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It's somewhat off-topic, but then at the same time kind of not, because it focuses on MMOs in general with RO just being a part of that. Although names of other games are dropped here and there, the basic formulae and backdrop is MMOs. I think as long as you can relate it back to RO, it can be alright. These kinds of threads are mostly RO vs. another MMO, which can be another option. The first post and the title as well sa the poll don't really leave much room for a "third option" which undoubtedly people may have if they happen to prefer yet another game over either of them or even neither. I think it's relevent to talk about it though despite that.

XD Even if soloing is hard though, I'm the type of person that likes to do it anyway. I haven't played it long enough to know yet either, but I know a couple of actual friends that play, so I can just IM them if I'm ever in need of a real party.

Well, investing in a game kind of forces you to grow some kind of tolerance to them if you want to continue playing it. After awhile it becomes an issue of your own enjoyment verses theirs and eventually I think you just grow it just because it's better to put your own entertainment first just because if you run away from something just because of other people all the time, it'll hard to find something that you can enjoy. Now if you generally just don't like the entire schema of MMOs in general and just clicking around and everything else that goes with it (drama included), then that's a different story.

Begging though seems to universally be frowned upon in every game, but newer players always seem to do it. Interestingly enough though, I've heard stories about the opening of Final Fantasy XI to the U.S. from JPN players and JPN players didn't really expect the amount of begging that would ensue when a new country was added to the servers. The amount of rudeness that ensued, however, caused the creation of black lists and my friend's server having the tension between both countries' players so thick that the JPN players who obviously have more money since their servers have been open for longer, somehow conspired to lock the U.S. players out of the auction house (and better items). Issues like these seemed to have died down a lot, but I think this story kind of highlights an interesting view on begging, manners, and why. There are some JPN players that are of coruse mean too as not every group of people is concentrated with people that are good, but there are a good amount of players that are willing to help. When the servers first opened though, what I gather is that JPN players felt kind of insulted when there was constant begging and players wouldn't do anything to help themselves and seemed to *purely* rely on other people to do the work for them. One example I recall was someone begging for 10,000 of the game's currency. After receiving it, they didn't *stop* asking for it, they kept asking other people.

Forcing parties was also another issue with JPN players just because a lot of parties and even linkshells (guilds) were more "static" and it's more that they have to "know you" already before you get invited to the party. A lot of them really thought it was rude to just invite yourself to the party or like ask directly. There's a "looking for party" feature in that game as well as in Trickster, but if you're not in that list on FFXI specifically, it's kind of impolite to ask. I follow a bit of a similar mindset. And by "knowing" a person, it can be some kind of chance meeting or something where you're in a dungeon and you kind of have a little bit of bonding just because you're in the same place and you think they're cool. It doesn't necessarily have to be an elaborate interview process.

A very specific example, yes, but I think it kind of helps to show the universalness of the existence of begging in MMOs and the opposing mindset better than any other explanation. RO isn't really much different even without a searching for party feature. I'm more prone to put up with difficulty by myself than to make parties with random strangers. If you party with friends too, a lot of times the other incentive aside from avoiding general rudeness or a bad partner, is that you get drops divided more equally. I just remember my aco days during beta when I would still accept those random offers and being screwed out of rares just because the other person picked them up and they wanted it for themselves. Begging in general though, I think the principle is just mainly that people don't really want to help someone else if they don't take the time to help themselves or even to be polite about it. Bare in mind that also I tend to play support characters over any other because I *do* like to play that role for other people. I just don't like exerting that care to people who are lazy or greedy and don't take the time to persevere and help themselves and want everything given to them on a silver platter. =/ I don't play just to be someone else's slave, so I avoid situations where I may be treated as such even if it makes it hard for me and I stay in GH for long periods of time.

And true, given that this is an RO subforum, you will probably have more people that would like Ragnarok over any other (Maple Story being only the most recent example), but every once in awhile you still get a somewhat objective look at it. Granted in the end, it does seem like I like RO more and I keep coming back to it despite any amount of breaks and I am actually willing to put out the extra money for it, but honestly I am also trying to keep an open mind to other options and that's why I'm trying out the others. At the very least, it's interesting to experiment because it kind of makes it more clear to yourself why or why not that you'd like RO or any other game. A lot of defining our tastes is partly based on comparison with something else we're already familiar with. Like most games I play are on constant "battle mode", so then it's taken awhile for me to get used to having to push the enter key before I can talk. Switching between channels in RO is also the easiest I've seen and the most convenient. Most general interface issues and even targetting issues I tend to like the way RO does it a little better, but I also like how in FFXI no two people/parties can be fighting the same monster and getting exp as there's a system where you instantly "claim" one. Thinking like that though can just help you to formulate your thoughts and even better explain it to other people.
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RO is just the constantly clicking of the mouse - going to places, fighing monsters.. basically everything.

but MS involves full body action. You'll get much more excited because you'll have more control of the game.

