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does anyone have a galatic moga?
Raiten Ka
Shish Kabobious
You know they should make another contest like this but with literature.
This kind of contest are fun and active for users. =)

O: A fanfiction contest? That sounds interesting. However, they should have a theme for the contest if they want to make it specific along with rules such as "No making up a Moga that doesn't exist" or something like that. That's what I usually did when I hosted a fanfiction contest in my guild. >>;

But you're right. It is fun and keeps people entertained. :3 However, I just wish that the winning Mogas for this contest aren't going to be Premium Mogas. That would suck if they do.... sweatdrop

Speaking about it, I've just finished my cruddy entry and sent it in an hour ago. LOL User Image I may not be able to make it to the voting stage (There are some contestants who did awesome job designing. I wish I can make mine better if I didn't have disadvantages on me [AKA: Time limit, no mouse or tablet, netbook that has a small screen, terrible photoshop program]) but I hope I get mentioned for the honor part. LOL User Image

Which one are you using GIMP?
Which one are you using GIMP?

I haven't use GIMP for like MONTHS... sweatdrop I believed I use GIMP like last summer, but that was it. Right now, I use MS Paint or Paint SAI tool for digital art. However, I'm mostly a traditional artist.

I dunno what Shish using, but you should ask her.

But may I ask why you wish to know what program we use? It seems kinda off topic from what we discussed. sweatdrop
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Dang it, I didn't know there was a quest of where you can get the players' Mogas.

*is unable to play* gonk
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Raiten Ka
Dang it, I didn't know there was a quest of where you can get the players' Mogas.

*is unable to play* gonk

Well the good thing is the quests will be permanent.

Moga Contest Quests

Medicine for Bruno
1. Head over to Cortex Shell and defeat a Moga. ( Reward: 3x Evolution Potions )

Bruno Recovery
2. Go to Otto's House. ( Reward: 3x Evolution Potions )

Cemetery Dragon
3. Go to Heavenly Greens Gate. ( Reward: 3x Starseeds )

Eater of the Dead
4. Stay in Heavenly Greens Gate and Capture Dauthus, Level 30. ( Reward: 5x Whistles )

Sagelike Advice
5. Head back over to Otto's House. ( Reward: 1x Coffee )

Carry a Big Stick
6. Go to Lapis Forest. ( Reward: 1x Starseed )

A Fishing Line This Big
7. Go to Dungeness Docks ( Reward: 1x Bluecoffee )

Glowbug Bait
8. Co to Lazuli Grove and capture Glowbug, Level 35. ( Reward: 4x 250 HP Potions )

The Tome of Nexodeus
9. Go to Cerulean Pond and capture Nexodeus, Level 35. ( Reward: 5x Whistles )

Lore of the Otter Tribe
10. Head Back to Otto's House. ( Reward: 2x Evolutions )

Starseed Seer
11. Got to Ahab's Abyss and capture Nostradamus, Level 40. ( Reward: 2x Starseed )

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Bump! CHOMP!
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Raiten Ka
Player vs Player

Tired of battling Mogas in the wild or Oracle at the Citadel Tower? Well, there's another feature for you to battle where you can battle with other Tamers. It's called Player versus Player, or PvP for short.

Similar to the team fight, you get to battle against other Tamers with their Mogas to test your strength against them. The only difference is you won't be able to use Whistle to call out your friend's Moga. Nothing but pure strength from your Mogas as well as the Tamer's Mogas. So how to battle against Tamers? Well here's how it goes:

First you need to go to your Home. On your neighbor slots, hover your mouse over to one of your neighbors. A small box will appear above your neighbor like this below:

User Image

You get a choice to either visit your neighbor's Home or to battle. Since we're here to battle other Tamers, select "Fight." Once select, you will be transported to another location with the Tamer you're about to fight.

User Image

Like the battle against wild Mogas and the team battle, you have to use your wits against the Tamer's Mogas. The only difference between the wild Mogas and the Tamer's Mogas is that they can attack the same way as you. This means that they can use their Special Attack and one of their Physical/Zodiac in one turn. You can't use Whistles, but you can use Potions to replenish your Mogas, so use them to help you battle against the Tamers.

