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I may think of another question later.
Would there be a chance that at least ONE Galactic Moga be released in the wild for a satisfactional capturing challenge?
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Any kind of boss battles or crazy events like the Easter one from last year . And I like to know if you are going to do event mogas like how war Lepus was
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My question is kinda simple. Is Bunyobomb actually in the CI or will it be an event like what was done for Christmas?
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Is there a chance that there will be more abilities like confuse,poison,regenerate and all?
Hey Tamers!

@Raina Unfortunately we won't be able to gift Moga Cash in the foreseeable future. We have lots of bugs to fix and will prioritize making Monster Galaxy as fun and bug free as possible.

@Ma-ku Thanks for reading and following the rules... that makes us happy. biggrin To fill you in we've had our hands full trying to track down issues that don't affect everyone. For instance, only some Tamers couldn't access their Moga Dex. A different subset can't send gifts. Others are not receiving their daily email prizes. These are a few of the issues we've been trying to track down. We believe we recently resolved the Moga Dex issue and we're close to resolving the others. Keep an eye on the bug thread for more info.

@SilentCurve Galactic Mogas are so rare that they do not usually roam Sunshire or Pueblonia. However, the Sky Cats have revolutionary methods for tracking and taming these Mogas at their natural habitats. That's why tamers have a chance to capture these powerful Mogas at the Sky Shop.

@kingchibidragon and @Takashi We don't have anything *too* crazy but there is a rumor that many Mogapocalypse Mogas are on their way to wreak havoc in Sunshire. Though Bunyobomb is not in the CI I hear he will be among them in the wild causing trouble. The best tamers will be able to capture him and restore order.

@VikMkd we don't have any new abilities planned, but who knows? A new, unique moga may emerge in the wild at any time wink
hmm so are you guys planning on reworking/rebalancing some special abilities?
the most troublesome of which are Stoneskin and Cripple which are extremely situational
since the rules stated to wait a few days before asking any more questions ive waited a few but anyway i wanna know if theres any plans to updating or adding a new moga to skylers chest other than kittenstar
@Ma-ku Mogatrainer - You will see some welcome re-balancing of some Mogas in the next couple months.

@mammonaeon - I'll ask bChristLike about doing that once we have some free time. Thanks for following the rules mammonaeon smile .

For the sake of alleviating bug and balance-related anxiety out there, here are some of the bugs we plan to have fixed in the next month or two.

Zodiac Vulnerability and Vulnerability - Sorry for all you Yoake and Ikki fans. Some Mogas have gotten high level debuffs too soon. This will no longer be the case.

Non-Valgorely Awesome Galactics - Most of the Galactic Mogas do not have the same strong Zodiac Attack as Valgore. This will change so that they are better balanced.

What goes between Legendary and Galactic? Answer: Legendary v. 1.02. Legendary Mogas that evolve from Legendary Mogas will be cranked up a bit. They'll still be Legendary, but their Zodiac Attacks will dish out more damage (like Valgore, but not at the same level). Dewdevil will not see as much of a bump since he only takes two Peepees to evolve. It's not quite a whole new rarity, but it does give incentive to evolve if you can't get Galactics. People who have Hattori for example will definitely appreciate him. Trust me.

Enjoy your weekend tamers.
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why is the coming soon - online neighbour battle - feature removed from pvp tab?
I'm not sure if this was answered already, but will there be a way to exchange an event Moga for another Moga from the same event? I have two Mercykillers that I got from the 15MC Spin, and I'm fine with just one.

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