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AWESOME!!! Say something if you still play. Valkyrie Server for me.
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yum_tea Hello there! I play on the Ymir server (not as often as I'd like, but school keeps me busy). I'm the guild master of ShinRa Electric Company, a small, casual non-WoE guild.
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intenseRO for me.
Ragnarok? Hmm... Used to play it.
AWESOMENESS at least you guys play a little I'd stop playing because of work, but my little brother stills plays lots Lv. 117 I think? Rune Knight, Guild: Empire, and I just bought him 9K KPs total awesomeness!!! Was one of the first 100's to play Valkyrie Server 2 years ago in October it was good times...
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i play CONSUL RO biggrin
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i dont play it lol! 3nodding 3nodding
I tried Valkyrie once, very briefly. Was a very low-quality experience for me. Will never play on iRO again. Love Ragnarok, just not the way iRO is doing it.
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IRO has way too many bots I've been playing ExistenceRO a PK server
Holla, y'all!

I'm going on my 9th year of playing on iRO. I started on iRO Chaos, and now I play iRO Ymir.
2 year's on iro valkyrie and stopped after maxing out my AB this september cuz of uni~ /OTL
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I never play the original one anymore xd I'm playing blackoutRO now whee
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if there will be ragnarok in gaia that will be insane man!
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Mr longchin
if there will be ragnarok in gaia that will be insane man!
It was just a reference to the fact that Gaia has the Ragnarok Online forum.

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