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Anyone missing the old classic ragnarok without all this bloaty UI and 3rd classes. Kinda miss when everyone use to play was wondering if anyone wanted to talk about it.
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Bro, there are days when I miss the wonkyness of open beta! Ah, to be a n00b again.

But really, I don't mind Renewal as much as some other people do. I mean, yeah, they could have fixed VIT so it determined hard DEF instead of armor (because you can change your armor, but you can't really change your body, right?) or just made hard DEF and soft DEF combine to give % reduction, but overall it's pretty nice. Third classes are pretty fun--I don't get to play often, but these days I'm almost exclusively on my Wanderer, all my other 'toons are getting neglected QQ.
yeah i know i just miss the way everything use to be so simple then everything got so complicated.
Renewal really gave RO a second life, so I can't really complain. The change in the gameplay mechanics are great and they made it more organized in terms of where to level, unlike in "ye olde days" where I could just make a ranged class and camp Muscipulars on Veins till 99. And the level system was a turnaround since RO had a boatload of mobs that needed proper level classification. The only thing I hate about in Renewal is that they made it noob friendly, which isn't quite bad if done well but spoonfeeding is a LOLWTFISDISSHIT tragedy, and you know what I mean. And has anyone noticed that guild sieges nowadays tend to lean on defensive stalemates rather than the tag-backs during pre-Renewal.

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