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I have a screenshot of tiger lily, i'll post it up later. xd

Some say, while playing in the internet cafe about 1:30 in the morning, she went to the CR and a group of men cornered her, raped her, and after that, killed her and dumped the poor girl's body in a secluded area.

still no screenie? >.>
rats, ive never seen Tiger Lily before.
Does anyone else know any? This thread could become real scary if people came to it. sweatdrop

I am now...scared of RO...Good thing my WoE time is til 1AM....No way I'm gonna go to nif or orc dung EVER AGAIN!
Has anyone else ever seen Tiger Lily? I'm just curious about that since hardly anyone has ever seen her.

what dose it look like
@Riku - I'll have to surface up some old screenshots if I still have them. It's hard to describe her I think.

EDIT: I couldn't find the screenshot but I did happen to find someone elses.
Tiger Lily
Has anyone ever noticed that a lot of threads on other forums that talk about this are often closed? O_o

I finally found my newest Ghost story amazingly. It happened during a WoE, everyone in the guild I'm in was attacking a castle, one of our knights left to go after another castle which he eventually took out. Well while we were going after the castle we all stopped because the current owners of it were following us, we stopped and killed them, I was watching the names of them while keeping their priests from healing them (Yay Silence). I noticed one by the name of Eremes, an Assassin who was killing most of the guild, the thing about it was that when he did end up dieing we heard from the knight who went after the other castles that an Assassin appeared out of nowhere and killed him with one hit, the Knight still had 34k Health when he died (This isn't on some messed up 255 server...) Next thing that happened he was behind us and killed us all with and the other guild. The other guild started to PM us wondering what just happened, we talked about it and none of us knew so that is what we told them. Next thing that happened was that our Guild chat was flooded by Eremes saying things along the lines of "Pathetic mortals, you'll be dead next time you try that..." and "Stop trying to do the impossible..." (I thought it was a joke by the guild leader. mad Who has been known to do that on occasion to get us to do well in WoE...) We all charged the castle along with the other guild and we ended up killing Eremes, we let the other guild finish up so we warped out and so did all but one of the other guild who said they would take care of things. (I have a good friend in the other guild so I can find out what I need to know.) Apparently the person called my friend and asked if the server crashed because his screen had turned black but his character still stood there near the body of Eremes. My friend Seph called me and told me what was happening to the guild person's computer (It's hard not using any names but Seph's >_< ) and that he was now getting threats from Eremes. Seph told him to log out and log back in. Seph then said he heard what sounded like someone being strangled and dripping on the phone, then I was told that someone said, "I told you not to try again..." We went to where the person was and found his sprite with a katar jammed in the throat and Eremes' body against the wall with a never ending /gg going.

I think it was a bunch of lies...Though I did see most of it...This did creep me out when I first saw it...It's no fun having a friend come over trying to calm you down -_-
Still find it a bit weird though...Sorry about the horrible story.
that's the exact position and the exact seat of tiger lily. O_O
i'm perpetually scared that i'll get hit with a stormgust from 2.5 screens away...

OR MORE!!!!!!
Remember when the gms woe'd?

I'm afraid they'll un-gmcloak and kill me with a 200k mammo.
are we allowed to have private server ghost stories?

well anyways...

I was on a highrate for the first time (my newbie days in RO!)
I had no clue how to do anything and the real players wouldnt help me... (REAL)
i went south of prontera, and i kept dying because i didnt know i had to hold the left click to attack (or /nc)
Suddenly right after i died, i got ressed fairly instantly. (no chars around me)
I thought it was something called the GM, none were online (but yea i got ressed)

i thought sweet and ended up killing the poring.
My level and job level did the nice army sound music but then i lookeid at my level.
base 10000, job 2000
i was a novice here..... and the max lvl was 255 and max job was 120
so i thought it was a bug or something. I took a screen shot and reported it.

After re logging, my level was back to normal. 13,10
i changed my job to a theif, and restarted to kill things for job levels.
again, i died and got ressed instantly.
no one around me again and no GM's.
I thought it was weird but yea it was a ress so i continued xD

i leveled after killing the monster and changed to a assassin.
(high rates-really easy)

I reborned after a while and continued to play as a assassin cross.
I did the quest and etc (even though there was a job changer)
and suddenly on my screen pops up my characters face x 200 or something. Sprite error? bug? dunno....

i reset my camera angle and zoom angle but it continued to do the re zoom.....

I logged out but when i tried to log back in it still rezoomed my characters face. I restarted the computer and re opened the RO i was playing and got logged in.
When i logged in, i saw the valkyrie sprite (which was fairly cool)
and it was circling around me. It made the laughter noise that the Wraithes make and all of the sudden, my stats and levels were ber buffed and everything.
I had no clue what was going on, so i went to the town warpa (valkyries we just gone)
i went to try abyss lake 3 (i heard it was strong)
and my buffs were still there after and i maxed my level on that first day.


(new story)


I was playing RO and suddenly a novice asks for help.
I ask what he needed help on. He was a newbie like me.
The same thing happened to him and when the Valkyries showed up, all of the sudden i got PM's from a player(?) named " Valkyrie Rangris" Which i think is the MVP that was added very recently.
I joined RO about 1 year ago....and obviously that mvp wasnt even in...
The PM's said....
"Don't worry about this novice, I will help him"
"Don't waste your time, I will help him like I did with you"

I tried PMing back saying thank you for all the help but it said user was not online....which wasnt possible because i was still getting the messeges....

weird...(yes these are ALL true when i was playing RO)
Does that Tiger Lily girl talk at all ;[

What job is she?
Well I wasn't sure if I had seen tiger lilly before till now. I was at the orc dugeon as a thief and saw her there. I wondered why a novice would be there (this was before super novi was put in) but didn't think to much about it. After awhile I came back as a sin and saw that she was still there. A knight came in who had seen her there accouple of times before asked if she's always there. I told him I didn't know and he went over to her. Accouple of seconds after his char stood next to her his char dissapered. I had just thought my comp had lagged and he went into the dungeon. A friend of his came in and asked where he went and I said that he probaply had gone into the dungeon. His friend told me that he couldn't contact him so I just figured he logged off. Awhile later I came back and found out that the guys RO program shut down on him and he wasn't able to log on for two days. It's been awhile since i've been to the orc dungeon on iRO loki so i'm not sure if she still shows up there.

So she's still around, huh?

When did this start? o.o

And has anyone ever seen her log on/off?
hey what is RO again
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@Akasuria: Eremes is the name of the biolabs sinx (assassin cross Eremes or Eremes Guile). Just thought i'd mention that.

Also, on the invisible novice thing, i think it's those voodoo graphics cards sometimes glitch with RO and you get invisible people that some people can see and some can't depending on your computer. It's kinda weird. D; But that doesn't explain the creepy chat.

And you have got to be some sort of RO medium or something. xD

@karakuri: That is deffinately not the same thing as my experience, but i've had that zoom in thing happen to me too only it was zooming in past the zoom restrictions so my head was all squashed and pixelated into my chest. It wouldn't go away after i tried relogging either, i had to wait a few hours. gonk
>.< This thread has scared the s**t out of me!

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