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A Guide to Your Monster Galaxy Adventure

Hello, Poke-, I mean Moga Tamers. Welcome to the walkthrough of Monster Galaxy. I’m your guide, Raiten Ka.

This guide is served as a purpose to guide new Moga Tamers to the world of Monster Galaxy as well as helping giving tips and information to those in need.

If there’s an information I’ve forgotten to add or there’s an update I haven’t heard, please PM me by strolling your mouse over to the arrow underneath my name and click “Private Message.”

Latest Update:* - My apologies for my hiatus leave and unable to update the guide.

* - Soul Harvest is available in the Sky Cat Shop. Have your Moga Cash ready to get some awesome Mogas and items. In addition, you can decide whether to spend 15 MC to try your luck or 50 MC to increase your luck on Super Spin.

*- Want your Daily Prize, but too lazy to go through your email account or can't find the tab? Well, there's a link to the Daily Prize page at the Daily Prize post. Just click it and you will get your prize. Click here for shortcut to the post.

Please do not quote any post of the first page. Thank you.

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Introduction / Update
Starting Monster Galaxy
How to Battle / Capture Moga
Monster Galaxy World / Collection / Configuration / Sky Cat Shop
Home Configuration / Deal Offers / Free Gift System / Forming Team / Resting Team / Moga Tag
Daily Prize / How to obtain Moga Cash
Rarity and Success Rate
Event and Active Quests
Collection and Black Gold Quest
Citadel of Prophecy Dungeon
Spiral Cave Dungeon
Player vs Player

Some of the images does not belong to me, but to the respective owners.
Starting Monster Galaxy

For those who are new and want to play, this is the step you need take. For those who aren’t, you can skip this post.

In this post, it will show how to set up a game called Monster Galaxy.

What is a Monster Galaxy. Monster Galaxy is a Pokemon-typed version game created by GaiaOnline. The game is released in November 13th, 2010 and it is still in the Beta testing. So if you don’t want to wait, here’s how you do.

First you need to log into your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you need to create one.

The next step is go to Monster Galaxy page. Click the “Play Now” botton or the “Go to App” button (located on top of the picture, next to like) and it will transfer you to the Permission page.

On the Permission page click “Allow” button, and it will transfer you to the game.

And there you have it, New Moga Tamer. You have set up Monster Galaxy on your Facebook account. Now you can play Monster Galaxy on Facebook or on Gaia. For Gaia, just move your mouse over to Game and click "Play Monster Galaxy. Now to teach you how to start your Monster Galaxy game.

When you open your Monster Galaxy page, it will lead you to the Introduction Page. Click “Play Now” button on the bottom screen. And if you don’t want to have an Introduction Page, you can skip the intro by turning it off in your option setting (that will come later).

After the intro, it will lead you to a page like this:

User Image

This page is to let you choose your starter Moga (Monster Gaxaly), just like how Pokemon let you choose your starter Pokemon. However, unlike Pokemon where it gives you three Pokemon, it gives you the option of 36 Mogas (three Mogas per Zodiac). You can choose any Moga you like, whether it goes according to your zodiac or the Moga you like the best. However, don’t click the Moga unless you’re very sure you want to have that Moga as your Starter Moga. If you want to see various Mogas, just click the Zodiac on the left side and look around.

Here’s a list of the Mogas that are available to you:

Aquarius: Ikki, Starpops, Yugure
Pisces: Cathulu, Jag, Leviathan
Aries: Mimple, Ibex, Chiberus
Taurus: Booly, Peafyx, Tauron
Gemini: Gogh, Blix, Tigon*
Cancer: Skuzy, Pwee, Crabone
Leo: Titus, Radiojack, Umbranine
Virgo: Turtlenie, Faust, Meka*
Libra: Smok, Tutu, Lira
Scorpio: Sno*, Pigloo, Nebugon*
Sagittaruis: Chunchilla, Knightaur, Nightmare
Capricorn: Meh, Eefree, Yoake*

Please note that the * next to the name means they are not available to be captured in the game. So if you want to have that Moga, then take the Moga that starts off as Starter.

When you choose a Moga, it will give you an option to name your Moga. If you don’t want to name your Moga, click the check button to start the game.

Once you’re done picking and naming the Moga, you will be taken to a cutscene of the storyplot and then be taken to a tutorial of battlescene. I will explain how to battle Moga in the next post.
When encountering a Moga

If you’re familiar with the game of Pokemon, the battle system is quite similar. However, for those who don't know how to play, this is the post that will teach you.

In the battle, you have two options of how to end the battle: To defeat the Moga or to capture the Moga. If you choose to defeat the Moga, your Moga will gain experience points. If you choose to capture the Moga, you’ll gain a new Moga, but your Moga won’t get experience points. Below is an example of the battle screen:

User Image

Before teaching you how to battle, you need to know the basic configuration of how to battle.

At the bottom of the image are your Mogas and “commands” of attacks. The three images of Mogas are your Moga team. Below are the commands your Mogas will follow. There are four type of attacks:

Physical Attack: The top left is your Moga’s Normal Attack. It has 15 uses of attacks and has the 80 – 100% chance to hit, depending on the type of Zodiac and level.
Zodiac Attack: The top right is your Moga’s Zodiac Attack. The attack can be Effective (strong) or Less Effective (weak), depending on the Zodiac your Moga is fighting. In fact, Galactic and some Legendary Mogas have extra boost when using it. It arranges from 5 to 15 uses of attacks, depending on the class of your Moga, and has the 90 – 100% chance to hit, depending on the type of Zodiac and level.
Special Attack: The bottom left is your Moga’s Status Attack. This attack allows the effect on the Moga, whether it’s to help your Moga or to decrease your opponent’s status. If successful, the Special Attack lasts about between 4 to 7 turns, depending what type of Special Attack it is. It has 5 uses.
Bonus Attack: The bottom right is the strongest attack of all. This command allows you to call your friend’s Moga to assist the attack. It has 100% chance to hit and has unlimited uses. Like the Physical and Zodiac Attack, you can only use one per turn unless you use Special Ability.

In the center of the commands is the “Turn” button. It tells you whose turn it is (whether it’s your turn or the enemy). In addition, it is also your “Catch” button. That will allow you to capture the Moga by using an item called Starseeds when it is your turn. With each turn passes you will see a light forming around it. That is the “Success Catch Rate” line. It shows you the percentage of how successful your catch will be against the Moga.

At the right side, you have two buttons: “Use Item” and “Run.” The Run button allows you to escape from the battle. However, there’s a chance you may fail to escape, making you unable to get out from the battle and lose a turn. The Use Item allows you to use an item: Blue Coffee, Starseed, Whistle, HP Potions, Fizzy Cola, and Double XP Potion.

Whistle: A strawberry like-berry. As explained in the Bonus Attack, it allows you to call your friend’s Moga.
Blue Coffee: A blue cup with a star in it. The Blue Coffee is to replenish your Moga’s health and the uses of attacks.
Starseed: A orb with a star on it and has two leaves on top. This item allows you to capture a Moga. However, depending of the success rate of catch (I will discuss that later), you may or may not catch a Moga.
Moga Card: Collectible card from Moga battle. The card allows you to collect and trade a set of five Zodiac-Rarity cards for a prize. Common cards drops more than Rare cards.
Master Starseed: Like the Starseed, it's an item that help you catch Moga but at 100% catch rate. It will only appear at the catch screen and it will costs you Moga Cashes, depending on the rarity of the Moga.
HP Potion: A drink with a piece of fruit inside. This restores your Moga's health. You can find it in your "Use Items" and it costs Moga Cashes depending on the number of HP you want to restore from the Sky Cat shop or free gift system.
Fizzy Cola: A Cola drink. Similar to HP Potion, this restores your Moga's abilities. Like the HP Potion, it can be found in "Use Items" and it costs 5 Moga Cashes from Sky Cat shop.
Double XP Potion: A cup with brown liquid inside it. This allows your Moga to gain double the experience from the battle. It will last up to 15 battles. Like HP Potion, it can be found in "Use Items" or at the left side of your battle screen and costs 29 Moga Cashes from the Sky Cat shop.
Summoned Moga: A Summoned Moga is a Moga that will assist you in the battle, similar to Bonus Attack. It can help you attack the opponent or heal your Moga. They can only stay with you for 15 battles before leaving you. You can use your Summon Moga by clicking the icon at the left side of the battle screen. You can rent the Summoned Moga in the Sky Cat Shop, depending on the Moga Cash.
Gold: (( Can only be obtain when playing on GaiaOnline )) A currency being used in Gaia. To obtain gold, you need to use Bonus Whistle in battle. Gold is given randomly between 100 - 300 gold per each.

Now that you know the configuration, let’s teach you how to battle.

