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Hey tamers,

Gifting should now be fixed for most players on MoGaia Viximo but here's a few notes for players who are having issues:

1) Gifts are accepted automatically, you do not have to accept them to receive them. You will receive a message from the sender to indicate that they sent the gift and it will automatically be added to your inventory. If you compare the number of items in your inventory before and after the gift is sent, it will have increased by one.

2) The "Close" button is broken. The gifting screen will freeze if you click "Close" and you'll need to refresh your game to gift again.

3) If you still have any issues, please submit a support ticket HERE:
Make sure that in your support ticket that you also give us specific details on the problems you are experiencing as general messages like "I can't send gifts" only tell us that there might be a problem, but they don't help us find and identify the issue.

Thanks for your continued assistance and patience tamers!


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