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pork scrachings
i think u find them in pueblonia in the far section in the woods

hmm.. i havent got to the end of that map yet... but they are supposed to appear at random everywhere >.<
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I hope it's only bad luck. sad But maannnn, that's some bad luck...xD

My boyfriend gets super lucky in this game. He caught war Lepus with 3 ss, and rainburn in 2ss. It took me over 20 to capture war leepus, and I find rainburn all the time, but it's not easy to get ss. they need to make it easier to get more): crying
Rainburn took me for 4ss but war lepus took me for 42ss! Too hard.
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Yeah just chucking starseeds and he won't get caught lol
Raiten Ka
probably bad luck. i only have 2 epic mogas, one took me 8ss and the other took 14ss... so it is quite variable...

however i STILL havent found a single rainburn... and i've been playing every day since they appeared...

Still haven't capture it? I thought my suggestion would help you... .__.;

havent even SEEN it. and i have mostly been battling in sunshire yesterday, before that mostly pueblonia... and still nothing... :S

You can found a Rainburn at Darkwood in Sunshire (Mystic rainbow quest)
Damn Rainburn always makes a fool out of me sweatdrop I either kill him with criticals, or he buffs himself at 4 vitality... and then I usually go "Greaat! Now I have to find this rainbow freak again stare "
actually, it's not always in the woods: i run in it 2 times out of the woods
one time before the gates of Windhym and the other time at east summer road
both times I wasn't able to catch it crying
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i just wish the damn bird would even appear for me. with the war lepus that thing wouldn't leave me alone!! apparently rainburns are shy, huh? *sulks* lol
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It'll show up randomly on any area of the maps, including forest, beach, cave, etc. so it doesn't matter where you search for it. (This applies to all holiday related limited edition mogas to date)

Incidentally, it took me over 40 starseeds to catch one for myself =.= Was not impressed.
if you want to give it a try?
have two medium leveled mogas and one really good level moga and see if Rainburn's level changes to something more acceptable.
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know right everytime it pops out I try to cathch it so far no luck yet xp xp xp
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Try catch them in Thornwood... wink
i only use 3 starseeds to catch Rainburn biggrin

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