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Which Void abomination is your favorite?

Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void 0.12955465587045 13.0% [ 32 ]
Kassadin, the Void Walker 0.064777327935223 6.5% [ 16 ]
Kog'Maw, the Mouth of the Abyss 0.19433198380567 19.4% [ 48 ]
Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver 0.22672064777328 22.7% [ 56 ]
Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void 0.16599190283401 16.6% [ 41 ]
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void 0.21862348178138 21.9% [ 54 ]
Total Votes:[ 247 ]
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Invisible Sex Symbol

My IGN is WhitePowerRanger
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Friendly Hunter

My ign is xdninja04 if anyone wants to add me :3
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For you support mains, Alistar has entered the God Tier.
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ichigo 8D
For you support mains, Alistar has entered the God Tier.

Out of curiosity, why/how has he reclaimed his status?
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Unbeatable Loiterer

Seph Baelzara
ichigo 8D
For you support mains, Alistar has entered the God Tier.

Out of curiosity, why/how has he reclaimed his status?
Previously the only reason to not play Alistar was because his skills just cost too much. And for someone who is in the frontline you can't afford to invest so much on mana items, especially as a support. Since they reduced the mana costs, it's alot easier to get more combos off without going oom in an instant.

And most importantly his ult now stop 70% of damage at all levels for 7 seconds. Bare in mind it also removes cc and gives him up to 90 AD. The value of this is fking insane. This is a quicksilver sash, an infinity edge worth of AD and you have bonus armor and mr worth 70% of the damage you are taking. Pressing R gives you almost 5k worth of stats lol
Now imagine this on the enemy back line or even for defending your carry. Even if all you do is tank damage, your team is going to win every team fight.
Guys guys

Why does Yasuo never get locked out his house?

Because he HASAKEY
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lol I just stole Baron with Alistar, smacked Lee out of the baron pit with my W and then stole it with my Q.
And of course I still lived because my ult is broken.
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So uh, League's facebook page just posted a short clip a few minutes ago. If you have them liked, go check it out and discuss. Next champion perhaps.
Gaia Username: Celevilas
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Preferred Role(s)/Champions: Any
Server (Abbreviated): US
Anything Else?: Dom/Bots/ARAM/ Maybe 3's (and whatever special event is going on) - I don't enjoy 5's
Gaia Username: Joestar Legend
League Username: Fistycuffs
Preferred Role(s)/Champions: Support/Top/Filler, mostly like playing some Thresh, Lee Sin, or whatever the team needs.
Server (Abbreviated): NA
Anything Else?: I just enjoy playing with others, but I mostly play either bots or 5's
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Top Fiddlesticks.

Why do we enjoy playing this so much?

And why is it so damn easy?

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