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What is your favorite 3rd jobs

mechanic 0.064102564102564 6.4% [ 10 ]
shura 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 16 ]
Rune Knight 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 16 ]
Warlock 0.13461538461538 13.5% [ 21 ]
Arch Bishop 0.23717948717949 23.7% [ 37 ]
Ranger 0.13461538461538 13.5% [ 21 ]
Guillotine Cross 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 24 ]
Royal Guard 0.070512820512821 7.1% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 156 ]
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Mine is Warlock ehehe
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Wheres the none option? >__>
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warlock too . because, i love magic ^^ biggrin
I'm currently in love with Shuras... Not only do they get a boost to their combo skills (which I've been waiting for since the Juno update, tyvm) but they've got sexy sprites...

...Or at least sprites that are less godawful than the rest of the 3rd class sprites... >_>
I love the Assassins 3rd job. So awesome Assassin 4 Lyfe
Warlock HEHE ^^ magic YAY ... wut you ppl gonna be for halloween??? Me ... witch or vampire ^^ LOL xD ~REPLY~
I usually side with assassins but the Warlock class seems pretty awesome.
Wheres the none option? >__>

Yeah razz I think RO is fine the way it is besides the whole a properly carded pike can deal more damage than a properly carded halberd or so razz

Though out of them all I like the archbishop the most
Mine is Warlock ehehuicgsiude
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Rune Knight
then Ranger
then Mechanic

new mounts... xd
Rune knights and royal guards forever. Royal guards can do holy magic and it can direct attack. But the third would probably be Warlock. Warlocks are more neccesary for parties biggrin
i like the the wanderer (3rd class for dancers)
only cuz she looks pretty xD
I'm a fan of the Warlock.

But I'm really starting to dig the Genetic.
I've actually been able to handle the sprite.
And they have some pretty awesome skills.
Can't wait for them to release info on Homonculus S.

For now, I'm working on a merchant who will eventually become an Alchemist, Biochemist, and then a Genetic.
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i love warlock cause they do really pawsome magick!

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