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Are the 3 extra slots going to come?
id like to know when the new evolutions are supposed to be coming out and this months chance items
When will the spiral cave extension be released?
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will there any new features or revising the existing feature like the starseed counter?
@Caitnap/King_of_the_Rumbeard/SauGemini - Right now we're mostly working on keeping up with new content, fixing bugs and polishing PvP. Once we're satisfied that most of the bugs in the game have been removed, we'll have the manpower to finish adding features like the rest of Spiral Cave.

@mammonaeon - We'll be doing two Chance Items this month. The first came out today, the second will come out around the third week of January. The evolutions may have to wait so we can get out the Mogapocalypse quests but they'll be out soon.
"two Chance Items this month " this month only or this is the new system of chance items ?
will moga cash get a 50% discount this month?
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Message are we going to see more dark mogas
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hello miss gadfly..i hope that you have a wonderful day.. my question is also about the spiral cave, i saw the 5 new nodes before they're gone and my question is, are those 5 new nodes will be the end of the spiral cave or you devz are planning to put more nodes to it? because the cave still have many spaces to put nodes.. thanks in advance.. happy new year! emotion_omnomnom
My question is will there ever be a moga trade/selling or release option ? And for premium paid for mogas from events and chance items ( like the 9 laindeer i got ove the xmas period ) would it be possibe to eventually have a premium moga swap for other premium mogas ?
@jumaroka - We haven't yet decided how often we'll be doing two chance items a month. If it goes well it's likely to become a regular thing.

@pasocompa - There will not be sales every month (nor will we announce them ahead of time) but keep your eyes on the Moga Announcements page for sales.

@kingchibidragon - Yes.

@Devastation_Shockwave - As I've said before, eventually we plan to release several more nodes in the Spiral Cave but right now we're concentrating on fixing bugs and new content.

@Le-Sponge-Ahoy - We'd like to at the very least create a release option, but this will have to wait until we have the extra people to put back on creating new features. In the mean time, we'll be coming out with evolutions for Mogas that some people have too many of.
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Welcome back Lady heart Thanks for braving the wild forums for our benefit once again ^_^
I think I speak for many Tamers when I say that you have been missed emotion_hug

I hope that you & yours enjoyed a safe, happy, and restful Holiday Season <3

My question is about Moga Cash, I have had several neighbors ask me if there is a way to "gift" Moga Cash to a neighbor/ friend, either through direct FB purchase or during a Gaia Cash transfer...
Is there a way to send a gift like this, and if not is there any chance of the feature being implemented in the future?
Thanks again & Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting! emotion_bigheart
I've been missing this thread cat_xd

anyway is it possible for you to make a list of what bugs you're currently fixing?
i think it would be good for us players to know what exactly is being done to improve our game cat_burning_eyes

i was actually about to post 3 questions but then i re-read your rules cat_redface

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