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Time for some more Q&A!
But first I'd like to offer some more clarification on the rules of the thread:
- Respect - This really should go without saying but using foul language is a definite no-no.
- One question per post - Just one question for each round of answers.
- Redundancy - We're still getting a lot of questions about adding or otherwise changing features of the game. We are still not adding new features right now, but we will get back to changing and adding features eventually. When we have news to report on this front, you will hear about it via Moga Announcements and the Facebook Fan Page.
- No bug reporting - If you find yourself writing a post like the examples below, stop your self. These are bug reports disguised as questions:
"When will the devs fix this bug?"
"Is this a bug?"
"Is there a reason you haven't fixed this bug?"
The answers respectively are almost always: "soon", "probably" and "we haven't gotten to it yet." If you find a bug, please report it to the Bug Reports forum so we can fix it.

I've also read some comments that say "I know that this is breaking the thread rules but..." These kinds of comments will be removed without exception.
For those of you who read and are following the rules, we appreciate it greatly! And now, on to the questions:

@Doridono - I doubt we've seen the last of Mercykiller, he and Wretch may show up in future CIs or in the Sky Shop but if you really want a shot at him your best shot is right now before the CI is over next week.

@Takashi Takagawa - We consider adding any new nodes to be new features because of the kind of work they take to add to the game, thus not something we're working on at this time.

@saats - Again, creating a new chat option would be a new feature and thus not something we're able to do at this time.

@0ooJimmyoo0 - A Galactic phoenix is something we've considered. For now at least you can get fiery birds like twister and ozake! I can say that there will be some pretty fiery creatures in the CI next week....

@Megatronium - We have no plans to change the way either of these abilities work other than to fix the issue where Mogas display the incorrect hit points. We may be able to rework this once we have the staff to add and change features. For now, the best advice I can give for those Mogas is to use Cripple when your enemy has full hit points and try to wait until Stoneskin runs out before activating it again. The rest is up to luck.

@dyingwill3rd - There are no plans to make such an option.

@Tilwin - We are not working on new features right now so we removed it since it said "Coming Soon". Adding this feature will have to wait for now.
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follow up question miss LG about your answer to me..you said that the ability cripple best use if the enemy have full hit points, im worried about shadowstrike's part because his cripple ability was his random ability so that means it have a hard time that his cripple properly be used..so his cripple is kinda useless in some ways? more power miss LG Godbless..
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I have a question that's kind of an add on the 0ooJimmyoo0's galactic question. What I wanna know is will the Monster Galaxy team ever make galactic mogas that resemble animals other than dragons? My reasoning for this is because it seems like every other month and evo session there's a new dragon. I would just like to see a little more creativity in the animal kingdom is all and maybe from mythology as well. Thank you for your time to answer our questions.
Hi! I noticed that the dark mogas appear in the "evolution" section mogadex, does this mean they will be available as evolutions in the future?
Thanx! smile
Whatever happened to Pierce's deal?
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hello valuable devz..im just wondering what happened to the MG's official fan page..all the old posts and memorable photos are all gone..
I just noticed that some of the galactics had their random abilities changed FOR THE BETTER...
Zerk's random ability was changed to Vampire Embrace
Gravedigger's random ability was changed to Disease

Just wondering are you guys planning on changing Valgore's and Soucleaver's random ability to something more suited to being galactic like Precision/Confuse/Blind/etc? cat_burning_eyes

For those who don't know, Valgore has Armor and Soulcleaver has Cripple as random abilities respectively...
Armor just sucks and Cripple is almost useless especially as a random cat_stare

aside from those 2, all the other galactics have quite a decent array of abilities...
Zerk has Confuse + Vampire Embrace (simply awesome)
Gravedigger has Vampire Embrace + Disease (old disease would have been much better though)
Archaeon has Healing Shield + Blind (awesome abilities but not so good put together)
Mercykiller has Precision + Healing Shield (just scary)
[NPC] Nova
Time for some more Q&A!

Ms. Nova, and or Lady Gadfly? in February is the chinese new year, and its year of the Dragon, will u release a C.I. Moga for this kind of Event?
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just wondering if there will be eventually a way to get more blackfangs and boxers without paying
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i recently got a quest of capturing leviathan which is my starter moga and can you please do that if we already captured a certain moga then we dont need to capture it again because its very annoying rolleyes to have two leviathan or other mogas
THANX biggrin
How come we aren't able to battle any of the new evolutions or this month's galactic moga ? They were the only way to get evolution potions...
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Here is my question will we be seeing any return of old Event mogas into the wild where we can catch them. and id like to know if there are any new contest coming out like last month..
Ps: any New fox mogas
hello Ms. Gadfly and Ms. Nova smile

i just wanna ask what is ur idea of releasing a Dark Moga? others says its because ur running out of idea in making a new moga? thats why u release a dark version of moga? coz if u release a dark moga u dont have to draw a new moga instead just make it dark then put some more color to make it good? is that the reason? hope u dont get mad. sweatdrop thanks,

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