MS sucks so bad it should be ilegal to call it a game. Although I do hate the clicking on RO.... evil ninja wahmbulance
I just have a knack for Ragnarok... Faster paced...

Maple Story would have potential, but it's way too grindy.
I think RO it's beter, it's more interactive than MS
Maple story doesnt even COMPARE to Ragnarok.

Maple story is 2d, Side scrolling, And Full of Noobs.

Ragnarok is big, and more fun biggrin

what the hell? ragnarok is better maplestory is a story full of half-assed crappiness
Crazy Knife Bap
Blobs are common monsters in Asian RPGs. D: They have blue Porings in Dragon Quest. u_u There're probably other Poring family monsters as well. o:

Fix'D to suit the sub-forum you're in~

XD Not really because "Slime" is actually what the blob monsters are called in Dragon Quest. They're kind of just popular in general to have some kind of a blob, jelly, gelatin, slime, pile of goop or what have you monster.

I think MS calls them Bubblings? Final Fantasy series has something similar too, only I think Flan/Purin are a lot uglier. I think they're also a little harder too. It seems kind of common to have a cuter monster be the pansy thing you fight at the beginning.

MS though doesn't really seem that similar to RO in my opinion, but then for me it just might be lately I've been checking out several MMOs. There's a lot of similarities amongst many MMOs and many of them also come from the same country, so there are certain similarities that are bound to happen. I think I would try playing more of them before making such a bold statement and saying one copied another.

A lot closer in similarity I would think would be either NoSTale or Trickster in interface, cuteness, and art. Trickster's targetting though is *really* annoying sometimes. Everytime I try to target someone to heal, it makes me miss how easy it is to just click someone with that loop in RO.

NoSTale and Trickster are also both free if you want to check them out though and see what I mean. I think though if you play more, you start to realize what's actually "copying" and what's just a common trend amongst MMOs.

These cute type ones are also distinctively different than more realistic 3D based ones like Final Fantasy XI, Silk Road Online, KAL Online, CABAL Online, Sky Blade, etc. These types in my experiences seem to be a lot more quest/event based (probably because they want to FMV the hell out of your graphics) and less screwing around and leveling, however you want. Just about all games though require you to do some homework and try to decide what kind of a build you want so that you don't shoot yourself in the foot later.

Most of what I mentioned though are free or have betas soon or something and you can look here: http://www.gamengame.com if you kind of want to check them out to compare to RO. It's a fairly convenient all-in-one service that a friend directed me to.

I really think though that RO is far more entertaining than any other MMO I've played. Somehow the classes, combination of skills, non-mandatory quests (which are fun to do anyway), MVPing, my guild and other things in RO just seem to be far more fascinating than anything the other games have to offer me.
Just saying,
There's 2 type of blobs. (That I know of)
Blue = Bubblings
Green = Slimes.

I'd like to play RO but right now held up with MS.
For me I have to pay to play RO. So I gave up on it.

RO has more stuff to do... MS isnt that big at all.. in fact its pretty short (lvl 99 in a month) where as it took me almsot a year to get to lvl 99 in RO! (am i slow?) MS is fun if you dont have a lot of time to play, or want better english in your game! :p

It's slow to lvl up in Maple also. Have you tried it?
A month to get to lvl 99, That would be impossible.

a lone dream chaser
RO has more stuff to do... MS isnt that big at all.. in fact its pretty short (lvl 99 in a month) where as it took me almsot a year to get to lvl 99 in RO! (am i slow?) MS is fun if you dont have a lot of time to play, or want better english in your game! :p

The max lv in MS is 200 last I heard. MS isn't exactly hard, more then it is boring and slow to lv up.

I prefer RO way more then I ever will for MS. The best thing about MS is that it's free, thats about all I think.

I believe there's no max lvl in Maple.

I would like to play RO but I gave it up and i'm to lazy to get into it again. After i'm truly done with Maple i'll move on to WoW.

