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I do. Gaia can only do so much, but if they teamed up with Game Freak/ Nintendo, I would love, love, LOVE to see a Monster Galaxy game for Wii or XBox. I have a Nintendo DS, so I'd also want the game released for that. I know it'll never happen, but let's speculate anyway, ok?
If Monster Galaxy was released as a pokemon style rpg, what gaming system would you want it available on? Instead of having a lot of options to pick from Moga when you first start the game, do you think your choices should be limited to three starters from certain Zodiacs? What would be the starter Moga, and which of the three would you choose?
Personally, I'd love for Efree, Leif, or Peepee to be starters, and I'd pick Leif as mine. It's just too cute not to, even though with pokemon, I tend to like the fire starters a lot more that water or grass.
Unlike pokemon, though, do you think the MG game would incorporate features from Gaia, like being able to dress up, and change the appearance (skin tone, hair, eyes) of your moga trainer when you're not battling?
I know that Gaia is planning to bring Monster Galaxy once they fix the bugs and improve the game. However, I don't think Gaia will team up with Game Freak/Nintendo since Pokemon company will sue them for copyright infringement if they do... sweatdrop
I already said it would never happen, but it's nice to dream. And I don't think capturing monsters and training them is something that can be copyrighted. There was an old, old game- I forget the name, but I also think it was a cartoon/ anime. Basically, you could wrangle monsters and train them to fight your opponent- just like pokemon did.

edit: It was called Monster Rancher, and it was released long before Pokemon was.
I remember that anime Monster Rancher. It was pretty decent.
Yeeeaah, I also suggested that in fb discussions.. heart
What if Nintendo teamed up with gaia... the Mogas are added as special type of Pokemon, Pokemon gets another season or side-story, evolutions come along and and and and wahmbulance

Ah well... hope will never fade away.

PS: Monster Rancher RULED... =D
what do you mean, as a special type of pokemon? There's way too many moga to do that.

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