If you manage to defeat your opponent, your Mogas will gain Double EXP like this picture below:

User Image

Once your Moga gain EXP, you have a choice to send a message to your friend like this picture below:

User Image

When sending a message, your friend gets a 40 HP Potion to collect. In addition, they also have a choice to have a rematch against you. But not to worry, you also get a chance to rematch them again after sending your message to your friend like this below:

User Image

If you want to have a rematch with them, you have to wait few minutes before their Mogas are ready to battle or pay 2 Moga Cash to have an instant battle. What's this? You want to know what will happen if you lose? Well, like the battle against strong Mogas in the wild, you will get a "You Lose" sign flashes before your screen. After that, you have a choice to send a losing post like this below, along with the rematch post:

User Image

Now that you know how to battle against the Tamer, it's time to test out your strength against them.

What's this? You want to battle again real Tamers instead of AI Tamers of your neighbors? Well, now you can battle out real Tamers instead of AI.

To battle real-live Tamers, click the button next to your Collectible button at the top left corner. You will be given a window with different battle categories like this below:

User Image

There are three categories: Arena, Tamer Duel, and Neighbor Battle. Click the Arena on the left side. Once click, you will get a screen where the computer will search for a random live Tamer.

User Image

Once search, you will be transported to fight against a real Tamer. It will be similar to fighting against AI Tamer; however, you will be battling against real live Tamers and their wits. In addition, you are only given 2 potions (doesn't matter what type it is) to use in the battle, so use it wisely.

And if you want to know how good you are when battling other players, you can check your Leaderboard to see if your score is higher or not:

User Image

The Global page represents people, outside of your neighbors and friends, who play Monster Galaxy while the Neighbor page represents your friends and neighbors. It shows the number of battles the tamers win as well as how much experiences they gain from battling other tamer's Mogas.

And if you're curious about how this feature works, here are the FAQs about this feature:

Can I battle Nova?
No, you're unable to battle Nova. Since Nova is an NPC, the "Fight" button to her is disable to us.

Does my opponent get EXP when losing?
No, but if you send the post that they lost, they get a 40 HP Potion.
yes now u get exp if u lose

Can I battle against Tamer while they're away/offline?
Yes, you can battle against them while they're away/offline.

Wait... Isn't it more like Player versus AI than Player versus Player
To be honest, it depends what type of battle you wish to fight. You have the AI version and Real-live version. Depending on the battle you wish to fight, it can be either. However, the difference is that the Tamer can decide which Mogas they want to put in their Team Slot. However, if there is space in the Team Slot, the game will pick a random Moga from the Tamer's Home.

I've received a message that my Mogas got defeated. Do I have to rest my Mogas?
No, you don't need to rest your Mogas when you receive your message. Your Mogas are still in the same status as you have last left them. The only way you will have to rest them is if you're battling the Tamers.

Can I battle Tamers if I don't put Mogas in my Team Slot?
No, you won't be able to battle Tamers if you don't have Mogas in your Team Slot. Your "Fight" button will be disable if you don't have Mogas in your Team Slot. However, Tamers can battle against you if you don't have Mogas in your Team Slot. Like I previous stated about the empty space in the Team Slot, the game will pick a random Moga to fill in the space.

Can I battle Tamers if their Mogas are resting at Home?
Like the no Mogas in your Team Slot, you won't be able to battle if your Mogas are resting. However, the Tamers can battle you while your Mogas are resting. But don't worry, it won't affect your Mogas from resting.

Can I use my Summons or Double X Potion in the PvP?
Yes, you can use the Summons and Double X Potion as well as using the replenishing Potions.

Do we battle the Tamers by what they have in the Team Slot or by the level of our Mogas?
You battle by what Mogas they have in the Team Slot. It doesn't go by what level your or the Tamer's Mogas are at.

My opponent gets the attack first. Why can't I get the first attack?
I apologize to hear it, but this is how the feature goes. Your opponent gets the first attack since the Tamer's first Moga is already out. So no matter what level the Tamer's Moga is, that Moga will get the first attack.

How does the EXP calculate in the battle?
Similar to the Double X Potion, it doubles the EXP bases on the total of average level of the Tamer's Mogas.

Is our friends the only type of people we can battle? I want to battle some random person; not my friend!
Nope, you can either battle against your friend or any random Tamers. Just click the PvP button at the top right corner to battle against random Tamers or click "Fight" button at your neighbor slot to battle.

I saw someone has the same number of battles with another, but have different EXP. Why do they have different EXP?
The ranking system is measured by the number of EXP you gain from battling, not from number of battles you've fought. And as explained of how the EXP is calculate in the battle, it based on the average total of the Mogas' levels. So depending on the average total of the Mogas' levels you're battling will be given to you for the leaderboard.
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