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Not sure of the details, something along the lines of Valkyrie and Ymir/Yggdrasil having the same stuff, but you pay once to join the 'premium' servers simply for not dealing with bots.

Correct me if I'm getting this wrong, though it IS officially going more F2P in some manner in March.
Hello, i play on Renewal Ygg_New, there are not many players, some 90-120 (maybe 1000 accounts). If the game will be free to play the gameplay will be more intresting. If yuo pay one maybe two times in a year it will be ok to donate game developers. But valkirye should be closed couse of bots
Yeah, I hear Valkyrie was created specifically to get the bots off the premium servers.
Of course, that's just a rumor (I think).
Honestly, Valkyrie as it is is too hard for newbies (the Kafra, spells, and item limitations) and the bots just make things horrible with their hard to block spam and more.
Spam, zenny sell, bots, no ports at kafra, lower drop and exp, prizes at shops, and stronger MPV but the server is overloaded
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Yeah, I hear Valkyrie was created specifically to get the bots off the premium servers.

A lot of Valk players like to try and refute this claim, but it's pretty much true. Before Valkyrie, iRO had a 15 day free trial option where you could create an account and play on it for free for a while and have the option to pay for it any time after the trial was up. Gold farmers took advantage of that and would bot up practically all the maps, making it difficult to level and get decent loot. When iRO discontinued the 15 day free trials and put up the Valkyrie server, the gold sellers' bots left the premium servers and flocked to the free one. A simple yet elegant solution to getting rid of bots on P2P servers.
Starting out as a newbie in Valk isn't hard. People have just been having it too easy >.>
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I'm a long time Valk player and there are a lot more negatives about it than positives.

But there are a lot of cool things about it too, and Ymir doesn't really have a lot of players from what I gather.

I'd like to move to Yimr, but I'm not a fan of being the only one without nine maxed out characters.
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lol iRO

I read something about having to pay to have access to certain quests once the game hits F2P. It seems like they're going to follow the path of constantly nickel and diming you every chance it gets.

They probably do make more from the Valk cash shop then they do with subscription fees. I remember people were spending about $100 on enrich elu when the sever first came out.

That's about a years worth of game time. neutral

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