1) At the start of the battle, move your mouse over the little images of your Moga team. It will show you your Moga’s stat and how effective it can go against the Moga. Click the Moga you want to use to battle. If you want to use your Summon Moga or Double X Potion, you can activate it by clicking the icon on the left side.
2) At your turn, choose the command you want your Moga to use. Using Physical Attack and Zodiac Attack will end your turn, whereas Special Attack and Bonus Attack stays on your turn, no matter how many you use.
+++++++++- When attacking, you have the option to share your battle to your friends by clicking the mini-picture underneath the enemy.
3) After your turn ends, it’s the enemy’s turn to attack. It can only use one command to end its turn, even when using the Special Attack.
+++++++++ - If using a Summon Moga, it will be the Summon Moga's turn before the enemy's turn. Be warn that they can only be use once between your Moga and the Enemy. It cannot be used after the Enemy's turn.
4) Continue battling until your opponent’s HP is low. This is where you make the decision of whether to capture or defeat.
a.) If you want to capture, click the “Catch” button and you'll get a pop-up screen, asking if you're sure to capture. Click the check button to capture the Moga. Depending on the success rate, you may or may not be able to capture the Moga. In addition, you can only catch those that are the same level as your highest level Moga in the team or less, whereas Master Starseed lets you catch Moga that are 5 level higher or lower. You will be given an option of Starseeds to catch a Moga, a basic Starseed and a Master Starseed. See picture below:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

If successful, it will give you an option of whether to name the Moga or not. If unsuccessful, it will end your turn.

b.) If you want to defeat the Moga, just continue battle until that Moga’s HP hits zero.

And there you have it. You learn how to battle a Moga as well as catching a Moga. So before you go into battle, here are some of my advice:

1) Don’t waste your Starseeds, Blue Coffee, HP Potions, and Fizzy Cola. It’s best to use them when necessary since those items are not easy to obtain. (I will discuss them later.) So limit yourself when using them.
2) If your Moga’s HP is low or knocked out, you can switch Moga by clicking another Moga from your team. A screen will pop up, asking if you're sure to switch.
3) Make sure you have friends. They are your ally to help damage the Moga as well as giving you free Whistles and Starseeds.
4) If your Moga runs out of attacks and you don’t want to use your items, you can run away from the battle. You will run into that same Moga again, so don’t worry about it. (However, if it’s an event Moga, then good luck trying to find it and capture it.)
5) Make sure you have lots of Starseeds, lots of luck, and LOTS OF PATIENCE. There will be battles where you will get frustrated, but it really depends on the luck and you need patience to stay come.
6) When hunting Moga Cards, it's best to hunt down those that are around your level (3 level less or more). You'll get more cards than battling those that are too low for your level.
7) If you have a Summon Moga and you want to capture Mogas, it's best to use those against high rarity Mogas such as Epic or Legendary. That way, you don't have to worry about critical attacks when lowering the HP as well as having your Mogas being healed from high damage attacks.

So have fun and battle out to gain EXP or Moga. And make sure you watch your Mogas' health. If not, then you will get an instant KO.

User Image
Monster Galaxy World

A world is a big place for us to travel and capture new Mogas. Below are the two maps available for us: Sunshire and Pueblonia.


User Image


User Image

On the map, you will see dots and trails. The dots are the locations where you will go and battle the Moga. The trails are the paths where you will travel from one spot to another. Those that aren’t connected are those that are not unlocked (I will explained later.)

On the left side where the dot begins is your Home. Your Home is the location where your Mogas stay and rest. So if you want to rest your Mogas, click the first dot on the map (it can be either Sunshire or Pueblonia.)

Before traveling to new area, you need to know the basic. Let’s take the top part of the image starting left.

Travel: On the top left corner with the picture of the world is where you can travel. It is also known as the Taxi Cat since the Taxi Cat takes you to new maps. Click the button and it will give you three choices to go: Home, Sunshire, Pueblonia, and two dungeons. (To unlock Pueblonia, you need to reach the end of Sunshire map and activate the Taxi Cat quest.)

User Image

Team: Next to Travel is your Team button, where you can change your Moga team (It can only work at Home. I will explain the team later). It is also called a Mogadex. . A Mogadex is a list of Mogas and their stats that you have captured, as well as those you haven’t catch. Those with their pictures shown are the Mogas you’ve captured while those that aren’t shown the ones you haven’t caught. The Mogas are placed in four categories: Basic, Advanced, Premium and Event, and Evolution. The categories are based by the order of obtaining the Mogas. (Basic: Black Gold quest, Advance: Not part of Black Gold quest, Premium and Event: Limited period of time when Moga are available, Evolution: Mogas that evolve from Mogas.) It is also in the order of the Zodiac in row and rarity by column.

Quest: Next to Team is your Quest button. It holds the list of quests you have along your journey, asking for your service to accomplish the missions. (I’ll explain about the quests later).

User Image

Collection: Next to the Quest is your Collection button. It holds your Moga Cards you've collected from battling Mogas and mastering the map locations. When having five cards of the same Zodiac-Rarity, you will be able to trade prize. Prizes will change from time to time so be sure to collect the prizes as much as possible. (See picture below)

User Image

PvP: Next to Collection is PvP. PvP means Player vs player. It's a min-game where you can battle against other Tamers and their Mogas. I'll explain more in the PvP post section later.

Whistle: In the center on left side is the number of Whistles you have collected.

Starseeds: Next to Blue Coffee is the number of Starseeds you’ve collected. Next to it is the timer. The timer gives you free Starseed after 8 hours is up.

Moga Cash: Next to the timer is number of Moga Cashes you have. The Moga Cash is the currency to buy Starseeds, Blue Coffees, and other items from a store called Sky Shop, whether it's your supply to help your battle or to decorate your Home. However, like Gaia Cash, you have to pay real money to get Moga Cash. Next to Moga Cash is the “Add” button to add up your Moga Cash in case you run low.

Option: On the right side is the option. This gives you the options to change the volume and resolution, as well as fullscreen, option to close Daily Prize, or Skip Intro. Here’s the picture below of what it looks like:

User Image

Sky Shop: Underneath Option is Sky Shop. This is the place where you can buy your items and Mogas by having Moga Cashes. There are four, sometimes five if there's a special offer, categories in the Sky Cat Shop:

+++Special Offer - This category will go in different name, but it is a special offer that is a Chance Item. It contains Mogas as well as items such as Starseeds and Blue Coffee. The price of the special offer is 15 Moga Cash and its sale lasts up to a month. However, don't be fool into thinking you will get all of the Mogas and item. As stated earlier, it's a Chance Item, meaning you will get ONE of the Mogas or items from that offer. So if you want the Mogas, make sure you have lots of Moga Cash and pray for luck to get them.
+++Items - This category is where you can get your items to replenish for your Moga Battle. Each item costs differently, depending what item you're buying: Starseed costs 10 Moga Cashes, Blue Coffee costs 10 Moga Cashes, and Whistle cost 2 Moga Cashes. There are HP Potions in there too. However, depending on the HP Potions, it arranges from 2 to 8 Moga Cashes. Fizzy Cola costs 5 Moga Cash. Double EXP costs 29 Moga Cashes.
+++Decorations - This category is where you can buy decorations for your Home. Depending on the decorations, it arranges from 2 to 30 Moga Cashes.
+++Summons - This category is where you can rent Summon Mogas to help you in your battle. Like the Double XP, they can last up to 15 battles. Price is vary, depending on what Summon you're buying.
+++Mogas - This category is where you can buy a Moga from the Sky Cat Shop to add into your collection. Each Moga costs differently, depending on the variety of the Moga. Although there are some Mogas you can get it from Collectible or in the wild.

User Image
Forming a Team

Before venturing out onto your adventure, it’s best to have a team. You can’t travel to new land and capture new Mogas without your team. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the same place forever. How to form a team?

The best way to form a team is to get more Mogas. And to get more Mogas, you need to capture them. So battle out some Mogas and use your Starseeds to capture them.

However, you can only have three Mogas on your team. So where does your Moga go if you have more than three? Your Mogas will be send Home.

So to get Home, just click the first dot on the map or the Travel Button.

User Image

And there you are. You are at Home. Before teaching you how to change team, you need to know about your Home.

Friends: On the bottom of the image is the list of friends. This is where you can visit your friends’ homes as well as collecting their Whistle and giving them Starseeds.

Whistle Tree: See that tree on the left side? That is your Whistle Tree, where you can collect your Whistle. If you have friends, you can go visit their home to collect them. Don’t worry about stealing. It can grow back. In addition, make sure you water your tree. To do that, just click on your tree and your tree is watered.

Harvester Cat: Who is that cat in the hat? Well, that cat is here to harvest your Whistles. This cat will appear your Home whenever your friend’s Whistle Tree grows Whistle. He will harvest your Whistles faster for the charge of 10 Star Coins. So if you’re too lazy going to your friends' Homes to collect Whistles, just pay him 10 Star Coins and he’ll harvest for you.

Storage: See that tree next to the pond with that door? That is your Storage. If you have too many Mogas roaming around and it’s crowding your place, then the Storage is a place for you to store them. Just pick the Mogas you don’t want roaming around and drag them through the door. Your storage will unlock when you have 20 or more Mogas. To take them out of Storage, click the door and drag the Moga you want out. You can also take them out when adding team.

Quest Icon: See the image of a person in the circular icon? That is your quest icon. It's a shortcut to your Quest page for you to check what quest you need to do and finish.

Ad: From time to time, you will get an ad or more showing up at either the top left corner or bottom right corner of the screen. It's to sponsor the new feature, sale offer, and sometimes give free items.

