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Thought I should mention I'm one of the ones with no list. My friends have assured me they have replied to my friend requests on Monster Galaxy, it's just that they aren't showing up. cheese_whine Hope you guys make a breakthrough soon, meanwhile I guess I'll muddle along without being able to whistle up buddies.
I'm new, and I've tried to invite friends to be neighbors. I've seen how to do it, but they never show up. Thanks for looking into this issue, because I have a bunch of whistles that need to be used. sweatdrop
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Yup.. Still having this issue. It's been probably MORE than two months.. I refuse to play without any neighbors because first off, you can't use whistles, and second.. It just doesn't seem fun if you're doing everything without anyone to see your progress... o-0 I don't mean it like that.. Like narcissistic.. I just mean.. The game isn't fun if you can't interact with friends in a way. Until you get the game fixed i'm still not going on. >.<
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Im having some troubles with that too stressed
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I hate that gonk
I'm still stuck too. >: It sucks, because I can't send anything to anyone or get any help. It's just not very interactive and sort of sucks.
ok so yah im having this problem and i personally think that after 2 months of a problem continuing you would have dealt with it by now i mean this isnt like not being able to send an item you know that'd be fine but i cant even use whistles like somehow i dont even have nove as a friend and that's just annoying im just trying to state that if you could move this to like the top of your priority list it'd probably help a lot of us out ^^ thanks
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Hopefully you fix this soon heart it would be much appreciated!

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