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I haven't really gotten around to it..This sub forum has been bugging me baecause i don't know what Ragnarok is.
Can someone tell me what is?
Sardonic Haiku

Its a Really fun online game. I use to play it a while back When my step brother had it on one of his computers. I am now trying to get back into it finding out where I could buy the game or how to play it sins I never downloaded it.
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Hmmm....Sounds mighty interesting!
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is it fun??
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is it fun??

Opinions vary--the game is very polarizing, especially since Renewal hit. It seems you either love it or hate it. I, for one, love the game. I can customize my characters from the stats up (which makes gameplay a blast for me), the community is small but friendly, the graphics are adorable, and the music is beautiful.

The game is semi-free to play now. You can create up to three characters for free on the Valkyrie and Yggdrasil servers; paying a small subscription fee will allow you to create up to nine, but once all nine slots have been filled you don't have to upgrade to VIP status again in order to play any of your characters. The Ymir server requires a one-time fee to play on, but after that it functions the same as the other two servers. All servers have an Item Mall (Kafra Shop) offering equipment and consumeables that can help both starting players and veterans gain a bit of an edge in leveling and PvP; using these items is completely optional, so you don't have to spend money if you don't want to. Aside from that, all three servers give you the option of upgrading your account for a period of time to what's called VIP Status; you have a reduced EXP death penalty, increased gains in EXP and item drops, and can enter dungeons reserved for VIP players.

You can learn more about the game at these sites:

You can get a better feel for the community at these sites:
http://forum.onlinetales.de/ (This one's mostly in German.)
http://rostory.org/portal.php (A personal journal site where people chronicle their progress and sometimes even post character bios and in-character journal entries.)
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John Anthony Felix Cena
I haven't really gotten around to it..This sub forum has been bugging me baecause i don't know what Ragnarok is.
Can someone tell me what is?
It only has a sub-forum because in 2003, during the early years of Gaia, it was a big game. It was like 2003's version of super world of Warcraft.

Now the game is old, but still fairly large.

Theres a Ragnarok 2 in beta. Its in 3D
id consider it if i had the time xD

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