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What is your favorite 3rd jobs

mechanic 0.064102564102564 6.4% [ 10 ]
shura 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 16 ]
Rune Knight 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 16 ]
Warlock 0.13461538461538 13.5% [ 21 ]
Arch Bishop 0.23717948717949 23.7% [ 37 ]
Ranger 0.13461538461538 13.5% [ 21 ]
Guillotine Cross 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 24 ]
Royal Guard 0.070512820512821 7.1% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 156 ]
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For the poll I answered 'Shura' since it really is my favorite melee type character with the skills and costume.. XD

but then, what I really like = Sorcerer -too bad it wasn't on the choices-
since I am really of the Arcane type when it comes to RPGs.. can't wait till all
the updates are finished... I wanna see how the elemental summons will look like
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I really want a Shadow Chaser. Looney Tune-style ground holes for the LOLs! xD
I like arch bishops the most. able to hunt by themselves by buffin and killing low lifes mob with judex skill :3
though for aoe farming, shura works the best. and their asura is fawsome <3
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I love the Assassins 3rd job. So awesome Assassin 4 Lyfe

same brow!! sonic blow !!
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Of the classes listed on the poll, Archbishop would be my pick. However, out of all the renewal classes I'd say my favorite would have to be Wanderer. Sonic traps FTW!
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arch Bishop is winning come on how about the Warlock waaaaaaaa gonk gonk gonk gonk
Warlock ...obviously !
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I choose warlock cuz it's cool. razz
I choose Gunslinger because exteneded classes need a buff
Rune Knightss~
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Definitely Arch Bishop, the design is not only gorgeous but the skills are so useful! It's great that we are now able to deal some damage in most kinds of monsters. The group healing/buffering is also excellent, I've always played as High Priest and it was awful to have to deal with everyone in the group asking for buffs/saying I forgot them. sweatdrop
Psh. Guillotine Cross all the way--
BEST assassin job i ever do >]
Lol, Arch Bishop, Genetic, and Shadow Chaser are all my favorites. Not sure which one I like the most though. I think I'd have to go with Genetic. Just seems more chaotic.
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Sparkling Miko

Warlock. COMET~!

Arch Bishop is nice, too, though. :3
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        Definitely Arch Bishop. I used to play a HP 90% of my RO time, and new AB's buffs are just GREAT, saves sooo much time and work.
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