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Wow...been a while since I was here....I haven't made any headway on the leads I got.
Which is kinda sad, since I really wanted to find something fun to investigate.
That and hunting for stuff like this is my hobby as a researcher.

I have heard some interesting tips about biolabs though.
This was from a friend of mine who plays much more, so he's generally my go-to guy for this stuff.

He says that there's something fishy about the biolabs, but heck if I can remember right now.
I'll get the info from him again sometime and post it here.
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So scary! And yet I find it hard to stop reading. crying
I've played RO before, it's quite fun.
I seem to have received a lot of PM's lately asking whether I play Ragnarok Online, or if I'm from the Philippines, etc. etc.
Yes, I am from the Philippines, and I did play Ragnarok Online when I was in high school, but I quit around a year ago. So please, no more PM's or comments about this, okay? O:
Enjoy the story telling in the thread, but don't go out of your way to bother me for it.

i was looking around in pRO's Ragnaboards, when i found this thread about ghost stories :p and it was really fun reading them.. here's one i found in the thread:

I've heard urban legends & such but this is the freakiest happening ever in my RO Career.

It was about 12:00 NN when we were dismissed from our special exams and I was supposed to
Go home when my friends decided to invite me to play Ragnarok Online in a nearby internet cafe but I had second thoughts about it since I had not yet asked permission from my parents.
But since it was the last time we'd see each other in about a month or so, I decided to tag along.

After about an hour of searching for an Internet Cafe we finally found one but to our surprise
The three of us were the only ones who was playing there.
The cafe was claustrophobic having only a little gap between you and the ceiling but
Nevertheless the computers were of high quality ensuring the crisp smooth in-game graphics
I've always craved for.
But still this event kind of creeped me out and I told my classmates that maybe we should find
Another Internet Cafe, since there were still two cafe's that we haven't checked.
They didn't want to transfer because the cafe was already fine and told me that there were
Many boastful players in other cafe's.

After an hour my classmate named Kairos decided to stop for awhile so he can eat, he told me that I could come along but I did not since I was busy playing.
And so he politely asked me if I could just make his character vend in prontera while he is eating.
Me & My classmate Charles were the only ones left in that cafe, and so I was really creeped out because for about an hour not a single person had entered the shop except for the three of us, but still I played on.

After awhile I decided to go outside and have a little break since we have been playing for two hours already.
After I left the Shop, my classmate soon followed but I did not know that he was already behind me.
Directly after eating, I decided to gaze at the windows and see if somebody was playing with my character or *gulp* hacking it.
And there it was I saw a blurry figure of a lady with long hair and white gown sitting in the same unit where I was which seems to be typing something in the chat window.
I thought it was Charlene the sister of my classmate Charles but to my surprise Charlene was with her brother eating barbeque in a nearby carenderia.

Without thinking twice I rushed to my computer but the lady was nowhere to be found.
So I asked the shop owner which was the cashier at that time if he saw a lady wearing white sitting in unit number 6, but he told me that he found none and the only one left there was him.

So I checked my chat window and to my surprise the background wallpaper was changed to a very scary faced vampire like woman.
This caused me to be highly alarmed and scared that had hard time breathing. I called my friends to come over and help me, but the time they arrived my wallpaper returned to the way it was.

Though my classmates thought that I was going nuts I still insisted on what I saw.
And after all, "To see is to believe." To me that is.

After awhile, I managed to get back to my senses and started to play again.
But when I was about to tell my friend online what happened to me, the keyboard suddenly typed on its own
"Don't Play Here!! Go away!!" again and again until two letters on the keyboard actually flew out and those were AW.
This supernatural event was witnessed by all of my classmates and including her little sister.
Since all of us were Open Timed, we decided to go out and go to another cafe, but still that event haunts me every time I play in internet cafes.

When I got home, I asked a friend of mine if he ever played in that certain internet cafe in which we played in. He then answered me yes, and told me not to ever play in Unit # 6 because many people say it was haunted.
Because the last player there was a woman wearing an all white dress and was raped soon after playing.

After awhile of investigating soon after the event, I then learned that her prized item was a
+4 Angel Wing in which I *gulp* actually owned and that the cafe was opened on 2003.
And that all players no matter what the server that has that certain item shall be haunted if he ever plays in Unit # 6.
The players there actually thought of me as lucky since I did not get possessed by the ghost.
After knowing about the background of this phenomenon, my friend told me to sell the Angel Wing immediately even if at a very low price because he was worried about me.

These Events happened to me on December 11th 2004 at exactly 12:30 NN - 1:00 PM in an internet Cafe which had no specific name but had a huge PLDT MY DSL Banner outside in Davao City.


share? :p

Why is it always a woman in white... i really don't believe it.

I have one where i was playing by myself in my room and i had left and when i came back in my chat window, its said i typed: I am watching you

It freaked me out and ran to my friend's house a block away...

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