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Did you like the Ragnarok anime?

Yes 0.57446808510638 57.4% [ 54 ]
No 0.13829787234043 13.8% [ 13 ]
Haven't seen it. 0.28723404255319 28.7% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 94 ]
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Watching it was a bit of a chore. It was full of RPG cliches and cheap shout-outs to the game. Not to mention the part where a Kafra employee sneezed when someone mentioned teleportation... LOLGUISE ITT IZ JAPONEAS CULTUER SOFUNNEYYYY no.
I mean, it was godly compared to Endless Eight, but what isn't?
Having watched a few episodes, I was disappointed with the majority of the characters.

Yufa annoyed the s**t out of me, I hated her personality. It got even more irritating when she started spitting 'Nii-sann!!!1111!1' over and over. Plus they always seemed to imply some innuendo with her eating bananas.

Roan was a wimp.

Maya was the typical annoying loli.

Iruga couldn't go through one fight without getting owned.

My biggest disappointment was Judia, the Hunter. When I heard about the anime, I was looking forward to a badass but likable Hunter. Instead, they decided to turn her into a lovestruck nympho. This was disappointing to me, because the Hunter has always been my favorite class. She didn't have a very likable personality either.

Out of all in the main cast, Takius was the only awesome and likable character.

That one batshit insane dude's laugh was annoying as hell too.
God, that anime. It was fun as hell to see a game and all its mechanics, towns and dungeons animated but the cast was horrible. Roan was completely p***y-whipped by Yuufa. Then he turns into a sader and turns into a total a*****e.

Yuufa was HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible. She was the most useless acolyte ever, with Takius having to instruct her when to ruwatch when the whispers cloaked. Okay, I know that's like a tiny minor detail that had little/nothing to do with the plot but it just bugged me a lot. She was also extremely whiny.

Iruga was just a stoc, stoic, emotionless guy. An effortless stock character. So was Takius.

Don't remember Judia much, just that she was obsessed with Iruga or something. Idk, I didn't like her much, either.

The only character I liked was Maya, even though her voice was annoying as hell. I just liked how her past was dark and she had this adorable relationship with Alice.

Anyway, long story short, great to see my favourite game animated (never knew how butterfly wings worked until I saw Maya blow them) but the abysmal characters and story ruined it for me.
I watched it many years ago, before the dub came out. Was all right, could of been a lot better. A lot of things were quite predictable, at least to me. And what happen to the GTB Card? ;_;

Recently I've thought about watching it with Brazilian Portuguese dub, but I haven't gotten around to it. Plus I'm not really sure if I consider it good enough to really want to watch multiple times. I do like the character design/artwork though.
this isnt the ragnorak i thought it was ~hides behind twig~ im not here
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Remember watching it a few years back. I got into it mostly because I played the game public. Didn't know much about private servers, so I ended up paying for it. Now there's a free server, but it's filled with bots and field at south prontera is empty.
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I liked the plot . . .
though It's kinda annoying to see how different the effects of the attacks in the anime and game have. . .
like for example. . .
the grand cross doesn't have as much range as it has in the anime. . . plus the damage in the anime is higher than in the game for some attacks. . . not quite sure on all since I never got to complete it. . .
my cousin and a friend of mine pointed this out to me before and I kinda noticed it too. . .

though. . . I liked watching the anime whenever I catch a glimpse of it. . . especially the kafra girls. . . and Takius. . .
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Maya and Takius were definitely my favorite characters. Maya because at the time alchemists were my favorite class ever and she was basically an alchemist (even if she never technically changed jobs). Takius because she became a badass sage, which is my second favorite class.
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I liked the anime. It was nice seeing my childhood game be converted into a TV show.

I'm not a good judge of anime though, as I rarely watch any.

Same smile
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I've watched it before as well.
Thinking about re-watching it but at the moment, I can't find said anime anywhere.
Am I the only one who thought it was weird as ********?

Here was my first impression of it:

"OMG sex in the first episode? SERIOUSLY? WTF IS NEXT, ON-SCREEN BIRTH?"

Ironically, in the last episode, the same character in fact does reappear with her newborn child. I thought these aspects of the story were unnecessary.

Other than that, it was pretty obvious that Takius was being taken advantage of in the beginning, and that the mad wizard guy would go good in the end, and I honestly can't remember being surprised by anything that happened in the anime. EXCEPT THAT FIRST THING I MENTIONED.

Not something to tell my kids about.
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the anime was awesome , but i hate yuufa :p
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I only watched a few episodes. I know that anime based off of stories/games usually does stuff to appeal to a wider audience, but did they have to make such weird choices? It felt more like it was a cookie cutter fantasy anime with 'Ragnarok' slapped on it to attract more buyers.
I wanted to watch it, but I really it didn't have any subtitles.
The animation seemed nice enough, though.
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I liked it, but I end up putting off on watching in after episode 10.
I was thinking of going back into it sometime, but due to me dealing with bad internet a few years ago, I couldn't watch it all.

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