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Okaay, so I just made an archer, and I have a bow equipped but when I click on something I cant attack.
Did you happen to equip some arrows too?
same thing with me i made a character n sometimes it works but sometimes it does and i am clicking on the monsters
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@iCl0udy: Did you buy/make arrows, and then equip them?

@SakuraOrihara: Have you tried entering /nc to make your chars autoattack after clicking once? Otherwise I'm not sure what the issue is. o.o;
Ok, I have a hunter, so I believe I have a right to help out here. Open up your character's info. Then, take the arrow of choice and drag it onto the middle of the equipment area. or, better yet, put the arrows of your choice on hotkeys so you can switch anytime. Happy hunting!
buy some arrow and equip it ^_^
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Maybe your bow is broken? Go to a repairman and check if it's broken...
You should have enough arrows.
hmm idea , that usually occurs when you don't have any arrows equipped. Try buying Arrows smile
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Yeah.. you need arrows and to equip em..

What level are you? need help leveling?
that sucks
am sorry relly i am

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