Skylar's Hidden Treasure: Sometimes, you will see a random chest sitting right next to your basket. That is Skylar's Hidden Treasure. It will give you random prizes for only 15 Star Coins like the screen below. But hurry up, there's a timer on the chest and when time's up, Skylar will try to hide his chest to another tamer's Home.

User Image

Not only will you find Skylar's Hidden Treasure lurking around, but you will run into Daily Deal too. Daily Deal is similar to Skylar's Hidden Treasure, but you will run into it once per day when logging into your game like this picture below.

User Image
((Will update a new picture when I have the time.))

What's this? You don't want to use Moga Cash to get the items? Well no need to worry about that. You can also get your items from your friends through the free gift system.

User Image

You can send gifts up to 50 to any of your friends. However, you can only receive 5 of the same item from your friends. So if you and your friends want more items, it's great to send gifts to each other.

Okay, now that you know what to do around Home. It’s time to change team.

First, go to your Home. It won’t work if you’re at your friend’s home or on the map.

Next, click the Team button (The Starseeds button next to the World button on top left.) and you will get this:

User Image

On the bottom where there are three Mogas below, click the “X” button on the Moga you don’t want on your team.

Now, click the Moga you want to use (See image below) on your team. If you can't find your Moga on one page, it may be on another page, so click the category on the left side to go to another page.

User Image

On the bottom of the description, click the button that says “Add to Team.”

And there you have it. You’ve changed your team. Now that you’ve know how to change, let’s teach you how to put your Mogas to rest after battling out.

How to rest your Moga

1) Go to your Home.
2) Click on the Moga you want to rest.
3) It will give you an option of rest (Zzz/Bed Button) or heal (Blue Coffee).
4) Click the sleep button and your Moga will go to sleep.

Here’s a tip you need to know. The higher your Moga’s level is, the longer your Moga will sleep. For each level, it will add up from 2 minutes (low level) to ten minutes (higher than level 10).

And if your Moga is still in full health, but runs out of attack, you can use your items too through the Mogadex. Just click the Team tab, select the image of the Moga you want to heal, and click Item on the bottom center button on the right side. You will get an image like this:

User Image

In addition, not only can you heal your Mogas, but you can also rename your Moga too. See the little star dangling on your Moga's name in the stat? That star is an item called Moga Tag. This item allows you to rename your Moga (whether it's a default name or a name you don't like). You can find it at the Sky Cat Shop for 15 Moga Cash or get it from the free gift.
Daily Prize/How to Obtain Moga Cash

Like in Gaia and Pokemon, there is an item for you to obtain everyday. In order for you to obtain the Daily Prize, you need to make an email configuration with the Monster Galaxy. However, unlike Gaia and Pokemon, there is a 24 time limit, meaning you have to wait 24 hours or later before obtaining it.

For example, if you claim your prize at 3 pm, this mean you have to claim your prize tomorrow at 3pm or later to obtain it. You won’t get your prize before 3pm since it’s not over 24 hours.

For New Moga Tamers who haven’t know about Daily Prize, click “Daily Prize” on the top right above the screen and allow the Monster Galaxy to have your permission to the email configuration. By tomorrow, check your email account and you will get an email of Daily Prize from Monster Galaxy like this below:

User Image

So what's in the Mystery Box? Inside, you will find items. It can be Blue Coffee, Whistle, or Starseeds. (However, it seems to be giving only Starseeds now.) In fact, it can give you more than one of the same item.

Since Monster Galaxy keeps changing the system of Daily Prize, here’s a method of how to obtain the Daily Prize.

1) Make three separate tabs: One for GaiaOnline, One for Facebook, and one for your email account.
2) Go to GaiaOnline and Facebook to log in. Make sure that both GaiaOnline and Facebook are sharing the same email address. If they aren’t, then you need to change one email address to match the other.
3) Once you log both GaiaOnline and Facebook, go to your email account.
4) Open your email from Monster Galaxy and click “Claim Mystery Box.”
5) You will be transporting to a new page. Click “Claim Mystery Box” on the left side. If you get a message says “You need to log into Gaia,” it means you’re not following the progress.
6) After claiming it, you will receive your prize. Remember, make sure you get your prize on the same time you receive your email or later. If you don't, you will have a Mystery Box with a timer on it.

If you have followed the procedure, but you are unable to obtain your prize, it can be a glitch. To report a glitch, you need to contact the developers by clicking this below:

Monster Galaxy Support Page.

Due to the Free Gift button taking over the Daily Prize button, I placed the Daily Prize page link for those who want it. Click below.

Daily Prize

Moga Cash

Want to get Premium Mogas and items, but don't have enough Moga Cash and you don't want to use your money to buy Moga Cash? Well, have no fear. There's another way to obtain Moga Cash without using your money.

Before I can explain how to obtain, I have to inform you that you can only obtain them through GaiaOnline. In the past, Facebook had another system to help people obtain Moga Cash without paying. However, they had removed the option to give us free credits. I will admit that you will see ads about free Facebook Credits, but they are mostly spams. So if you see one, be very cautious. Now then, onto obtaining the free Moga Cash.

The way to obtain Moga Cash is to convert a different currency called Gaia Cash. I will explain how to convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash later. But how to obtain Gaia Cash? Well, here's how I will explain. There are three ways to obtain Gaia Cash, starting from the easy to the hard part.

The first one is called Gaia Cash Tree like this picture below:

User Image

You can find this little tree at the top of your header at GaiaOnline everyday. All you have to do is click on the little tree and watch the video until you've received a message stating that you've obtain your Gaia Cash. You can only obtain your Gaia Cash up to ten times. That's 10 Gaia Cash per day.

The second is the Gaia Cash System. The Gaia Cash System is a page that gives you options of how to obtain Gaia Cash. However, we're learning how to obtain free Gaia Cash, so follow these steps.

First, click the button "Refill" at the top right corner of your Gaia account like the picture below:

User Image

You will be sent to another page where it gives you options of how to obtain your Gaia Cash. Click "Earn Gaia Cash" on the right side of the page. You will later be sent to another page where it will give you lots of offers. Although the offers will give you lots of Gaia Cash, you need to be EXTREMELY careful.

There are some offers that will ask you for your information such as your mailing address or your credit card information. There are others that will ask you to purchase or register their websites if you want to obtain Gaia Cash. But most extremely important to be careful are the downloadable offers. There are some downloadable offers that have virus and spyware bots. In addition, there are some offers that don't give you Gaia Cash, even when completing it. There are some that will take time before you obtain your Gaia Cash. So if you've asked my opinion, I say the best choice of offers will be the videos. Even though the videos have small credits, they are the safest and easiest to obtain among the offers. So if you're doing this second option, be very careful of what you're clicking.

The third and last option to obtain is the ads. No matter where you're surfing in GaiaOnline, you will see ads everywhere. However, there are some ads that give you Gaia Cash. Like the second option, you need to be very careful about these ads. You will never know if you have to give your information, buy an item, or download a software (along with virus) in order to obtain Gaia Cash. However, there are some ads that have Gaia Cash videos. Those video ads are safe to be click. Unfortunately, they are very hard to be found since ads pop up randomly throughout GaiaOnline. It's not easy to find them since we tend to overlook or don't bother looking at them when we're surfing through GaiaOnline.

Now that you've known how to obtain Gaia Cash, it's time to teach you how to convert them.

How to convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash

In order to convert, you need to log into GaiaOnline.

1) When logging in GaiaOnline, play Monster Galaxy.
>>>>>> A) On the header, hover your mouse to Game and click "Play Monster Galaxy."
>>>>>> B) Go to Monster Galaxy forum. At the top of the forum, click the button "Play Monster Galaxy."
2) A pop up window will appear. That is your Monster Galaxy window page. Be sure that your Facebook is logged on or else you will need to put in your Facebook screenname and password.
3) Once you're logged into Monster Galaxy, click "Add" next to your Moga Cash.
4) A small window in the game will pop up, giving you a list of Moga Cash. This is where you can convert your Gaia Cash into Moga Cash. Click the button that says "Convert" and you will have your Moga Cash.

And there you have it. Now you know how to convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash. However, be sure you have 160 Gaia Cash or more, since 160 Gaia Cash is the lowest amount to convert into 20 Moga Cash. It may take forever to obtain the Gaia Cash, but don't worry. GaiaOnline brings lots of new offers in for you to obtain your free Gaia Cash. So if you want to get them, save your Gaia Cash to convert into Moga Cash. And if you want to get it quicker but want to stay on the safe side, just do like I did. Have mule accounts to back you up. That's how I've obtained free Gaia Cash quicker.
Rarity and Success Rate

Like in the game of Pokemon, the purpose of the game is to collect all Mogas. You travel to certain places, battle the Mogas, and capturing them. So what’s the difference between Pokemon and Monster Galaxy?

Unlike Pokemon, you have Mogas who are Rare or above that make more than rare appearance (whereas very few Common Mogas are hard to find such as Teef.)

There are seven types of rarity for the Mogas: starting from the Training/Beginner to Beyond Epic (Legendary). The status of the rarity does not depend on how great the Mogas are or how many appearance do Mogas appear, but by how hard they are to be captured. Training/Beginner are very easy to catch while Beyond Epic are very hard to get.

So how do you tell the Moga’s rarity?

