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ty for this it worked but the bug apear again n now i gota w8t 24h anythink else i could do so i dont have to w8t that long before playing???
This didn't help me out. Two of my moga were already down and I only have Beefee left. Sadly, every battle I've tried using Beefee in lately I've been unable to use him. The Go button doesn't even appear. It just remains blank like it is before you send a moga out. Since I have none to use other than Beefee, I am stuck in battle with no way out. I tried using this and it didn't work for some reason.
Ah thank you very much, ive been having problems with a few monsters and now that I now what I'm up against it's better since I can prepare now and I'm more informed.
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I don't get it question
Basically, if you get stuck, say the image won't load, or the moves, just click that and it'll exit you.
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It didn't help me.
Still, stucked at Charging the Zodiac.

i m also stucked in charging the zodiac......
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It means some times the loading doesnt work.
The Zodiac doesn t charge. what to do?
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Thanks. this save my day. heart
Was stuck so I dident got into the game. That also happned with a another game (backyardmonster), when I tryed to game that when I wasent able to get in to monster galaxy.

After follow that link everyting was okey again. just lovly ^^
smile smile smile
*sorry bad english* Not my main language.
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it would be helpful!
FINALLY! TY SO MUCH! I just posted about how I have been stuck for 3 days in a PVP battle without any timer to time out and return home. Reloading wasn't working, waiting it out wasn't working, but the "Clear Battle Cache" button worked PERFECTLY! I can finally play again smile It was as simple as clicking a button. The button should be located in the bottom corner of the play screen though, so it is more accessible to players, and more convenient when a player first gets stuck. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration,.

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