in the programming, the ads, the cash tree or the whole setup of gaia...it still works fine on the dreaded FB

and still no sharing, gifting, or adding new neighbors.....it still freezes if you try

everybody just email viximo and bug em...gaia programmers need to help them out too

i've been getting old achievements from the rejected Olympics and easter events
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Since i started the game, i havent been able to add neighbours. I would like to have some of u guys as neighbours so we can get this game going!!! wink
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Just sent them a polite email! plz do the same guys!

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