P.S: It seems you all are into RO more than Maple but have you tried it? I don't know anyway.
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iRO is a waste of time to pay for, to many people to compete with for levels and items. However, if you perfer it, be my guest.

I've played MapleStory, and I have to say - alot of things don't even compare to Ragnarok Online. I noticed that character creation was even a hassle, I couldn't pick many hairstyles or colors for them, my face was rather bland, and even once I finished training to get to my first class I was awfully bored.

I even ended up, by arrow key and F key combination... TO FLIP MY ENTIRE SCREEN UPSIDE DOWN. It scared the s**t out of me. It wasn't JUST the game screen. It was my entire screen. Oh my god... I almost had a heart attack.

Never played it again after that. No way.

Besides, MS is side-scrolling, and VERY hard to see what the hell is happening. Seems like a lost cause to me, RO is much more interactive and there's much more to do.
a lone dream chaser
RO has more stuff to do... MS isnt that big at all.. in fact its pretty short (lvl 99 in a month) where as it took me almsot a year to get to lvl 99 in RO! (am i slow?) MS is fun if you dont have a lot of time to play, or want better english in your game! :p

The max lv in MS is 200 last I heard. MS isn't exactly hard, more then it is boring and slow to lv up.

I prefer RO way more then I ever will for MS. The best thing about MS is that it's free, thats about all I think.

ro has free servers theres oro sakray and...others

I know primary year 1's who "pwn" at Maple. They advertise this game on kids' snack boxes for crying out loud.
My friend intro'd me to maple, so I downloaded it, patched it, ladi ladi lada, and the login screen.
"Da fak?!one!!? what the hell is blue rubber boots gonna do?"
few minutes later, after laughing so hard at the stupidity of the game, BOOM! I'm at the first place you start off. I moved the character as I read from the guide before, and the first thing is..
I mean. All you do is move either right or left, jump, cilmb things around you, and press some key and you're doing this sword swishing action just slicing through the empty space, .Oh, and go kill things to get you leveled up, go get money, make yourself look as pretty as possible to show off to those who cannot afford the money. The skill delay is fugly too.
I Alt+F4'd in the first 2 minutes of gameplay, it was just too gay.
Yeah. pretty much covers everything.

.. downloading that was just a waste of hard drive disk space.

However. Ragnarok Online, is a much better, complicated MMORPG which people at our age can actually Think about, Calculate about, and play about.
There are sophisticated formulas in RO, unlike MS where its just too simple. Some formulas are actually very competitive.
Furthermore, there are more Jobs and therfore more skills the player can use, not to mention how the GUI is manipulated. Far more items and monsters.
Also, I personally think that there are not much clicking in RO, unless you dont even want to bother to click to move around. I think its better than mushing down an arrow key to travel.
Now for the character's appearance; RO doesnt have decorative clothing like in MS. But that's rather a good thing, I mean like imagine a clothing system simiar to MS implanted in RO. yeah. ew. RO has cards, equips, etc, which you have to work out and sometimes find out a formula yourself in order to ..say.. do more damage, or have more defence, have more hp. Gets you thinking.

- differences between RO skills and MS skills are huge.
- the world map are not even comparable. Obviously RO has a much bigger world and therefore more to explore.
- Character movement is more free on RO.
- I'm not sure but is there a marriage system and an adoption system on Maple?

My opinion is: MS shouldn't even be compared to RO because they're just two different games.

So, hello 3nodding Ragnarok Online,
talk2hand Maple Story.
Aren't they made both by Gravity
Aren't they made both by Gravity


Taken from the wiki entry:
MapleStory (Korean: 메이플 스토리) is a free, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the Korean company Nexon. Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions, and each is published by various companies such as Wizet , NXGames, Shanda, AsiaSoft, and Gamania.

Ragnarok on the other hand is Gravity Corp...with specific variations by Gameflier, Level-Up Games, etc.

Only thing in common seems to be the korean origin.
Korean companies are the ones that are making MMORPGS in the actuality
I should say, MS is not comparable to RO, i have played both, apparently MS is more oriented to little kids, however RO has a much interesenting interface that attracs people, there are plenty of weapons, armors, hair styles, clothes, jobs and the maps of MS are just....

MS= 2D Scrolling screen game
RO= 3D Map exploring, MMORPG

As i think of it the MS lvling is MUCH more slow than RO, it makes it a boring grinding game

RO rocks

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