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Is there a chance that the North Kittenstar and Regular Kittenstar will ever be re-release, even if they have to be in the sky shop?

Also thank you for answering my last question. c:
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can somewhere please tell me how to fix my screen Ive got a little of the left side missing, it is cutting out some of the speech bubbles.
Or if this isnt where i should be asking the question can u direct me to the appropriate place smile

Evil Princess

Although i hadn't had chance to really start playing it yet, the game itself looks pretty promising xxx Much love to the developers cat_rofl cat_rofl cat_rofl
Ms. LadyGadfly the 3 Quests so far is really awesome smile releasing and let us catch those new mogas is really worth it! while waiting for the next CI moga, pls keep it up smile

but the question is? will it be regular? i mean every month we can catch new moga on the 3 quests? i hope u make the same way like what u did to Ripslam quests ^_^
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ive had a facebook account for a while now and got very far on monster galaxy. i wanted to connect with my gaia friends via facebook to keep in contact when they werent on gaia so i created another facebook account that was less personal, but now my monster galaxy account thats being used on gaia is for the facebook account which i never played MG on. is it possible to switch accounts?
@VikMkd - It is my hope that we will release the next part of Spiral Cave this summer. Whether or not we can do that depends a lot on how much progress we make on some other aspects of the game.

@Otawolf4 - That some players are not receiving gold from Whistles on the Viximo version is a bug. We hope to resolve the issue this week.

@Shoopuffs - The Kittenstars will be available again in either the Sky Shop or the Luck Chests. Keep an eye out for them.

@Evil-Princess-Chan - Sometimes this happens to me when I accidentally zoom out with my mouse's scroll wheel while playing. Try adjusting your zoom settings.

@Tamer_Vona - the prizes and opportunities to catch Mogas may vary greatly from event to event, but we'll always strive to make them fun and worthwhile!

@nom-de-cookeh - At the moment it is not possible, but we are working on a way to redo the transfer for players who had issues with their first transfer. I'll offer more information when I have it.

Thanks for the questions tamers!
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Thanks again, looking forward too it!

Will there be other versions of the Kitten star, like the Fantasy Kitten star and Aurora Kitten star in the future perhaps?
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I've been itching to know Do you guys have any plans on releasing a leo tank galactic?
Hi LadyGadfly smile

its about Black Gold Again, if u cant really make an Evo or Alternate Forme for BG can you at least make a Dark or Diffrent color of BG like what you did to Hellhound?

can u make a White Version of BlackGold? and name it to WhiteGold? pls? cause we are really dying to push BG to make it more AWESOME!!! heart

pls..if you reply make it more seriously? dont just answering us just to make us feel happy sad
answer us with the truth? if ur making it or not or something on the way for BG? pls? sad
LadyGadfly i saw on ZI on iphone that you have a feature there called the Lucky Moga which u will spend some MC to get a Random awesome moga and other items, which is really cool,

i just want to suggest if you can also put a feature like that on Monster Galaxy on FB or GAIA pls? coz its really awesome! smile getting a unrelease moga from Lucky Moga is such a good things!
when will you make or release the Evolution for Vangelis and Dirge?

we're hoping you make their Evo asap? we also love them pls dont forget them? smile
lady gadfly can you move gins level down to twenty or the level of your moga because my highest mogas are lvl 21 and i wanna capture gin but hes lvl 25 plz reply.
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What are the odds for ninetails ?

i spinned 12 times and did not get him , looks like odds are not 1 in 4 anymore

Never mind

you answered my question in another thread

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Someone already mentioned something about Gin, but it had to do with Gin's level, which is set at 25.
Just to not be redundant, I was wondering if you had any plans on being able to 'pause', more or less, quests that you don't wish to do at the moment. Most you can do that with simply by not doing them, but when I was completing the current quest with the new Moga (the fish types...can't recall their names), I wasn't aware that there was going to be the option to capture Gin. Of course I would like to have him, it's just that my Mogas aren't up to that level...& it's very hard to level up my weaker ones when he randomly pops up & just...destroys them XD

Anyway, I was curious about this. I echo the previous poster who mentioned something about making his level lower perhaps, or what I was curious about & just being able to postpone the quest. I don't know which would be easier, but I thought I'd ask.
Thanks! <3
Is melchior going to be released in wild
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Is it possible to scale rest time to how much HP is left until 100%? I find it very frustrating some of my mogas take an hour to rest (even more as I level) because then there's really nothing left to do in the game. It makes me not want to level them or battle as much so I don't have to wait for them to become usable again. Most one moga battles takes a severe toll on my moga's HP so I have to frequently rest and switch teams. Any plans on re/implementing a max rest time?

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