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Neighbours not appearing in Neighbours area
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I hope they fix this problem...I just went to check my Mogas and I found out that I have no neighbors.

NOOOO!!!!! And I had 11 neighbors too.... cry
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Well they had finally fixed this problem for me and for a good month or so I had my neighbors and as of yesterday they are gone again stressed this is getting really anoying
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Same here I almost cried this morning when they were all gone crying
Hopefully they will fix the problem after the holiday. Reminds you how important friends are. biggrin
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i have the same problem .... I hope to settle it quickly
sigh ... my neighbors ...
anyway ... if anyone want to add me as a neighbor send me a PM and I'll add it quickly ... I am active in the game XD
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They fixed this problem for me once, all except one friend, but now that I'm back from a Christmas trip - NO NEIGHBORS!! This was annoying the 1st time. It's even more anoying this time. I hope they fix it soon!
Neighbours not appearing in Neighbours area


We are aware of 'neighbor list disappeared' bug and working to sort it out.
Sorry for the trouble guys.
yeah, mine isn't working at all!!!!!!! mad
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I have a similar probelm, except now when I go to log out after playing the game, it says I'm not logged in.
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Its fixed. Its funny how after adding both players have to send requests. THe link that is sent with the requests sometimes never works.
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I've already got my friend requests, but NONE OF THEM WORKS. Hope they will fix it soon.
my friends are showing up as unidentified i get requests but nothing happens when i click on them sad
I almost had 10 neighbors when i lost my list. Why is this taken so long to fix.

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