There are two ways to tell the Moga’s rarity. One is your Mogadex. Not only does your Mogadex show which Mogas are in the Zodiac, but they are also in order by their rarity in columns and in color code. From the left to right by columns, is the order of rarity. So the left side is Training/Beginning while the right side is Beyond Epic.

Another way to tell a Moga’s rarity is the success rate of catching. When you’re in a battle against a Moga, your success rate shows you the percentage of how big or low your chance are to capture a Moga. Here’s a list of how the success rate goes with rarity:

Training: 100%
Beginner: 98%
Common: 59%
Uncommon: 39%
Rare: 29%
Super Rare: 19%
Epic: 9%
Beyond Epic: 4%

So curious how rare the Moga you’re after is? Below is the list of Mogas and their rarity. If you like to know where to hunt them, check out our Moga Tamer, Shish Kabobious's link along with update about new Mogas.

Training/Beginner: Vuvu, Beefee, Wasabee, Crabao, Alyx, Barnetta, Willo, Nar, Dinho, Lambo (Heart), Lepus๏, Coldbear๏, Minnin, Weeplet, Clovey๏, Edgar๏,

Common: Munyu, Boogaleef, Roarstache, Peascorp, Trolos, Colibri, Owlreed, Anee, Zomoo, Chamepo, Siri, A.C., Bandito๏, Arion๏,

Uncommon: Mimple, Booly, Pearfyx, Gogh, Skuzy, Turtlenie, Tutu, Chuuchilla, Ikki, Catchulu, Pwee, Titus, Faust, Pigloo, Knightaur, Meh, Eefree, Starpops, Jag, Blix, Radiojack, Smok, Sno*, Umbranine, Huey, Ibex, Tauron, Tigon*, Hammerdog, Meka*, Jor, Nebugon, Marcuu, Weero, Yugure, Mars, Leviathan, Twister, Golerph, Crabone, Chiberus, Gryph, Leif, Lira, Pengoo, Nightmare, Yoake*, Fenix, Creamaranian*, Ant, Scud๏, Olerkᴥ, Goatsabeeᴥ, Phantarᴥ, Yugelᴥ, Tambo¤, Shellack¤, Warplet¤, Bristol¤, Mantra¤, Glab¤, Groot¤, Ronalᴥ, Toroᴥ, Thornᴥ, Broloᴥ,

Rare: Paul, Brineep, Tippy, Electrotter, Tenpac, Chanho, Nomy, Buffant, Anboo, Alejandro, Hakka, Capriccino*, Gnarwhale¤, Devibun๏, Kittenstar๏, Vangelis, Stareaver*, Glowbug, Firefox, Ie*, Flam๏, Chuuzillaᴥ, Shadowstarᴥ, Hell Mongrelᴥ, Chell¤, Target¤, Piglore¤, Pugup¤, Kebaba¤, Fassbender¤, Mousemallow¤, Chezvice¤, Boxer¤, Peejay¤, Crescent Flesh¤, Claude¤, Mojito¤, Harayama¤, Blackfang¤, Velvia¤, Cherlampeter¤, Aniniᴥ, Alleauxᴥ, Knives๏, Stegoᴥ, Cloydᴥ, Sheriffᴥ, Bhinoᴥ, Ellaᴥ, Allegroᴥ, Lungsᴥ, Albionᴥ, Bockᴥ, Grimmace๏, Dumbooctoᴥ, Ozakeᴥ, Bockᴥ, Volpeoᴥ, Minotaurᴥ, Kirinᴥ, Cherubis๏, Bureti๏, Rumbeardᴥ, Horusᴥ, Bunyobomb๏, Rosette๏,

Super Rare: Woolf, Staryak, Sweetish, Yara, Messi, Melodee, Zeppelin, Icevia, Unitaur, Teef, Pudgie, Syrene, Sandburrow¤, Southpaw¤, Vesper¤, Mushi¤, Martini¤, Mona๏, Friedrich๏, Beaster๏, Prototype Zero๏, Metalear๏, Dirge, Target*, Argos, Fishleg*, Knine๏, Unigonᴥ, Swirlicornᴥ, Meanoᴥ,Sagithor*, Elque¤, Axeberry¤, Raj¤, Nox¤, Barong¤, Darcy¤, Wastrel¤, Pulpoᴥ, Gnarknightᴥ, Yukiᴥ, Spwinderᴥ, Trufflefantᴥ, Kysebokᴥ, Gladiocerosᴥ, Goconᴥ, Edgehog*, Wardenᴥ, Rooneyᴥ, Centurianᴥ, Gremlinᴥ, Poxᴥ, Dark Gryph๏, Garudaᴥ, Jackroseᴥ, Sagithorᴥ, Wrentch๏,

Epic: War Lepus๏, Lumo, Pluksop, Coyotl, Orbz, Zeit, Cactoo, Winja, Scorpius*, Tiano, Lainedeer๏, Paroot, Shen, Rainburn๏, Bamf¤, Jackalope๏, Ravenous, Kurogane, Azure๏, Bladewing๏, Eon๏, Jet๏, Dead Heatᴥ๏, Mogan¤, Juggernautᴥ๏, Frostfangᴥ๏, Saphirz๏, Powerbear๏, Mimpiᴥ, Vampiron๏, Reaperᴥ๏, Basiliskᴥ๏, Birdrodent, Spartacusᴥ, Bunglonᴥ, Scenewolfᴥ, Beartrapᴥ, Eclipseᴥ,

Beyond Epic (Legendary): Azurel, Peepee, Spike, Diabao, Burger, Leon, Tama, Waidio*ᴥ, Weatar๏, Hanzo*, Plasmians, Momo, Black Gold (can only be caught in quest), Seraph๏, Plasmadonᴥ, Igneonᴥ, Basontᴥ๏, Ariadneᴥ, Crystagonᴥ, Shadowstrikeᴥ, Rock Lobsterᴥ, Deelishᴥ, Hattoriᴥ, Tawakan*, Dewdevilᴥ, Hellhound๏, Havoc๏, Dark Seraph๏, North Kittenstar๏,

Galactic: Valgoreᴥ๏, Zerkᴥ๏, Gravediggerᴥ๏, Soulcleaverᴥ๏, Archaeonᴥ๏, Carnageᴥ๏, Mercykillerᴥ๏,

Out of Mogadex: Claus (used as Summoned Moga), Dexter (used as Summoned Moga)

* = Not available in maps.
๏ = Limited period of time.
¤ = Can be traded for Mogas Cards.
◊ = Can be found in active quests.
ᴥ = Need two or self-evolved Moga(s) and an Evolution Potion to create.

The “ next to Gryph’s name means you can only get it through Daily Price/email after making email confirmation with Monster Galaxy about the Daily Prize. If you haven’t receive your Gryph, contact the developers about haven’t receiving your Gryph email.

While traveling to different places, you will come across an NPC, asking for your help. They will give you a quest to do certain task for them. And once you complete the quest, they will give you the reward. Most of the quests give you either one Blue Coffee or Starseed while very few give out both Blue Coffee and Starseed or more. Here’s a list of quests while you’re traveling.

If you’re unsure what your quests are, click the Quest button that has a picture of a cat and you will see your quests.

Quest Title Activate the Quest - ((Description of the Quest))

Find Nova Tutorial – You need to find Nova (first NPC you’ve met). Go to East Summer Road.

Capture Beefee East Summer Road - Nova asks you to capture a Moga named Beefee to be added into your team. Go to West Summer Road and capture Beefee.

Help Out West Summer Road - Nova informs you that there’s someone (Lyle) who needs your help. Go to Summer Field.

Get Gertrude’s Chocolates Summer Field – Lyle’s chocolates for his girlfriend got stolen and needs you to get it back (He’s too afraid to get stung again.) Go to Warmwood Trail and hunt down Wasabee.

Defeat Owlreed Warmwood Trail – Nova needs your assistance to get rid of Owlreed who is guarding the forest. Go to Shadowmire Edge and defeat Owlreed (Need to be level 3 or higher to fight.)

Find the Soldier Shadowmire Edge – Nova informs you that she’s sending you to someone (Pierce) who can use your assistance. Go to Darkwood Vault.

Care Package Miasma Depths – Lyle needs your help to deliver a package to his girlfriend. Travel to Windhym and go to Gertrude’s House. (You don’t need to go immediately. Just take your time before reaching there.)

Kill 5 Trolos Darkwood Vault - Pierce orders you to kill 5 Trolos to prove your strength. Show him how tough you are. Kill 5 Trolos between Miasma Depths and Darkwood Vault.

Find the Shady Tamer Completing Killing 5 Trolos – Pierce asks you to check up on a person (Skylar) since he doesn’t trust the person. Head to Trollworthy Bridge.

Light Shellstone Lighthouse Shellstone Lighthouse – The lighthouse keeper needs your help to bring the Starlight or else boats will be crushed. Hunt down the Twister between Sandswirl Shrubwalk and Sandswirl Tidal Pool until they drop Starlight.

Purple Pincers Swirly Pier – A tribal woman wants you to bring Purple Pincers for her ingredients. Collect 15* Purple Pincers from Crabaos between Light Shellstone Lighthouse and Sandswirl Beach. ((*Warning: Number of collecting Purple Pincers may change vary.*))

Defeat Sheepguy Spiral Path – Sheepguy won’t let you walk pass him. Defeat his Moga, Munyu.

