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Event/Monthly Chance/Active Quests

These are the quests that aren't related to the storyplot, Black Gold quest, and Dungeons.

Event Quests

These quests will be given to you automatically during the holiday event. However, the event quest lasts about two months. The Mogas can be found everywhere on the maps.

Find Coldbear Christmas Event – Capture Coldbear.

Find Lainedeer Chirstmas Event – Capture Lainedeer.

Capture Lepus Chinese New Year Event – Capture Lepus.

Capture War Lepus Chinese New Year Event – Capture War Lepus.

Turn the Tides Chinese New Year Event – Defeat the Lepus and collect 5 Lepus Foot.

Investigate the Rainbow St. Patrick's Event - A rainbow appears in Darkwood and the Sky Cats need you to investigate. Head to Darkwood and have a 3 vs 3 Moga fight. (It's useless to capture since this is a team battle and the percentage is -1%)

Catch a Clovey St. Patrick's Event - Capture Clovey at Mega Hole.

Catch a Rainburn St. Patrick's Event - Capture the Rainburn.

Collect 15 Eggs Easter Event - Defeat the Robo-bunnies to collect Easter Eggs. You can also collect eggs from your friends' posts.

Capture Devibun Easter Event - Capture Devibun at Mega Hole after collecting 15 eggs.

Collect 100 Eggs Easter Event - Defeat Robo-bunnies to collect Easter Eggs. You can collect eggs from your friends' posts too.

Capture Jackolope Easter Event - Capture Jackolope at Spiral Cave after 100 eggs.

A Pile of Beans - Collect 10 coffee beans from your friends to create Double XP Potion.

Get Flowers from Victoria Mother's Day - Go to Windhym Flowerpit and have a team battle to get those flowers.

Talk to Poe Mother's Day - Talk to Poe at Heavenly Greens Cemetery.

Beat those Meddlesome Mogas Mother's Day - Poe is worried about his Lenore. Go to Rue Morgue and have a team battle.

Capture Faust Mother's Day - Find Faust at Trollworthy Bridge and capture it.

Capture Scud July 4th- Find Scud and capture it.

Capture Bladewing July 4th- Find Bladewing and capture it.

Pumpkin Hunt Week 1 Halloween - Fredric needs 15 pumpkins. Battle the Halloween team (Zomoo, Raj, and Powerbear) to get pumpkins or click your friend's posts to get it.

Capture Powerbear Halloween - Find Powerbear and capture it.

Pumpkin Hunt Week Part 2 Halloween - Help Fredric again by finding 15 pumpkins for the souls to cross over.

Capture Vampiron Halloween - Vampiron is sucking the Moga's lives away. Capture Vampiron before it steals another Moga's life.

Visit the Mayor Celestial Festival - The Mayor of Windhym needs your help to decorate the Celestial Festival. Go to Windhym Town Square to meet him.

Celestial Coats Celestial Festival - Something must have happened to Sheepguy when he's supposed to show up. Head to Spiral Path to see what's happened.

Find the Wool Celestial Festival - A thief has stolen a shipment of wool and left a cryptic message. Find the Moga (Woolf) and capture it.

Festival Trees Celestial Festival - Looks like the thief is not done with you. Head to Lombard's Rafting Inc and see what Lombard did with the trees.

Find the Trees Celestial Festival - It looks like the thief left a message for you. Figure out the message of what it means (Shadowmire Edge) and head there to find it.

Festival Lights Celestial Festival - Mia is having trouble setting up the lights. Go to Shellstone Lighthouse and help her.

Capture a Yeti Celestial Festival - A Moga named Bureti stole the light. Capture one and find out what happened to the lights.

The Yeti Pack Celestial Festival - The thief left another message for you. Decipher the message (Cydonia Castle) and head to the location to get the lights (5x).

Find the Mayor Celestial Festival - Uh oh, the Mayor has been kidnapped. Decipher the last message (Thornwood) and go there to confront the culprit.

The Cryptographer Celestial Festival - Poe has gone mad. Head to Heavenly Green Cemetery and defeat Poe and his team.

Monthly Chance Quest

These quests are advertise of the new Mogas being released in the game. However, these quests only last for limited period of time.

Valgores Challenge - Find the Valgore team and defeat them.

Defeat the Wild Blades - Find the Wild Blades team and defeat them.

Grimm Trio - Find the Grave Diggers and defeat them.

Double Trouble - The Reapers are causing trouble. Find them and defeat them.

Soulcleaver - Soulcleaver is terrorizing the Mogas. Find Soulcleaver and defeat it in team battle.

Archaeon's Team - Battle the Celestial dragons to see the stars.

Active Quest

These quests are similar to event quests. However, the difference is that they will stay permanent than the event quests, but not relate to the storyplot quest

Tame Hanzo - Head to Cortex Shell and capture ten Hanzos. Careful, Hanzo only appears when it wants.

Evolution Battle - Three Mogas have evolved. Go and find them to battle out.

Escaped Mogas Round # - Mogas are escaping from the Sky Shop. Battle the team to take them back to the Sky Shop.

Mastering the Map - Go to any area to level up the map and you will get various prizes. ((Not only does defeating them counts as a point, but so does capturing Moga.))
Novice = Level 1 = 3 battles = various items
Cadet = Level 2 = 7 battles = Cadet Collectible Card
Master = Level 3 = 40 battles = Master Collectible Card

Mogapocalypse Part 1 Arion Quest:
- Quest 1 | Deal With The Devil: Head over to Wind Garden to shut down that portal!
+++++Team Battle: Sagithor, Mona and Soulcleaver.
- Quest 2 | Capture Arion: One Arion is still loose in Sunshire's wild. Find and capture him.

Meka Quest:
- Quest 1 | Down in a Hole: Get down to Mega Hole to shut down the next portal.
+++++Team Battle: Kurogane, Eon and Zerk.
- Quest 2 | Capture Meka.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Forest Fire -The forest is in fire, go to Shadowmire Bulwark to find out what is the cause.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Capture Bunyobomb - Looks like we discover who caused the forest fire. Capture that culprit.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Worth a Dam - Seems something is wrong with the dam. Head over to Spiral Road to find out.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Hot Dam - Head over to Windhym Roadway.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 On the Loose - Carange and Mercykiller are out there somewhere. Find and defeat them.

*NEW* Mogapocalypse Part 2 Capture Birdrodent - Look for Birdrodent in the wild.

can i i play this festival in 2014 because i am a new monster galaxy player
we have no monster galaxy to play the games.i miss it on gaia
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Please Gaia, bring back Monster Galaxy here !
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Mr Yakisoba
we have no monster galaxy to play the games.i miss it on gaia

Like Mr Yakisoba says... we want Monster Galaxy back pleeeeeese!
For this you think that I agree, I also think so, we are the same.

fifa 15 coins ps
5 star for the MG guide....

Don't play Monster Galaxy as much on Facebook for modern day... Missed the one on here, Gaiaonline... Was funner and interesting than Facebook itself.

cry rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes

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