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Thank you, developers, for working hard on this game. I hope this game is still in test and is being tested by detail-oriented people who care about their work.

The process of adding neighbors desperately needs some intelligent attention.

I don't know how it was on Facebook, but on Gaia, adding neighbors is a pain. Ideally, you should be able to add your friends who also play MoGa with one click. Instead, the process is:

1) Send an awkwardly worded invite that makes it sound like the recipient has never heard of MoGa before. In fact, it makes it sound like a different, RP-type game.

2) When they rightly ignore the cruddy invite, you can send another badly worded reminder
such as
I need your help taming creature...
I need your help taming creatures in Monster Galaxy. If you accept, you'll get a free monster of your own! Won't you please help me?

- Play Now!

The sentence fragment is stupid, and the last part is a lie. There is no free monster.

3) when they ignore that, you can continue to spam up their inbox with

Desperate_Player has invited you to play Monster Galaxy
Come join me in Monster Galaxy, an awesome new pet collection game where we can battle together to save the world! Can you catch them all?

- Join: http://www.gaiaonline.com/viximo?v_notificationSender=17815975&v_notificationChannel=invite&v_selected=monstergalaxy&v_type=invite&v_source=notification_invite_&v_item_id=4933a5c3-ccd0-4202-b0a0-44c248ddbf58&v_kt_u=8e02952e8ba5e53d&v_notificationType=&v_sender=17815975

Play Now!

Please listen to the following suggestions:

A. PLEASE don't let MoGa reminders, and gifts spam up Gaia inboxes! They are in-game messages only, and should stay in-game. Only the first invite to the GAME (not a neighbor invite) should appear in the Gaia inbox.

B. Re-word the messages to make more sense and look more professional.

C. Make neighbor requests one-click, so that endless sending of spammy reminders can be avoided.

Oh, and when we are able to give gifts, let's grant them all at once instead of having to click on every single "Gift "xxx"? click submit" confirmation button.
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Hello Ladygafly.Is the sign/rarity/abilities of Melchior decided?If so,can you give us some hints please?
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"@caillou234 - Yoake is a pretty special Moga, so it's likely that he'll make appearances in the wild for events but not stay their permantly. He's a wily little rascal."

Building off of caillou234's question, when Yoake is available in the wild for the events, will we be notified somehow? I suppose this goes for any other starter not available in the wild too.

Thank you for your time, any sorry if this is a bad question. sweatdrop
why it is so hard to find moga cash now.... i know its permanent and i spent a few hour to find it at pueblonia but didn't find any moga cash drop....
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Thanks for this game, developers! I was wondering if it would ever be possible to sync up my facebook connect and viximo games. I copied all my data over from facebook to viximo but I've gotten new moga and items since that don't show up in the other game. Is this going to be a permanent split? I like playing the game via the gaiaonline.com/monstergalaxy/launch page and don't particularly want to switch interfaces >_< thanks!
Thank you for answering my question!!
Round 2: will allow the pre-evolutions of galactics to be captured in wild for only 24 hours?
because i have three knives and need two more but every time i do spend i get 3 evolution potions. And if there will be trading i cant wait to trade to get some chumguppys to evolve into ripslam (best galactic of 2012)
LadyGadfly. Will you ever make Edgar as a Pre-Evolution for Raven? Stareaver to Glowbug? Titus to Leon? and Lepus to Warlepus? just wondering coz they really have the same looks from pre-evo to evo 3nodding
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@xSaved2Servex - It's one of our top priorities to fix the issues with the Moga limit. We will keep you posted as we have more information.

Does this mean I won't be able to play the game until the moga limit has been fixed? I have never missed a single premium event moga in the wild until this issue occurred. Hope you can really help me. thank you!
Hey tamers,

@xSaved2Servex - We are still working hard to resolve the Moga limit issue. It's unfortunately time-consuming, but progress is being made.

@Le-Sponge-Ahoy - Yup, you read my mind wink . At least for Edgar anyway. I should also say now that it's not our plan to make every single Gemini Moga available to capture this month. Some will Mogas remain Moga Cash exclusive.

@snowMaple - It's likely that the quests had just expired. Event quests usually end just before the next Chance Item begins.

@Moga Tamer Chim - Possibly. Nothing's hit the drawing board yet though.

@iseeD3ADpeople - I like to put Galactics in quests because they make for cool boss fights, it's likely you'll see more in the future. As for catching Gondula, we shall see....

@VikMkd - Huey is there for people to fight, capture an extra of, or ignore. The choice is yours tamer. As for future Chance Items, all I can say is Cancer Signs are going to love this next CI.

@Robotic sumanto - Eon will not be released into the wild during this event.

@neko-axe - Absolutely. Just submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to fix it. Tell us where in the game you saw the error and what the error was.

@Mitzuki_rei - There was an issue with photos, it should be resolved now. Please submit a support ticket if you're still having issues.

@ijamxz - the odds for cash drops were adjusted to account for the improved odds in the chance item. You may get less free cash, but everyone (free players included) are getting a better bang for their Moga buck in the Chance Item. The odds were also adjusted so that easier battles don't drop as much as more difficult battles.

@Junque - We are working to improve upon the messages players receive from Viximo.

@electric_halfnhalf - Quests and wild Moga alerts are announced both on Facebook and here on Gaia via the Moga Announcements subforum, but they don't always say exactly what's been released. Most of the time players will post the information on the forums though.

@asianangel333 - Syncing the games in the way you described is sadly not possible at this time.

@avoN -CPN- - We may add some of the evolution recipes you've described (I mean, Edgar REALLY looks like Ravenous doesn't it?) but only after we've taken game balance into consideration.

Regarding the Spiral Cave entrance, it's a known bug that you can't battle there anymore and we plan to fix it, but probably not before we fix the Moga Limit issue. Mastering the node does not provide any Collection Cards needed to complete Node Mastery Collections.

To players who violated the rules of this thread by posting excessively:

Your posts have been removed. The rules of this thread on the first page clearly state that you may only ask one question per round of answers so that everyone gets an opportunity to ask a question.

Starting next week I'm going to change the format of this thread. Instead of it being a long thread with all kinds of scattered information throughout 18 pages of comments, it will take the form of devblog so that we can address all the issues that need to be talked about in a nice tidy package. It'll make getting the Moga latest news easier and it should also offer some insight into the development process as well as more previews of future releases. I will still read and respond to forum posts, though many of my responses may be incorporated into new blog entries.

Happy hunting tamers smile .

-Lady Gadfly

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