Incriminating Photos Completing Defeat Sheepguy – Sheepguy needs your assistance to bring back “incriminating” pictures that may ruin his reputation. Defeat Woolf at Spiral Cave.

Poetry in Motion Heavenly Green Cemetery – Poe needs your help to deliver his poetry to his beloved Lenore, but is unable to go because of a Moga terrifying him. Defeat Winja at Thornwood (However, if you want a Winja, this is your chance to capture it. Need to be level 13 or higher to enter.)

Windhym Welcome Gates of Wyndhym – A soldier informs you to go listen to the Mayor’s speech if you want to figure out what causes the earthquake. Go to Wyndhym Town Square.

Find CORTEX Wyndhym Town Square – The Mayor believes that the problem is caused in Cortex and wants you to find it. Cortex can be found in Cortex Shell at Pueblonia Map, so no need to hurry.

Meaning of Friendship Gertrude's House - Gertrude wants you to find the crystal to impress your friendship with her. Go to Spiral Cave and defeat the Nar to get the crystal.

Bruno’s Beast Windhym Southshire – Your friend, Bruno informs you that there’s a beast blocking your path and needs your help to capture him. Go to Southshire Bridge and capture him.

Defeat Leonard Madbeetch Rapids – Leonard thinks you’re not really strong. Prove him how wrong he is.

Find Bruno Titans Staircase – Lumbard informs you that your friend has taken the raft down the dangerous river and worries about his safety. Find your friend at Otto’s House at Pueblonia by taking the Taxi Cat. (Taxi Cat can be located by clicking the Travel button on top left corner.)

Save Bruno Otto’s House – Your friend is unconscious and the leader of the Otto tribe need you to find an Electrotter to revive him. Go to Electrotter Sound to find it. (Whether you catch it or defeat it, the story still continues.)

Find Sandman Completing Save Bruno – The leader of the Otto tribe needs your help to find Sandman and tell him to stop attacking him. Sandman can be found at Fingerland Point.

Defeat Sandman Fingerland Point – Looks like Sandman refuses to listen to you. Guess you have to make him listen to you by fighting. Defeat Sandman.

Family Jewels Completing Defeat Sandman – Sandman explains his reason for attacking and needs your help to bring back his family jewels since he can’t survive in the desert. Fight the Mogas and collect 3 jewels between Portal o’ Ruins and Sitnalta Field.

Souper Saver Completing Family Jewels – Sandman thanks you for bringing the family jewels back and wants to serve you a meal as an reward. However, he needs a special pot in order to make a grand meal. Defeat the Mogas between Sinatla Plaza and Biting Coast.

Capture Chamepo Surf City – Rip the Surfer needs your help to find him a Moga as his surfboard. But to do that, you need a Chamepo since the Moga loves to eat Chamepo. Find Chamepo and capture it at Talonsweep Point.

Capture Hammerdog Completing Capture Chamepo – Now that you have the bait, it’s time to lure in the Moga. Find Hammerdog and capture it at Biting Coast.

The Princess and the Purse Rouges Rendezvous – A “princess” needs your assistance to bring back her purse. Defeat a Moga at Sandsink.

Find the Thief Completing Princess and the Purse – You’ve discovered that your wallet is stolen. It looks like that Princess is not really a princess. Go back to Rouges Rendezvous and confront her by fighting.

Lost Treasure Completing Find the Thief – The thief informs you that she’s looking for the treasure and needs your help to find it. Defeat the Mogas between Rogues Rendezvous and Sandtown and collect 1 treasure chest. (Rune Dunes is the easiest to obtain the treasures.)

Save the Kitty Sandtown – A girl needs your help to rescue her kitty. Go to Lobster Tornado and defeat a Moga.

The First Guard Pueblonia City Gates – Nova dislikes how the Prince behaves and wants you to teach the Prince a lesson by first defeating his guards. Go to Parapets Dawn to defeat the first guard.

The Second Guard Completing First Guard – The first Guard lets you pass and warns you about the second guard. Defeat the second guard at Prince’s Patch.

Defeat the Sultan Completing Second Guard – The second Guard lets you pass and warns you about unable to defeat the Prince. Go to the Royal Battledome and defeat the Prince.

Impress the Tough Guys Dungeness Dock – The Retired Soldiers think you’re not strong. Prove them wrong by defeating them.

Crab Dinner Completing Impress the Tough Guys – The Retired Soldiers need you to collect 5 crablegs for dinner. Defeat the Crabones and collect 5 crablegs at Dungeness Dock.

Dungeness Showdown Completing Crab Dinner – The Retired Soldiers are impressed with your skill and think that having Azurel on your team will improve. Capture Azurel at Dungeness Dock. (You don’t need to worry about accidentally killing it since the quest involves you catching it.)

Brain Candy Swirly Dump – The Cortex Scientists are hungry and needs you to bring them food since they can’t leave the area (due to their work) and will give you information about the earthquakes. Defeat the Mogas between Pueblonia City Gates and Super Bazaar and collect 5 candy bars. Some Mogas will not give you candies. (Radiojack seems to give the candy the most.)

Bog Cleanup Marshamarsha Marsh – Pierce need your assistance to capture a Moga from terrorizing the citizens. He thinks having the Moga will make a great addition to your team. Go to Rankwallow and capture Shen. (You don’t need to worry about accidentally kill since the quest involves you capturing it.)

Talk to Pierce Completing Bog Cleanup – Pierce is impressed of your work and has a favor to ask you. However, he has other jobs to do so he needs you to meet him up at a certain place. Go to Lazuli Grove to talk to him.
Event/Monthly Chance/Active Quests

These are the quests that aren't related to the storyplot, Black Gold quest, and Dungeons.

Event Quests

These quests will be given to you automatically during the holiday event. However, the event quest lasts about two months. The Mogas can be found everywhere on the maps.

Find Coldbear Christmas Event – Capture Coldbear.

Find Lainedeer Chirstmas Event – Capture Lainedeer.

Capture Lepus Chinese New Year Event – Capture Lepus.

Capture War Lepus Chinese New Year Event – Capture War Lepus.

Turn the Tides Chinese New Year Event – Defeat the Lepus and collect 5 Lepus Foot.

Investigate the Rainbow St. Patrick's Event - A rainbow appears in Darkwood and the Sky Cats need you to investigate. Head to Darkwood and have a 3 vs 3 Moga fight. (It's useless to capture since this is a team battle and the percentage is -1%)

Catch a Clovey St. Patrick's Event - Capture Clovey at Mega Hole.

Catch a Rainburn St. Patrick's Event - Capture the Rainburn.

Collect 15 Eggs Easter Event - Defeat the Robo-bunnies to collect Easter Eggs. You can also collect eggs from your friends' posts.

Capture Devibun Easter Event - Capture Devibun at Mega Hole after collecting 15 eggs.

Collect 100 Eggs Easter Event - Defeat Robo-bunnies to collect Easter Eggs. You can collect eggs from your friends' posts too.

Capture Jackolope Easter Event - Capture Jackolope at Spiral Cave after 100 eggs.

A Pile of Beans - Collect 10 coffee beans from your friends to create Double XP Potion.

Get Flowers from Victoria Mother's Day - Go to Windhym Flowerpit and have a team battle to get those flowers.

Talk to Poe Mother's Day - Talk to Poe at Heavenly Greens Cemetery.

Beat those Meddlesome Mogas Mother's Day - Poe is worried about his Lenore. Go to Rue Morgue and have a team battle.

Capture Faust Mother's Day - Find Faust at Trollworthy Bridge and capture it.

Capture Scud July 4th- Find Scud and capture it.

Capture Bladewing July 4th- Find Bladewing and capture it.

Pumpkin Hunt Week 1 Halloween - Fredric needs 15 pumpkins. Battle the Halloween team (Zomoo, Raj, and Powerbear) to get pumpkins or click your friend's posts to get it.

Capture Powerbear Halloween - Find Powerbear and capture it.

Pumpkin Hunt Week Part 2 Halloween - Help Fredric again by finding 15 pumpkins for the souls to cross over.

Capture Vampiron Halloween - Vampiron is sucking the Moga's lives away. Capture Vampiron before it steals another Moga's life.

Visit the Mayor Celestial Festival - The Mayor of Windhym needs your help to decorate the Celestial Festival. Go to Windhym Town Square to meet him.

Celestial Coats Celestial Festival - Something must have happened to Sheepguy when he's supposed to show up. Head to Spiral Path to see what's happened.

Find the Wool Celestial Festival - A thief has stolen a shipment of wool and left a cryptic message. Find the Moga (Woolf) and capture it.

Festival Trees Celestial Festival - Looks like the thief is not done with you. Head to Lombard's Rafting Inc and see what Lombard did with the trees.

Find the Trees Celestial Festival - It looks like the thief left a message for you. Figure out the message of what it means (Shadowmire Edge) and head there to find it.

Festival Lights Celestial Festival - Mia is having trouble setting up the lights. Go to Shellstone Lighthouse and help her.

Capture a Yeti Celestial Festival - A Moga named Bureti stole the light. Capture one and find out what happened to the lights.

