Click HERE to play Moga via Viximo
Click HERE to play Moga via Facebook Connect

Frequently Asked Questions about playing Monster Galaxy with your Gaia account:

Q. Why do I have to use Facebook Connect?
A. By using Facebook Connect we can give you Gold and other bonuses for playing Monster Galaxy. Alternatively you can play the Viximo version which will be connected to your Gaia account, but not a Facebook account.

Q. What if I don't want to FB connect to my Gaia account? I really want to keep my FB life and my Gaia life separate.
A. We completely understand your concern and we have made sure that you have nothing to worry about. Your privacy is completely under your control.

The "Connection" (using FB Connect to play MoGa) is purely so that we (the developers) know your Monster Galaxy user ID (your Facebook ID) and can award you gold and prizes.

There is no externally visible part of the connection that isn't fully under your control. On Gaia, users will never see any of your Facebook information... and on Facebook, any Monster Galaxy information that gets displayed is fully under your control. Anything that gets published to your Facebook wall needs your permission and you can also remove any post from your wall.

You are absolutely able to play Monster Galaxy while keeping these parts of your like separate. We've taken great care to make sure this is 100% possible. This is extremely important to us.

Facebook Connect for Monster Galaxy and Gaia are also separate, so you'll be able to combine or separate those parts of your social life as you wish.

Q. What are the benefits of playing on Gaia via Facebook Connect?
A. You get Gold for using Bonus Attacks and a very generous exchange rate on currency--Gaians get 25% more bang for their buck than non-Gaians. You also get free prizes every day and exclusive contests. You also have easy access to all the other great stuff found on Gaia-- an infinitely customizable avatar, forums with thousands of active members, manga and mini-comics, and the many other games on Gaia. Basically, you get more of everything if you play on Gaia.

Q. So can I use Gaia Cash?
A. Yes, all you have to do is convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash. This is done in the application by clicking on the Moga Cash icon or the "Add Moga Cash." That way we can apply the 25% bonus.

Q. Will my progress playing on Gaia transfer over to Facebook, and vice versa?
A. Yes. You will be playing on the same Monster Galaxy account, so everything will be the same however you access the game. You just get more cool stuff for playing through Gaia.

Q. I'm already playing Monster Galaxy on FB. Will I have to start over on Gaia?
A. No, your account will be the same one you played on FB.

Q. What if I just want to continue playing Monster Galaxy on FB?
A. That's perfectly up to you. But you will be missing out on the gold bonuses!

Q. Why has Gaia been building this silly game on Facebook instead of updating stuff here?
A. There are different teams at Gaia focusing on different projects. Monster Galaxy is brought to you by the team working on new initiatives, especially delivering great games to people in different places and ultimately bringing them back to Gaia. There is a separate team working on Gaia Online focused on improving the site. Ultimately all teams are working towards the goal of growing Gaia and making it successful.

Q. I have a bunch more questions that you haven't answered. Where can I get help?
A. In the Monster Galaxy forum, where experienced tamers, Moga moderators and staff are always willing to help.