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i know i never played but im pretty sure i wont get stuck and i know the monsters r truly awesome so i want to take this time to tell you that when im playing it i will have the time of my life and level up capture and do all the stuff that im required to do
also thanx for taking ur time to read this bcuz i know that u will be very impressed reading what i hav put up 4 u ha ha ha and remember im always gonna be there and play these games hoping to win monster galaxy and raising monsters and taming if i have to thanx again and i will start playing thatmonster galaxy game for you guys
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wtf it dosen'e work it says your now leaving gaia online sad
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Why am I just learning about this now? Oh well, at least now I know sweatdrop
At first i was stuck in a battle...moga with 0HP killed me (still dont know haw :/)....So i refreshed the page and now the game just doesnt start!!!Its showing loading screen :/

What to do?
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I'm stuck. I left to eat lunch during moga battle then when I came back I almost finish battle when I used normal move and it didn't end ( I could kill that willo, GAIA!! )
I dont have facebook either
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Thank you so much
the tool did not help me Im still stuck to Charging the zodiac I already reported it but nothing happend crying What should I do Please Help Me! crying crying crying
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Hi Moga Tamers,

We here on the Monster Galaxy Team are always trying to figure out new ways to make your game more fun and interesting. We know a small group of users get stuck sometimes, so we heard you, and built a new tool that might help.

We know some of you have had problems loading the game every now and then, or you might have gotten stuck during a battle or at some other point in the game. Many things can cause that, but this can also happen to some players especially right after a game update has been made. In some cases, there is a way you might be able to fix that yourself via a new tool we just created called the “clear battle cache page.” We’re adding this info to the FAQs soon too, so that it’ll always be easy for you to find it in the future.

The details of how to use that tool are on that page, so I won’t go into it here, but please spread the word to anyone who might say that they’re “stuck” while entering Monster Galaxy or at a certain point in the game. We’d like feedback on whether it helps or not, so if you try it, please post 1) exactly what your symptoms were before trying this new tool, and 2) what happens now after using this new, shiny “clear battle cache” tool. It's located here: Cancel Monster Galaxy Battle

Thanks and we hope you continue enjoying the game! Have you hugged your Moga today? If not, get going! biggrin
do you have one that DOES NOT USE FACEBOOK? WON'T GO THERE. that is why i am playing it on gaia!
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THANK WOOO heart heart heart heart heart
It still wont load for me, tried everything so far, updated my flash player, erased cookies, turned back my windows for 24 Hours, but nothin helped.

Tried to log in on my Girlfriends PC aswell, nothing, still the "Charging the Zodiac" screen. When i logged in with her facebook-account everything went normal, she was able to choose her Zodiac and so on, but on my Account its stuck, so it is not a problem with my PC smile

User Id: 100001138506723

edit says: Before i forgett, the battle reset link didnt helped either.
I have problem same Sarioscha
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It didn't help me.
Still, stucked at Charging the Zodiac.

Hi there,

Your next step would be to click here to contact the Moga Customer Support Team.. They should be able to help you directly with your issues.

I already message Customer Support Team.
but how will i know on how they will respond to my message?
i hope they will fix it immediately. crying

I have problem same u
No works, ever Stuck, black screen and say "Loading the Zodiac"

User Id: 584881071

Please help me.

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