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Hi I'm a new player and I think maybe I caught the Nar at Lightsfall that I was supposed to defeat before I was assigned the quest? I've played the level many many many times and defeated many many many Nar since and I was wondering if there's some Nar at a level greater than 10 that has yet to show up, or if I somehow caused a glitch in the game by catching a Nar at Lightsfall earlier on. I'd really like to finish this quest because I want to win the Gertrude's Place cadet card! Any help/advice would be much appreciated, even if it's only that I'm missing something really obvious.

(Another question is just: Is there more to Spiral Cave after all of Pierce's quests end or is it just a mystery what he was looking for? And how do I beat the "Spiral Cave" level itself and win the star seed? Even if it isn't showing me my progress replaying each of the levels in Spiral Cave, is there still something keeping track of how many times I beat them slowly accumulating to beat the overall level, or am I wasting my time replaying levels there for the time being?)

lol sorry about all the questions
Try the node after Lightsfall and defeat Nar. Go to all nodes in Spiral Cave there are different quests as you go along. After that you would have completed Spiral Cave and could go there to level up your mogas.
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Dapper Dabbler

Ok, so it's not necessarily at Lightsfall - thank you! I've already played all the other nodes and gotten to the last assigned quest from Sgt. Pierce, so I assume there's no way to tell when I've played each node enough times to win the starseed it tells me I can win for Spiral Cave as a whole...? Oh well! Thank you very much for the help.
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NAR's are plentyfull in MEGA HOLE. try there?

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