The Yeti Pack Celestial Festival - The thief left another message for you. Decipher the message (Cydonia Castle) and head to the location to get the lights (5x).

Find the Mayor Celestial Festival - Uh oh, the Mayor has been kidnapped. Decipher the last message (Thornwood) and go there to confront the culprit.

The Cryptographer Celestial Festival - Poe has gone mad. Head to Heavenly Green Cemetery and defeat Poe and his team.

Monthly Chance Quest

These quests are advertise of the new Mogas being released in the game. However, these quests only last for limited period of time.

Valgores Challenge - Find the Valgore team and defeat them.

Defeat the Wild Blades - Find the Wild Blades team and defeat them.

Grimm Trio - Find the Grave Diggers and defeat them.

Double Trouble - The Reapers are causing trouble. Find them and defeat them.

Soulcleaver - Soulcleaver is terrorizing the Mogas. Find Soulcleaver and defeat it in team battle.

Archaeon's Team - Battle the Celestial dragons to see the stars.

Active Quest

These quests are similar to event quests. However, the difference is that they will stay permanent than the event quests, but not relate to the storyplot quest

Tame Hanzo - Head to Cortex Shell and capture ten Hanzos. Careful, Hanzo only appears when it wants.

Evolution Battle - Three Mogas have evolved. Go and find them to battle out.

Escaped Mogas Round # - Mogas are escaping from the Sky Shop. Battle the team to take them back to the Sky Shop.

Mastering the Map - Go to any area to level up the map and you will get various prizes. ((Not only does defeating them counts as a point, but so does capturing Moga.))
Novice = Level 1 = 3 battles = various items
Cadet = Level 2 = 7 battles = Cadet Collectible Card
Master = Level 3 = 40 battles = Master Collectible Card

Mogapocalypse Part 1 Arion Quest:
- Quest 1 | Deal With The Devil: Head over to Wind Garden to shut down that portal!
+++++Team Battle: Sagithor, Mona and Soulcleaver.
- Quest 2 | Capture Arion: One Arion is still loose in Sunshire's wild. Find and capture him.

Meka Quest:
- Quest 1 | Down in a Hole: Get down to Mega Hole to shut down the next portal.
+++++Team Battle: Kurogane, Eon and Zerk.
- Quest 2 | Capture Meka.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Forest Fire -The forest is in fire, go to Shadowmire Bulwark to find out what is the cause.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Capture Bunyobomb - Looks like we discover who caused the forest fire. Capture that culprit.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Worth a Dam - Seems something is wrong with the dam. Head over to Spiral Road to find out.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Hot Dam - Head over to Windhym Roadway.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 On the Loose - Carange and Mercykiller are out there somewhere. Find and defeat them.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Capture Birdrodent - Look for Birdrodent in the wild.
Collection and Black Gold Quest

This quest is automatic once you log in to your Monster Galaxy. You will meet Nova and she informs you that you are starting your collection of Mogas. And the more Mogas you capture, the closer you are to capture a Moga called Black Gold (see image below). So if you're new in the game, I suggest you don't catch any Mogas that are in sight of yours. That way, you can avoid catching the same Moga when a quest pops up.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

So not only are you hunting down Mogas Nova asks you to capture, but you are also hunting down Black Gold, one of the Ancient Gods. biggrin

For each Moga you've captured, you will be rewarded too. So far, the rewards are repeated after Reward number 4. Here is the order it goes:

Reward 1: 5 Whistles (old reward: 1 Starseed)
Reward 2: 1 100HP Potion (old reward: 1 Blue Coffee)
Reward 3: 1 100HP Potion (old reward: 1 Starseed)
Reward 4: 1 Starseed (old reward: 5 Whistles)
Reward 5: Repeat the steps, starting Reward 1

Below is the list of Mogas you have to capture that Nova requests you and to add into your collection. There are 75 Mogas in total you need to capture. Thanks to saved2serve, Melanie ******* (Facebook screenname protection), Jay ********* (Facebook screenname protection), and Guliana ********* (Facebook screenname protection) for participating the Black Gold quest and listing down the Mogas.

Rarity color code: Training/Beginner, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary

1) Lambo
2) Dinho
3) Wasabee
4) Chuuchilla
5) Munnin
6) Alyx
7) Nar
8 ) Colibri
9) A.C.
10) Trolo
11) Peascorp
12) Owlreed
13) Munyu
14) Meh
15) Leif
16) Mimple
17) Messi
18 ) Siri
19) Barnetta
20) Nomy
21) Starpops
22) Melodee
23) Crabao
24) Weeplet
25) Anee
26) Boogaleef
27) Leviathan
28 ) Staryak
29) Booly (Hunt Booly at Gates of Windhym if you don't want to battle with Victoria.)
30) Pudgy
31) Smok
32) Peafyx
33) Turtlenie (If you have Find Cortex quest, I suggest you find Turtlenie at Shadowmire Bulwark, Miasma Depth, and Gates of Windhym. The Find Cortex quest will block you to hunt at Windhym Town Square)
34) Yara
35) Twister
36) Eefree
37) Vuvu
38 ) Zomoo
39) Hakka
40) Yugure
41) Willo
42) Jor
43) Cathulu
44) Electrotter (If you're a new player and on storymode quest, I suggest you wait till you have Save Bruno quest. The Save Bruno will request you to capture Electrotter.)
45) Woolf
46) Marcuu
47) Chanho
48 ) Zeppelin
49) Lira
50) Blix
51) Weero
52) Unitaur
53) Ikki
54) Cactoo (EPIC)
55) Mars
56) Jag
57) Pengoo
58 ) Syrene
59) Roarstache
60) Crabone
61) Buffant
62) Knightaur
63) Radiojack
64) Nightmare
65) Titus
66) Alejandro
67) Sweetish
68 ) Orbz (EPIC)
69) Tiano (EPIC)
70) Skuzy
71) Umbranine
72) Zeit (EPIC)
73) Tippy
74) Tauron
75) BLACK GOLD!!!!!

Due to the level balance that the developer have set, it makes the quest difficult to capture the Mogas. The only option you can do is either level your Moga to be the same level at the one you're catching or use the Master Starseed.

Locations of where to find Mogas are still the same. You don't have to follow the location Nova has given you to find the Moga. For example: Nova asks you to capture a Moga at let's say Windhym TownSquare but it's impossible due to the cutscene. Well, it's better to hunt down Mogas at different locations that they are well known to find. Use this spreadsheet to help you find other locations in case you are unable to battle.

So remember, collect them all. biggrin

For those who have already captured Mogas before Nova requests the same Moga and wishes to get rid of the extra, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so. The quest won't accept the Mogas you've captured before the given quest. Here's an explanation of why the quest won't auto-accept the Moga you've captured from the developers:

Monster Galaxy Developers
Thanks for contacting us! We'll be happy to help out! Nova understands that you may have already captured some of the Moga on her list, but you can think of this quest like taking your Final Exams in school. While you may have already solved a problem earlier in the year, you have to prove to the teacher you still know how to do it. The same goes here with the quests Nova gives out on your way to capture Black Gold. Each Moga you capture shows her your skills and your ability to be the best Moga Ranger ever!

The quests to capture Black Gold are completely optional. They won't prevent you from advancing in the game. If you want to be able to capture Black Gold then do the quests, if you aren't interested then just ignore the quest. That being said, you will be very happy you have these additional Moga, because in the future, the ultimate key to success and unlocking the best and most special secrets in the game will rely on having multiple Moga, and combing your multiple Mogas in new and amazing ways.

This quest line is a real test of your proficiency directing your Moga and managing your team to the best of your ability. Die-hard Moga Rangers will take this as a challenge to show off her skills. Moga Collectors might run across some of the Moga they haven't run into before and have a new chance to capture them!

So in other words, your Mogas you've captured before is unacceptable to the "Final Exam" of becoming "Moga Master" because they are "study guides." However, be "happy" of capturing multiple Mogas because in the future, you will see a feature that will give you "Special secret."

Need to get rid of the extra Moga that you’ve captured from the Black Gold quest? Or want your Moga to evolve into a better and stronger Moga like the one in Pokemon?

Well, we have a solution to help out that predicament. It’s an item called Evolution Potion. This potion allows you to help create a new Moga by using the number of the same Moga. You can get it from your friend through Free Gift system or from the Sky Cat Shop for 5 Moga Cash. But how to do it? Well, here is the step to teach you how to evolve your Moga as well as how does the Evolution Potion work.

The first thing you need to do is have the certain amount of the same Moga. To find out how many you need to have, check your Mogadex. In the Mogadex, you will notice the word “Evolve” on some of the Mogas. This mean that your Moga can evolve. However, there is a color code for each evolution.

Evolve = If the evolve is green, this means you can evolve your Moga into another Moga.
Evolve = IF the evolve is blue, this means that the Moga has already evolved and cannot be evolved again.

Now select the Moga you want to evolve. When you click a picture, you will notice a small picture of a Moga at the bottom right corner of the stats; that is where your Moga is evolves to or from. Below your Moga picture on the left, you will see the Evolution Potion along with the button says “Show Evolution.” Click that button.

User Image

Like the Item button, you will see a new page that has a number of Mogas you’ve captured. At the top, it will tell you how many Mogas you need to evolve. If you don’t have enough Mogas, you need to go hunt the same Mogas until you have enough. In addition, the number of Mogas and Potions depend on the rarity of the Mogas.

