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O_O question
bla bla bla!!!!!!!!!!!
holy s**t stare
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let me guess...only for facebook users? XP

where should the gaia users go for this issue? :T
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Um... there needs to be a gaia version of this tool, please... I'm stuck. stare
temporary fix for gaia users, just reload the game. You should be back at the battle screen able to re-select your moga. It should be fixed from there on.

but yeah, some kind of addon or refresher would be nice too for gaians
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I don't play Monster Galaxy on Facebook stare

But when I open the game
It takes me to the notice area
And says I have no neighbors when I have three

User id: 146173

And when I click on the 'play' button
It doesn't do anything
It's stuck on the notice page
HAHA! I froze during a battle but I clicked the refresh button, when it reloaded my screen in the middle of a battle I was attacked by the opponent 3 times in a row without a chance to click anything and it showed my HP lowering from each hit, however at the bottom it showed my health only took one of those 3 hits. I still find it pretty cool that technically I continued the battle when a defeated moga at 0hp and won the battle! xd
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got to read it again haha burning_eyes
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Took me to facebook. My problem is here on Gaia Online on the Viximo Version. The resolution just isn't right sad and I can't battle with my Moga, not on my laptop. Then when I tried Monster Galaxy on my school's computer, it worked bu then I couldn't send free stuff to my neighbors and friends.

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