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Raiten Ka
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A Guide to Your Monster Galaxy Adventure

Hello, Poke-, I mean Moga Tamers. Welcome to the walkthrough of Monster Galaxy. I’m your guide, Raiten Ka.

This guide is served as a purpose to guide new Moga Tamers to the world of Monster Galaxy as well as helping giving tips and information to those in need.

If there’s an information I’ve forgotten to add or there’s an update I haven’t heard, please PM me by strolling your mouse over to the arrow underneath my name and click “Private Message.”

Latest Update:* - My apologies for my hiatus leave and unable to update the guide.

* - Soul Harvest is available in the Sky Cat Shop. Have your Moga Cash ready to get some awesome Mogas and items. In addition, you can decide whether to spend 15 MC to try your luck or 50 MC to increase your luck on Super Spin.

*- Want your Daily Prize, but too lazy to go through your email account or can't find the tab? Well, there's a link to the Daily Prize page at the Daily Prize post. Just click it and you will get your prize. Click here for shortcut to the post.

Please do not quote any post of the first page. Thank you.

Each line goes by post

Introduction / Update
Starting Monster Galaxy
How to Battle / Capture Moga
Monster Galaxy World / Collection / Configuration / Sky Cat Shop
Home Configuration / Deal Offers / Free Gift System / Forming Team / Resting Team / Moga Tag
Daily Prize / How to obtain Moga Cash
Rarity and Success Rate
Event and Active Quests
Collection and Black Gold Quest
Citadel of Prophecy Dungeon
Spiral Cave Dungeon
Player vs Player

Some of the images does not belong to me, but to the respective owners.
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Raiten Ka
Starting Monster Galaxy

For those who are new and want to play, this is the step you need take. For those who aren’t, you can skip this post.

In this post, it will show how to set up a game called Monster Galaxy.

What is a Monster Galaxy. Monster Galaxy is a Pokemon-typed version game created by GaiaOnline. The game is released in November 13th, 2010 and it is still in the Beta testing. So if you don’t want to wait, here’s how you do.

First you need to log into your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you need to create one.

The next step is go to Monster Galaxy page. Click the “Play Now” botton or the “Go to App” button (located on top of the picture, next to like) and it will transfer you to the Permission page.

On the Permission page click “Allow” button, and it will transfer you to the game.

And there you have it, New Moga Tamer. You have set up Monster Galaxy on your Facebook account. Now you can play Monster Galaxy on Facebook or on Gaia. For Gaia, just move your mouse over to Game and click "Play Monster Galaxy. Now to teach you how to start your Monster Galaxy game.

When you open your Monster Galaxy page, it will lead you to the Introduction Page. Click “Play Now” button on the bottom screen. And if you don’t want to have an Introduction Page, you can skip the intro by turning it off in your option setting (that will come later).

After the intro, it will lead you to a page like this:

User Image

This page is to let you choose your starter Moga (Monster Gaxaly), just like how Pokemon let you choose your starter Pokemon. However, unlike Pokemon where it gives you three Pokemon, it gives you the option of 36 Mogas (three Mogas per Zodiac). You can choose any Moga you like, whether it goes according to your zodiac or the Moga you like the best. However, don’t click the Moga unless you’re very sure you want to have that Moga as your Starter Moga. If you want to see various Mogas, just click the Zodiac on the left side and look around.

Here’s a list of the Mogas that are available to you:

Aquarius: Ikki, Starpops, Yugure
Pisces: Cathulu, Jag, Leviathan
Aries: Mimple, Ibex, Chiberus
Taurus: Booly, Peafyx, Tauron
Gemini: Gogh, Blix, Tigon*
Cancer: Skuzy, Pwee, Crabone
Leo: Titus, Radiojack, Umbranine
Virgo: Turtlenie, Faust, Meka*
Libra: Smok, Tutu, Lira
Scorpio: Sno*, Pigloo, Nebugon*
Sagittaruis: Chunchilla, Knightaur, Nightmare
Capricorn: Meh, Eefree, Yoake*

Please note that the * next to the name means they are not available to be captured in the game. So if you want to have that Moga, then take the Moga that starts off as Starter.

When you choose a Moga, it will give you an option to name your Moga. If you don’t want to name your Moga, click the check button to start the game.

Once you’re done picking and naming the Moga, you will be taken to a cutscene of the storyplot and then be taken to a tutorial of battlescene. I will explain how to battle Moga in the next post.
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