User Image

When you have enough Mogas, select the Mogas you want to evolve. A bold white line around the Moga means you’ve selected the Moga. If you have one extra or more than the number the evolution setting is ask, it's useless to select which Mogas you want to evolve. It will automatically evolve by the level of the Mogas, starting from lowest to highest, leaving you with the highest level Moga. [EDIT: I've been informed that someone has the opposite when evolving the Moga. I'll PM the developer to explain how the evolution setting works.] However, if you don't want your Moga to be "sacrifice" for the evolution, you can save it by putting it in your team slot. But there is may be a chance it will be sacrificed due to the glitch. After selecting the Mogas, click the same button on the left to evolve.

User Image

Once your Moga evolves, you will no longer see the Evolution Potion and the button anymore. However, you will see the image of the Moga they have evolved from.

So if you like to know which Mogas evolve and how many, click the link below for the list of Evolution Mogas by tamer Shish Kabobious:

List of Evolution Mogas

What’s this? You want to know how this Evolution works? Well, here are some FAQ about the Evolution Potion. These answers were given by the Monster Galaxy developers.If you don't see the question below, you can ask me. Although I'm not the GM, I'll try my best to answer you.

If I use # Mogas with # different levels, will the Moga get the highest level or somewhere in between?
MG developers
These are all things I/we have thought about. The level will be done by averaging the XP of the combined instances and assigning the level associated with that amount of XP. So, the resulting instance will likely be lower than the highest level instance used. This is because otherwise you would level up one instance and then combine it with ultra low level instances and still have the same result as someone who had leveled up multiple instances. That doesn't seem right.

As you can see, your Moga’s level depends on the amount of XP your Mogas have. Here’s an example:

Let’s say I want a Goatsabee, but I only have 1 level 8 Wasabee and level 9 with XP. So I go out and captured a level 20 Wasabee with no XP. I evolved them together and get a level 14 Goatsabee.

level 20 + level 9 + level 8 + 1 Evolution Potion = level 14

So why is it that my new Moga is level 14 instead of the highest level? Because it's based by the amount of XP my two low level Mogas have. Since the level 20 has no XP while the other two do, it combine the amount of XP together and then average out the level of the Moga.

If I evolve my Moga, will the rarity be the same?
MG developers
The rarities of evolutions will be higher than their base Moga. Usually it will be one level higher. There are some special cases, and to be honest I'm still working on the exact evolutions for each Moga, so I can't promise that will be exactly how it works. But they should get better with evolution.

Of course, evolving Legendary Mogas like Plasmians will only evolve into Legendary. They don’t go to another level. In addition, some Mogas evolve 2 rarity higher than it usual level since as Beginner evolves into Uncommon.

Hey, I sees Unigon that looks like a crossover of Nebugon and a wolf type Moga. Can we evolve Mogas with different Mogas?
MG developers
This feature had originally been thought of as combining multiple types of Mogas, hence the dragon that turns into a wolf or something. That was making this project all but impossible to complete and I really want this feature, so.....I changed how it works. In the future you might be able to combine different types but for now it will be multiple instances of the same moga type.

As you can see some of the Evolved Mogas' forms, some don't look like the evolved form of themselves, but as a fusion of two different Mogas. This is because Fusion was the developers' original idea. But since there are many Mogas running around, it's too complicated to fuse so many different Mogas.

For example: Shadowstar

Although Shadowstar is the evolved form of Owlreed, it looks like it is fused by Owlreed and Lumo.

Speaking of Nebugon, is it available now? I want to have an Unigon.

To be honest, no. Nebugon is not available except being a Starter Moga. Like the other new Mogas being put in the Mogadex such as Mona or Waidio, they are not available at the moment. However, some of the Mogas can be available through Premium Items such as Chiberus and Yaoke while others may be available for the upcoming maps and features. It is unknown when certain Mogas will be available so keep your eyes and ears opened for any new feature.

Will my Moga be stronger and have better stats when evolving?
”MG developers”
I'm thinking about creating new physical attacks for evolution Mogas to make them feel special. Like attacks that have a much higher chance to crit but lower average damage, or an attack that does a ton of damage but is fairly inaccurate. Would that be cool enough to be worthwhile? Would players notice? It definitely won't be in the first release but I could put it in later if it will make this feature more valuable to our best players.

To be fair, the Evolved Mogas’ stats improve slightly. It seems the Moga’s stat growth can grow between .5 to 2.5 stars. In addition, some of the Evolved Mogas have their classes change once evolved from their previous forms. It is unknown whether your Moga is strong or not, but it will depend on the class, rarity, and the attacks given.
Citadel of Prophecy Dungeon

On Pueblonia map, you will notice a tower surrounding by water. That is Citadel Tower and it is the dungeon. Do you have what it takes to beat this dungeon?

When you go to Citadel Tower, you will meet Oracle. She will explain that she and the others have made a trial for you to test your strength. To test your strength and luck, head to the Citadel Entrance.

User Image

Once you enter Citadel Entrance, you will be transport to close up view of the Citadel Tower.

User Image

You will be starting at the bottom. To beat the trial, you must reach to the top. There are four levels of the Citadel Tower at the moment. Be sure you have lots of Whistles, HP Potions, Blue Coffees, and maybe Starseeds if your Mogas are not high level enough to defeat and capture Mogas lurking in the tower. Below is the list of quests of Citadel of Prophecy:

Beat Zodiac Rodeo (2 Starseeds) = In the first level, Oracle sets a team against you. You will be facing level 20 Icevia, Rainburn, and Momo. Defeat the team. Sorry, but you can't catch them.

Capture Momo (2 250 HP Potions) = After defeating the team, Oracle informs you that she will let you catch one Momo in Zodiac Rodeo. Go catch Momo to add in your team.

Beat Orion's Chalice (2 Starseeds) = Like the first level, Oracle sets another team against you. This time, you will be facing level 24 Peepee, Tenpac, and Ravenous. Defeat the team. Like the previous team, you can't catch them.

Capture Ravenous (2 250 HP Potions) = Like Momo, you can catch Ravenous in Orion's Chalice.

Beat Eye of Hades (2 Starseeds) = In third level, you will be facing level 28 Bandito, Scorpius, and Dirge. Defeat the team. Again, not allow to catch.

Capture Dirge (2 250 HP Potions) = Once again, Oracle allows you to catch Dirge in Eye of Hades.

Beat Murderhorn (2 Starseeds) = In the fourth level, you will be facing level 32 Coldbear, Weatar, Clovey, and Vangelis. Defeat the team. No catching allow. ((After capturing Vangelis, Clovey will no longer be part of the team fight.))

Capture Vangelis (2 500 HP Potions) = Capture Vangelis in Murderhorn.

Beat Boruff's Unpleasantry (2 Starseeds) = In the fifth level, you will be facing level 35 Golerph, Tutu, Kurogane, and Pluskop. Defeat the team. As before, no catching is allowed.

Capture Kurogane (2 500 HP Potions) = Capture Kurogane at Boruff's Unpleasantry.

Beat the Atahualpa Strangler (2 Starseeds) = In the sixth level, you will be battling level 37 Dihno, Mishu, Firefox, and Zeit. Defeat them and catching is ban in the team fight.

Capture Firefox (2 500 HP Potions) = Capture Firefox at Atahualpa Strangler.

Beat Corpsemaker Supreme (2 Starseeds) = In the seventh level, battle level 39 Titus, Melodee, Ant, and Beaster. Defeat them and still no luck of catching them.

Capture Ant (2 500 HP Potions) = Capture Ant at Corpsemaker Supreme. Careful not to step on it. >>;

Beat Daemon's Dojo (2 Starseeds) = On eighth level, you have to defeat level 41 Pwee, Gryph, Glowbug, and Waidoo. Catching is out of permission.

Capture Glowbug (2 500 HP Potions) = Capture Glowbug at Daemon's Dojo.

Beat the Terrordome (2 Starseeds) = On the ninth (and last) level, defeat level 43 Ibex, Kittenstar, Argos, Burger. Catching is forbidden.

Capture Argos (2 500 HP Potions) = Capture Argos at Terrordome.

Once you defeat the teams in each level (and capture some Mogas), Oracle will appear to inform you that before reaching the top of the tower, Hanzo will be waiting for us when the stars are aligned.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


* = After battling a team at Murderhorn, Oracle informs you that your greatest enemy is your closest ally. Who is this ally that Oracle speaks?

* = After battling a team in Corpsemaker Supreme, Oracle informs you about a man in black who give you offers. Can the man in black be Pierce? Is Pierce our ally who will be our enemy?

This dungeon is a good place to level your Moga. Instead of one Moga, you have three Mogas to battle. When you defeat the team and capture the Moga in a certain level, you can have the same team battle all over again.

In addition, you don't need to worry about the dungeon being gone. Greg Moga (aka: meatless, one of the developers of Monster Galaxy) explained that the dungeon is permanent, same as Black Gold quest. So no need to hurry and level your Mogas.

