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Oh, so that's why I can't add people. Damn. Guess I'll go back to playing it on FB.
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The Black rock lee
The Black rock lee
The Black rock lee
Im assuming by "working on fixing the problem" they mean doing nothing -_-
Back in the zOMG development days, the devs responsible for making the game posted pictures of some nerf wars they had in the office that pissed a lot of people off.

Also I still have no neighbors and cant use my friends fruits. gonk

I wonder what causes this problem? all o a sudden all of these people i kno are randomly having it. i hope its fixable
emo I think they gave up on us for their new MMO.

Lol youre probably right about that, i heard they have a new MMO their working on -_-. priorties first i guess. but since their gonna screw me on monster galaxy how abou tthey gimme my damn money back i put into the game >.>
Doubt it on the gc. sweatdrop They really screwed people on the shinies with backyard monsters.
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Good to see that a bar was not available until a whole day the game, the already being mistakes, than friend a list and a free gift are out of order in the future.
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wahmbulance dramallama wahmbulance dramallama wahmbulance
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the game still not working properly. argh xp
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I have 120 whistles sitting there that I cant use. Its been months, where is the fix?
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was just about to ask about this
It says I have 10 friends yet no friends appear in my list xD
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I really do hope you guys can fix this sooooooon. It's been way over a month for me since I had neighbors on Monster Galaxy crying :< It would mean the world if you could fix this problem for meeeee and everyone else on Gaia~
I'm glad it's not just me then. I was about to quit playing until HoC started then I saw this post! I love whoever started this one! Thank you and oh I hope they hurry and fix it! Not too fast tho... don't want it happening again soon. O.o I've got enough whistles to be wealthy tho. ^~^
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Chalking up another day without neighbors, but I'm mostly posting to say thank you for fixing the intro thing for Chrome; the past few weeks I keep pressing the "skip intro" button with no effect. Thankfully, it worked today, so thank you for that, and I hope there's at least some progress on the major friend list issue even if it is microscopic. X3
i will not play that new game the work so hard on its a loser to me
they wasted more time on the new game to get it running ,what not fix monster galaxy re add nova to our friend list
ive had this happen to me a couple of times too >___<
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I hope this is fixed soon. I got a ton of whistles and nothing to do.
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i was like, what!? why is there a friends list now? and then, two days later, i was like, WHAAAT!?!?!? WHY IS MY FRIENDS LIST NOT THERE ANYMORE? WHYYYYYYY?! so please, we appreciate that you are working on this. knowing that you guys are working on this helps me be patient. good luck and may the force be with you.
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I can't use my whistles either because I don't have neighbores razz I hope you fix it soon. Thx.

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