The dungeon may be incomplete due to the star not being aligned for us to meet Hanzo. So whatever plans the developers have, we have to wait and see what's at the top of the Citadel Tower. But for now, enjoy leveling up and testing your power. smile
Spiral Cave Dungeon

Like the Citadel of Tower dungeon, there is another dungeon in Sunshire Map. This time, it's in Spiral Cave. However, unlike the Citadel of Tower, the level is a lot easier for those to level up. So head to the Spiral Cave and you'll get this map below:

User Image

Before you can enter to explore, you'll run into Pierce. Pierce will tell you a story about the cave and that he had lost something. Unable to find it, he will send you a mission. This will be your first quest for this cave:

Pierce’s Precious – Help Pierce find his precious item by exploring the Spiral Cave – Trial Double X Potion

As you explore, you'll run into random Mogas in Lightfall and Daydusk. But when you reach Mushroom Alley, you'll run into a team fight.

Mushroom Alley - Nebugon, Zomoo, and Hell Mongrel

After defeating the team, Pierce will come and hands you an reward, despite how you are unable to finish the mission. However, there is another quest for you:

Turn Back Now – Pierce wants you to stop exploring. What is it that he’s hiding? Ignore what Pierce said and continue exploring. – Trial Dexter

You'll continue exploring where you will run into more team fights.

Lightless Bend – Wolf, Chiberus, Igneon
Blackglow – Cloyd, Unigon, Basont

You'll receive your second reward at Blackglow. However, this is not the end of the Spiral Cave dungeon. Like the Citadel of Tower, there are still more to come. But for now, we have to wait until more updates about the Cave will come.


-There are clues hidden in the quests as you explore the dungeon. Here are the clues:

Pierce lost an item in the cave and is unable to find it. What is the item that Pierce is looking for?

Update: There's a hint that a Moga did indeed stole Pierce's item. What sort of Moga is it that stole? Here's a quote from Deacon Charmer about the hint:

Deacon Charmer
Sgt. Pierce still needs to find his precious...uhm...thing. I'm guessing something that would steal something precious to Sgt. Pierce would be in the cave. Somewhere down the line at least. wink

When you go further in the cave, Pierce stops you from going further, saying that it's too dangerous. However, it seems that there is something that Pierce doesn't want us to see. So what is it that Pierce doesn't want us to explore further?
Player vs Player

Tired of battling Mogas in the wild or Oracle at the Citadel Tower? Well, there's another feature for you to battle where you can battle with other Tamers. It's called Player versus Player, or PvP for short.

Similar to the team fight, you get to battle against other Tamers with their Mogas to test your strength against them. The only difference is you won't be able to use Whistle to call out your friend's Moga. Nothing but pure strength from your Mogas as well as the Tamer's Mogas. So how to battle against Tamers? Well here's how it goes:

First you need to go to your Home. On your neighbor slots, hover your mouse over to one of your neighbors. A small box will appear above your neighbor like this below:

User Image

You get a choice to either visit your neighbor's Home or to battle. Since we're here to battle other Tamers, select "Fight." Once select, you will be transported to another location with the Tamer you're about to fight.

User Image

Like the battle against wild Mogas and the team battle, you have to use your wits against the Tamer's Mogas. The only difference between the wild Mogas and the Tamer's Mogas is that they can attack the same way as you. This means that they can use their Special Attack and one of their Physical/Zodiac in one turn. You can't use Whistles, but you can use Potions to replenish your Mogas, so use them to help you battle against the Tamers.

If you manage to defeat your opponent, your Mogas will gain Double EXP like this picture below:

User Image

Once your Moga gain EXP, you have a choice to send a message to your friend like this picture below:

User Image

When sending a message, your friend gets a 40 HP Potion to collect. In addition, they also have a choice to have a rematch against you. But not to worry, you also get a chance to rematch them again after sending your message to your friend like this below:

User Image

If you want to have a rematch with them, you have to wait few minutes before their Mogas are ready to battle or pay 2 Moga Cash to have an instant battle. What's this? You want to know what will happen if you lose? Well, like the battle against strong Mogas in the wild, you will get a "You Lose" sign flashes before your screen. After that, you have a choice to send a losing post like this below, along with the rematch post:

User Image

Now that you know how to battle against the Tamer, it's time to test out your strength against them.

What's this? You want to battle again real Tamers instead of AI Tamers of your neighbors? Well, now you can battle out real Tamers instead of AI.

To battle real-live Tamers, click the button next to your Collectible button at the top left corner. You will be given a window with different battle categories like this below:

User Image

There are three categories: Arena, Tamer Duel, and Neighbor Battle. Click the Arena on the left side. Once click, you will get a screen where the computer will search for a random live Tamer.

User Image

Once search, you will be transported to fight against a real Tamer. It will be similar to fighting against AI Tamer; however, you will be battling against real live Tamers and their wits. In addition, you are only given 2 potions (doesn't matter what type it is) to use in the battle, so use it wisely.

And if you want to know how good you are when battling other players, you can check your Leaderboard to see if your score is higher or not:

User Image

The Global page represents people, outside of your neighbors and friends, who play Monster Galaxy while the Neighbor page represents your friends and neighbors. It shows the number of battles the tamers win as well as how much experiences they gain from battling other tamer's Mogas.

And if you're curious about how this feature works, here are the FAQs about this feature:

Can I battle Nova?
No, you're unable to battle Nova. Since Nova is an NPC, the "Fight" button to her is disable to us.

Does my opponent get EXP when losing?
No, but if you send the post that they lost, they get a 40 HP Potion.

Can I battle against Tamer while they're away/offline?
Yes, you can battle against them while they're away/offline.

Wait... Isn't it more like Player versus AI than Player versus Player
To be honest, it depends what type of battle you wish to fight. You have the AI version and Real-live version. Depending on the battle you wish to fight, it can be either. However, the difference is that the Tamer can decide which Mogas they want to put in their Team Slot. However, if there is space in the Team Slot, the game will pick a random Moga from the Tamer's Home.

I've received a message that my Mogas got defeated. Do I have to rest my Mogas?
No, you don't need to rest your Mogas when you receive your message. Your Mogas are still in the same status as you have last left them. The only way you will have to rest them is if you're battling the Tamers.

Can I battle Tamers if I don't put Mogas in my Team Slot?
No, you won't be able to battle Tamers if you don't have Mogas in your Team Slot. Your "Fight" button will be disable if you don't have Mogas in your Team Slot. However, Tamers can battle against you if you don't have Mogas in your Team Slot. Like I previous stated about the empty space in the Team Slot, the game will pick a random Moga to fill in the space.

Can I battle Tamers if their Mogas are resting at Home?
Like the no Mogas in your Team Slot, you won't be able to battle if your Mogas are resting. However, the Tamers can battle you while your Mogas are resting. But don't worry, it won't affect your Mogas from resting.

Can I use my Summons or Double X Potion in the PvP?
Yes, you can use the Summons and Double X Potion as well as using the replenishing Potions.

Do we battle the Tamers by what they have in the Team Slot or by the level of our Mogas?
You battle by what Mogas they have in the Team Slot. It doesn't go by what level your or the Tamer's Mogas are at.

My opponent gets the attack first. Why can't I get the first attack?
I apologize to hear it, but this is how the feature goes. Your opponent gets the first attack since the Tamer's first Moga is already out. So no matter what level the Tamer's Moga is, that Moga will get the first attack.

How does the EXP calculate in the battle?
Similar to the Double X Potion, it doubles the EXP bases on the total of average level of the Tamer's Mogas.

Is our friends the only type of people we can battle? I want to battle some random person; not my friend!
Nope, you can either battle against your friend or any random Tamers. Just click the PvP button at the top right corner to battle against random Tamers or click "Fight" button at your neighbor slot to battle.

I saw someone has the same number of battles with another, but have different EXP. Why do they have different EXP?
The ranking system is measured by the number of EXP you gain from battling, not from number of battles you've fought. And as explained of how the EXP is calculate in the battle, it based on the average total of the Mogas' levels. So depending on the average total of the Mogas' levels you're battling will be given to you for the leaderboard.

Here are some links that will help you on your Moga Adventure.

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The Great Moga Card Collection List - Unable to find the card you need to complete your collection set? Have no fear, this one will help solve your problem by our Moga Tamer, Dsorceress.

The Mogadex: The Guide to Mogas Need to know information about Mogas? Well, our Moga Tamer, Squidlock will give you the information about those critters.

Monster Galaxy Bestiary Curious what type of Moga you want to catch and how good is it? Check out this thread as your Mogadex in forum by our Moga Tamer, Pandiecakes.

The Moga Item Guide Want to get a Moga for your avatar, but don't know where to find them? No need to worry. Your tamer, Roi Rouille, will help you find those Mogas by using his guide.

The Rangers [We ♥ and answer all questions] Have a question you need help or curious, but dunno where to get it? Don't worry, our fellow tamer, One and Nineteen More, will help you answer your questions.

Monster Galaxy Tips and Tricks - Need some help of how to level your Moga faster? Or how to capture those that are tough to get? Well, this link will help you learn some new tricks by Moga Tamer, vhinzstrife (Mostly known as Shinigami Tipser in Facebook).

Your Daily Moga Reporter - Need to catch some latest information of what's going on in the Monster Galaxy? Well, you can check this link to get some inform as well as helping the community.


Awesome banners made by Shish Kabobious

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